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  1. TopTenz Master
    TopTenz Master at |

    Not surprising only two playmates on the list were without blonde hair. Is it true, blondes have more fun?

  2. marcus
    marcus at |

    I thought Shannon Tweed was just of Skinemax fame.

  3. TopTenz Master
    TopTenz Master at |

    No surprise who is #1, but there were a few I hadn't heard of like Kelly Monaco.

  4. ana
    ana at |

    not true there are three brunettes I think.
    Marilyn Monroe didn’t have blonde hair

    1. queenbeetv
      queenbeetv at |

      Marilyn had natural red and extremely curly hair. The bleach turned it blonde and also straightened out the excessively curly hair. Drying out the hair with bleach tends to straighten it out. Marilyn’s hair was so overly curly that the bleach made the small tight curls into large wave curls that actually look like she got a wet set.

      She had to keep her hair short due to the bleach. When you severely bleach or straighten your hair, you can’t really grow it longer than about 6 inches before it starts to break off.

  5. Joe Fannso
    Joe Fannso at |

    There were alot more famous Playmates than a street walker look of Pamela Anderson. And one of the losest IQ Playmates of the lot.

  6. imy
    imy at |

    no! marilyn is a blonde girl.

    1. smartass
      smartass at |

      Marilyn Monroe's real name is Norma Jean and is a natural redhead.

  7. corwyn
    corwyn at |

    page has to be #2 not #4

  8. Volvox
    Volvox at |

    Why there is no Lena Soderberg (November 1972)?!

  9. Liz
    Liz at |

    Marilyn Monroe was born as a blonde. She had very blonde hair when she was a little girl. Her hair got darker as she got older. My mom was like that too.

  10. gerry daclo
    gerry daclo at |

    I like Jenny McCarthy.. she is funny..

    Betty Page and Jane Mansfield..real sexy worth mentionning..

    Norma Jean Baker-> Marilyn Monroe..the real thing.. talented, real
    sexy. #1

    Snannon Tweed… well.. a push over..putting up with Gene Simmon’s bullshit about
    marriage. But she is a good mom to her kids

    Pamela Anderson..holy shit..what a dumb ass bitch.. married and slept with trash. To be serious..i can’t stand her and she is overrated.. i am happy we don’t see her as often on teevee..

    the other ones.. exploited and exploits

  11. dallas daniel hessler junior
    dallas daniel hessler junior at |

    kelly was the dwts champ

  12. di
    di at |

    Monaco won by default on DWTS
    and her career on GH is a joke
    She is hardly a talented actress
    and she tanked in Vegas at Peepshow

  13. Steve - Wisconsin
    Steve - Wisconsin at |

    Ms. Stratten should be, by far, #1…All natural,all beauty,all world…..

  14. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    You forgot Missy Cleveland !!!

  15. George Vreeland Hill
    George Vreeland Hill at |

    This is a great list.
    I have to agree with it.

    George Vreeland Hill

  16. chooks
    chooks at |

    this list just proves that 8 out of 10 sluts are blondes

  17. EBEE
    EBEE at |

    Amazing what a high percentage of this group met a wicked end, self inflicted or otherwise.


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