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  • Diana

    Great list, but I always thought Hugh Jackman was the textbook case of metrosexual. Not enough eye-liner maybe.

  • Queensnewbie

    Good list. Some are more metro than others but overall this is pretty thorough! Even got prince in there.

    Diana- Hugh Jackman is probably the opposite of Metrosexual. He is part of the movement back to a guy's guy.

  • Sara

    Well this list needs the new teen sensation Bill Kaulitz. He's a bit like Navarro, but his hair is a huge mane dyed black and he wears loads of eyeliner. He's beautiful, though. I think he should be somewhere on this list.


  • starrr

    Um, I thought there was a difference between metrosexual and androgynous. Because I don't consider half of these men to be metrosexuals, wearing makeup doesn't make you metro.

  • Heather Matthews

    who do you think is metro, Starr?

  • taylor

    zac effron.

  • Karma

    I expected to see David Bowie and Zac Efron on this list.

  • Shacylah

    What about Marilyn Manson .. she should b like # 1

  • Shacylah

    i mean he

  • jezzie

    haha yes i was expecting zac efron.. i mean fake eyelashes.. eyelashes people…!!!

    • Shacylah

      lol "eyelashes people" lol but marylin manson wore that tu-tu in that video sweet dreams lol whats that about

      • Heather Matthews

        I agree, I should have put Zac on here 🙂

        • Heather Matthews

          I don't think Marilyn Manson qualifies, but interesting idea. He's a straight-up Goth/shock rocker, but I'm not sure his style is metro. thanks for much for your comments.

  • all punks

  • Durs

    is it just me or does Dave kinda look like Prince?

    • Heather Matthews

      He does have really similar bone structure, I noticed that, too. They are both Geminis!

  • Christine

    A great list but where is Hidetoshi Nakata!?!?!?!

    • Heather Matthews

      Hi Christine!

      I just Googled him – not being a sports fanatic, I didn't know who he was (Beckham is harder to avoid). He looks like a perfect addition to this list – he's quite fit as well 😉

      Thanks for reading my list, I appreciate the kind words.

  • Shahbaz Lalani

    Michael Jackson anyone?

    • Brittany B

      Yeah I would of thought they would of had MJ on this list too.


    I dont know what r u talking about man, but just ADAM LAMBERT

    the best boy in the world


    • Heather Matthews

      Adam is openly gay. Metros are defined as "straight guys who look gay" 🙂 BTW, I think Adam's Ring Of Fire performance was one of the greatest I've seen. Brilliant guy. Thanks for reading the list.

  • Fluffy

    I always thought Adam Lambert would be pretty high on a list like this, but go figure.

  • Sams Jenks

    It seems like at time your mistaking sexual ambiguity for metrosexuality.( Chase Crawford + Ryan Seacrest).

    I wouldn't even consider Ryan Seacrest a metrosexual ( I just think he is a closeted individual and a homosexual).

    Most metrosexuals tend endorse a European/Bohemian sense of fashion and up keep!

    And not your run of the mill store bought garments.

    (like Kravitz, Prince, Meyers and Johnny Depp)

    • Eyeless Dog Pawless Dog Loveless Dog

      Do you mind explaining what does bohemian sense of fashion has to do with metrosexuality Mr. Very Intelligent Person?

  • Ashley

    Dave Navarro wuould look hot if he shaved that hideous beard off.