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  1. Seth at |

    Nothing from new orleans?

    1. TopTenz Master at |

      Sounds like you might have a suggestion. Any places you have visited?

    2. CV Paranormal at |

      Eastern State Pen is overrated, been there 5 times, 3 of them private investigations. Want some place with activity in that area I would head to Fort Mifflin, never left that place without something to talk about.

  2. Bryan at |

    Good Article,
    It is interesting that you spent some time in Waverly Hills. There are also many reported haunted locations in other countries around the world. The first one that comes to mind is Poveglia Island in northern Italy. The show Ghost Adventures went there and the main guy claimed that he was possessed. It was an interesting show, and if you beleive in ghosts it is something to check. out. My personal opinion is probably fiction, but fun to watch. Especially around Halloween time.

  3. ouiareborg at |

    The White House…Many credible people have seen Lincoln and others

  4. Mike at |

    Haunted places. All American? Maybe the title needs to be changed.

  5. Resveratrol Dosage at |

    I am the biggest chicken ever when it comes to ghosts, the paranormal or even UFOs, but when I see an article like this I can’t stop myself from reading.
    The last building truly looks like the scariest one it only makes it more believable that you have been there yourself. Why do you “think” you saw an apparition? If there were other people there with you, don’t you all agree in what you saw?

  6. Keith Watabayashi at |

    Yeah I can guarantee that for the first one, the “moss brewery”, that when “wine bottles get moved around with no one accountable” thats nothing more than the staff helping themselves. I’ve worked in restaurants for 4 years and, uh, if wine mysteriously being “misplaced” is signs of ghosts, then every place I’ve worked for is haunted.

  7. UrbanExplorer at |

    Waverly Hills is amazing, although not abandoned right now!(its a haunted house). I Just came back from a trip to Louisville and visited Waverly while I was there. If your close to Louisville you should also check out Baxter Ave Morgue!

  8. Tara at |

    Regarding Moss Beach Distillery, you can look up the episode of Ghost Hunters in which the management was caught in the lie and admitted to rigging the place to make it look haunted.

  9. LeGivorden at |

    Nice article. Most of the places listed are good spots to investigate. How ever your listing the Moss Beach Distillery is your only flub. The place was proven to be rigged by the owners for publicity by TAPS. Trick lighting fixtures in the bar are rigged to move, hidden speakers through out the building to make weird noises and play sounds of a phantom party, and at least one bathroom mirror is rigged with a mask behind it to freak people out in making them think that they seem a face in the mirror. Given all of this the Lady in blue story is questionable at best with little to know documentation to back up the story.

  10. Seth Phillips at |

    I live in Deadwood, SD…and I must say, the Bullock Hotel is a very haunted location. Visit for yourself and you will experience some amazing things. It’s not just the Bullock, the whole of main street’s old buildings, and the opium dens underneath the town are incredibly haunted locations.

  11. April at |
  12. Marilyn at |

    I’m surprised you left the BIrdcage Theater in Tombstone, AZ out. You can feel the spirits in there the minute you walk in the door. It’s been on TV and has been called “Ground Zero for hauntings in America.”


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