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  • PaxD75

    Fun article to read. I may disagree about the order but that would be a minor quibble. The Shi’ar Imperial Guard was a surprise to see on this list, however. I view them as a military team and part of the system that maintains political power (military-industrial complex). The Kree, Skrulls and even the earth-based Sentinels would fall into this category.

    Good synopsis of each team as I can see it was written by a fan of the genre. This must have been fun to research and write.

    The only team I can think of that belongs on this list would be The Defenders. With an original roster of Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, The Hulk and Namor they certainly deserve an honorable mention. I personally would rate them with the higher echelon teams comprising The JLA, Avengers, X-Men and The Legion.

    I also liked what I read about both The Elementals and Squadron Supreme – two teams I’m not that familiar with. I only know Squadron Supreme through the Crossover ‘Ultimate Power’ and they seemed pretty interesting in that arc.

  • auto devis

    Am I the only one who doesn’t see the legion in the number one position?

  • Tony

    Defenders is a good add. Teen Titans and the Watchmen should get a nod as well.

  • sam

    Goku and Crew are the strongest.

    • Lee Standberry

      Hmmm…I didn’t even think about the anime stuff – yeah, in their own right, they are a fairly powerful bunch.

  • Martim

    I would put the avengers on top 1, and the fantastic four higher.

  • Jonathan Reiter

    I would like to have seen The Defenders, Watchmen, AND The Inhumans… They’re nothing to sneeze at either… Consider the Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias… Both are scientists And Geniuses… their roster includes Silk Spectre II, and Nite Owl II… There’s The Defenders: Doctor Strange, Demonslayer, Gargoyle, The Hulk(Green) The Silver Surfer, and The Submariner. Not to mention Hellcat, and Son Of Satan.

    As for The Inhumans: Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak and Lockjaw… Mad Maximus when he’s not too nutty to deal with…

    Any Ideas?

  • Merkin Muffley

    The team that should be #1 isn’t even on the list- The Green Lantern Corps, if for no reason other than sheer numbers.

    • Lee Standberry

      Ok – I was thinking the same thing. I even consulted with the toptenz master about it (he’s a comics fan as well). For the purposes of this list (and i know, you could make the same point about the Imperial Guard) I wanted to keep to organizations that have a “team” concept. I agree though – their sheer numbers and power they bring to the table is enough to have them rated.

  • Harry

    Number 1 spot is surely The Green Lantern Corps???

    Good read.

  • Drake

    Actually Green Lantern Corps should be regarded as a superhero team. Most powerful weapon, large number of member , they have even a planet (Mago). If you count Shi’ar Imperial Guard , then GLC shouldn’t be a problem .

    How can Extinction Team is stronger than JLA and Avengers ?

    • fdx

      It’s Mogo and it seems to be dead…. for the time being. 🙂
      i kind of agree with you, for some reasons i always felt Avengers were stronger than the X-Men

      • Lee Standberry

        Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! 🙂

  • fdx

    cool list thanks, there’s a typo on the LOSH part “Lightening Lad” instead of “Lightning Lad”.
    I’ve always been a fan of the All Star Squadron and the JSA and i think they deserve a spot here…. any team with both The Spectre and Dr Fate should be taken seriously 🙂

    • Drake

      Ooops I made a mistake 🙂 thank you for correcting. I totally agree with you , JSA should be in the list.

      • fdx

        You’re welcome, but still….. there’s a typo on Garth Ranzz’s alter ego 🙂
        @TopTenz Master, are U on holidays? 🙂

        • Lightening Lad is now Lightning Lad. And we present a cool picture of him just to say we are sorry.
          LIghtning Lad

          And here is his very plausible origin: a lightning monster, of course.


      • Lee Standberry

        I seriously considered the JSA – personally, they are one of my favorite teams (its interesting what DC is doing with its Earth 2 series and some of these characters – the jury is out if its going to work or not). Anyway, I wanted to get a nice cross section of teams on this list and not be overly DC or Marvel heavy.

        • Lee Standberry

          and i say that while having, what, 6 entries from Marvel on this list? ugh

  • billybobthorn

    onsider the Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan and Ozymandias… Both are scientists And Geniuses… their roster includes Silk Spectre II, an

  • Arindam

    How about the Gauls? The village powered with magic potion is surely incredible.

    • fdx

      I like that 😉

  • Surprised not to see the Watchmen on this list and very surprised to see the LoS. Was never all that impressed with them. Was also pleasantly surprised to see the Shi’ar Imperial Guard.

  • Lee Standberry

    Hmmm…I just read this list – edited fairly heavily. Not in a bad way, just in a noticeable way.

  • Tonytouchz

    Dr.Manhattan is way stronger than any hero anyway…

  • FamilyMan

    Batman Incorporated anyone?

    Though that might be more like an insane following rather then an actually team.

  • Sinfire

    Where are the WildC.A.T.S? Combine them with the brief Spawn team-up and I think they could easily take on the X-Men, if not just leave both teams writhing in pain on the ground