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  1. jason stone
    jason stone at |

    i didn’t see any of the harry potter books listed..what gives???..lol…relax people..i’m screwing with you

  2. 5minutes
    5minutes at |

    Whenever I want to conjure demons, I usually just start reading “Dreams of My Father”.

    1. Mike
      Mike at |

      Conservatives are so un-original. A child could have foreseen a comment like yours. All of you are so consistent in your utter absurdity. That’s what you come up with? Grow up.

      1. 5minutes
        5minutes at |

        Spoken like a bitter, hateful liberal. Go away. Adults are talking.

        1. Mike
          Mike at |

          I have a Ph.D. in 20th century US political history. I think I know what i’m talking about.

          Bitter and hateful? Are you serious? Have you read or listened to what conservatives say about Obama? Veiled threats of coups and violence? I have never heard such hateful rhetoric as i have in the last few years, and it’s all from your side. You people are pathetic, self-centered children. The entire point of modern conservatism is to turn greed into a virtue. That is sad. Absolutely pathetic, the lot of you. You wouldn’t know reasoned discourse it if slapped you in the face, so steeped in absurdity, propaganda, hatred, and fear as you are.

          By the way – did you know that Fox “News” won a lawsuit in Florida in 2003 with the legal defense that they have no obligation to tell the truth? You can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jane_Akre.

        2. 5minutes
          5minutes at |

          First – I don’t care what you have a degree in. A PhD just means you have more fries to sell at Burger King.

          Second – why does a degree in 20th Century Political History give you license to unleash your bile on a guy who posted an obvious joke?

          Third – wow. You found conspiracy theory stuff on Google! Did it take your degree to use that?

          Fourth – if you think the “entire point of modern conservatism is to turn greed into a virtue”, then what do you call it when your side wants to take that money for its own means and purposes? “You earned that money, and therefore it belongs to ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!”

          Fifth – bitter and hateful? Check your own reply for proof, Mike.

          Thank you for this opportunity to clean a PhD’s clock. Usually I only get to do it to JD’s.

        3. wowreally?
          wowreally? at |

          im sorry, for being an educated man you are surely blinded by the simplest of schemes… you really think your side is so great that it has not one time done anything that the other “side” has done??

          republicans and democrats are both idiots trapped in an eternal battle against each other wher you guys are being used like pawns… obviously your attempt at an educated failed mike if you couldnt even break through the conditioning that your “team” is somehow the better of the two…

        4. Sylis
          Sylis at |

          I am an educated woman Also working on a phD. I don’t come to sites such as these (we’re talking spiritual, right?) to discuss my OPINION on politics. What does that have to do with Magick? (which by the way is what I was searching for), only to come upon someone, obviously first-year, raving and ranting about how smart he is. Pul-ease! save it for debate class.

          Yeesh. Some people start to get smarter, and then think they know everything. The smartest people know, they know NOTHING! So chill out and open your mind. I promise you will be smarter in your next rendition of “the truth”.


        5. Mike
          Mike at |

          Can’t reply directly to your last, so here it is:

          Haha! Just like George W. Bush, you declare victory even though you’ve lost (“mission accomplished”?) and take your ball and go home. Of course, you entered the arena of intellectual combat unarmed, like all conservatives, because you all live in a fantasy land that never existed. Taxes are necessary for any society to function; how do you not understand that? How is “starve the beast” different from anarchism? The elimination of government authority is anarchy. That’s what Republicans want? Are you insane?

          Ask yourself: why are nations such as Germany and Canada weathering this storm far better than we are? Look it up on “the google.”

          Ask yourself: when was the US at its best? The 1950s, when the top tax rate was 90%, we had a strong labor movement, and a rational Republican president. Look it up on “the google” and stop pretending you understand what you are talking about.

          You must understand the bitterness and hatefulness of comments directed at the President, yes? You do read English, yes?

          A court case is not an internet rumor. Look it up. Or don’t you know how to use “the google”? Read about it; you wouldn’t be the only one who was surprised — even I was, and I never fell for R. Murdoch’s nonsense.

          You make me laugh. Declaring victory without hitting the target. You truly are a Republican.

        6. 5minutes
          5minutes at |

          >> Can’t reply directly to your last,.

          There’s a reason for that.

          >> Haha! Just like George W. Bush

          You want proof of liberal hate? See the above.

          >> Taxes are necessary for any society to function; how do you not understand that?

          I do understand that. You mistake me for a libertarian. The problem is that you don’t want a functional society – you want an enslaved society.

          >> why are nations such as Germany and Canada weathering this storm far better than we are?

          Because we’re bigger, we risk more, and the last 2 Presidents have been economic failures.

          >> when was the US at its best?

          The 1980’s – Middle / Late 90’s.

          >> You must understand the bitterness and hatefulness of comments directed at the President, yes? You do read English, yes?

          Yes. I do. http://tinyurl.com/6ds3wcp

          >> A court case is not an internet rumor. Look it up.

          I’m actually familiar with the court case. I’m also familiar with the conspiracy theorizing around it and the hate that liberals have for Fox News (which, interestingly, doesn’t exist for CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, or any of the innumerable left-leaning news sources).

          >> You make me laugh. Declaring victory without hitting the target. You truly are a Republican.

          Yes I am. And I’m guessing you’re unemployed.

        7. Mike
          Mike at |

          I’ve been employed since I was 14. I work three jobs, and commute 2 hours every day to do so. I’ve never dodged my taxes, I’ve never taken money from the government.

          to suggest that taxes in and of themselves lead to an “enslaved” society is absurd.

          You are statistically incorrect about the 80s — and Reagan’s* policies put us on the path to ruin. And of course, part of the “boom” of the 80s was — what? You guessed it! Government defense spending! Government spending is largely the cause of that fake “boom”! The elimination of regulations freed things up for a few years, but led to the end of most major airlines and the collapse of the savings and loan industry. How are either of those helpful, ultimately? The reason we have come to ruin, thanks in large part to Republican policies, is the LACK of regulation in the last 15 years! Most economists agree on this. Government oversight is necessary to preserve stability, and requires tax revenue to function.

          The major issue is the repeal of the Glass-Steagal (and other Depression-era legislation) which was designed to prevent exactly the circumstance we find ourselves in now. Again, the lack of regulation is what allowed Wall Street to engineer the largest transfer of wealth to the wealthiest among us. How does this help you? Read Paul Krugman for an education.

          George W. Bush was, according to most historians, the worst president in our history (or at least since Harding). He deserves all the bile anyone chooses to throw on him for using the 9/11 attacks to extend our imperial overreach and bring us to ruin. How do you not see that?

          *(GHW Bush was a better president that he is given credit for, I think.)

  3. Dennis
    Dennis at |

    What about Witch Hazel and her daughter Little Itch in the Little Lulu comic books?

  4. Jordy
    Jordy at |

    So the editors are preaching faith to readers now? I’m done with this site.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      As the owner of this site, I have never hidden the fact I am a Christian (see my many comments). If that offends you to the point you can’t read this site…have a good life surfing elsewhere, you are always welcome back, of course.

      1. Beteltooth
        Beteltooth at |

        While I don’t quite echo Jordy’s feelings, I was a bit miffed by the editorial note. While you may be a christian, many are not, and many people practice witchcraft/wicca as a religion. I think it may be slightly disrespectful to them for you to essentially say that you hope people don’t follow their beliefs, and then quote a Bible verse. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but I think that this may have gone a bit far. I only say this because I honestly think it could have been hurtful to some people, although I’m sure this was never your intention. There is nothing wrong with anybody expressing their faith, and a forum where people are able to do so freely is a wonderful thing. But there is a difference between expressing one’s faith and denouncing the faiths of others. I think you may have inadvertently stepped a little close to that line.

        No disrespect meant. Of course, it’s your site so you can say what you want and we’re all free to say what we please in any walk of life but, as you know, actions prompt reactions. We’re all free to tell our bosses exactly what we think of them on a Monday morning. They are also free to make sure we don’t come back Tuesday if they wish 🙂

        That’s me done, anyway. I love the site. Keep up the good work. Peace x

  5. Dennis
    Dennis at |

    I’m with you. I joke around a little but I too am a Christian. It appears we are a minority these days, especially on the internet, but that’s fine with me.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      I don’t think we are the minority, I think Christians in general are just less vocal.

    2. Whitney
      Whitney at |


  6. Bobo
    Bobo at |

    Hi, I’ m a muslim but I was not by any means offended by that paragraph. If anything, it created the perfect introduction to the article.

    I think that these days, people have fallen in the other extreme and, in their try to be respectful towards another person’s belief we are transforming religion into taboo.

    Relax,TopTenz readers, a paragraph from the Bible will not burn anybody’s eyes and it is perfectly appropiate in the context. Great job and wonderful article!

    Please excuse my spelling mistakes (if any) because English is not my native language.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      We never try to offend, although many people who comment on this site don’t have the same conviction. Thanks for giving us your thoughts on this and thanks for reading.

  7. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    The internationally known rock music group RUSH released and album in 1975 called “Caress Of Steel” which contained a song of 12-14 minutes called “The Necromancer” maybe you should listen to it and read the lyrics on the inner sleeve and give you a modern interpretation of what “Grimoire” really means

  8. Mike
    Mike at |

    I just think that your note was unnecessary. Writing about something doesn’t mean endorsement, and I assume that most people would read it with that understanding.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Hi, Mike. As a Christian I felt it was important to let people know we do not support these books, but just put them this list up as an interesting read. I would never want to be the reason that lead someone down a path I feel would be dangerous for their eternal soul. In fact, I debated even posting this list for that very reason.

  9. brian
    brian at |

    It doesn’t matter what religion you believe in–it is just a different set of lies!

  10. Lauren
    Lauren at |

    Hold on a second.

    So people who practice Wicca or other neopagan religions are going to hell for witchcraft? And you felt the need to let us know that you believe this?

    OK, you can believe whatever you want and run your website the way you like, but I’m letting you know that I won’t be revisiting a site that endorses bigotry and intolerance.

    Look to your own soul before you judge others, buddy.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      I don’t judge anyone. God alone is the judge of us all. That is what I believe. I also believe the Bible is God’s Law and it should be followed. So, yes, if you practice witchcraft you will be judged by God and it looks like that judgement won’t be good. Not my words, but God’s words. If you choose not to believe or follow Him that is your choice, of course. I wouldn’t make that choice lightly though and I don’t take what I write or say lightly either. If I believe the type of behavior that these books support could be damaging to you soul, it is my God-given responsibility to tell you, so I don’t lead you down a path I feel is wrong. I considered killing this list altogether because of my beliefs. Instead I published it, but I needed to put the editor’s note so my opinion and this site’s opinion was and is clearly understood. I do not apologize for that or for my beliefs. I am sorry that you will not be visiting the site again, but if you do you will always be welcome.

    2. jenny
      jenny at |

      Well Lauren, what are you so strung out about ? perhaps you are a bigot as you don’t allow Christians to express their beliefs but feel you are o.k to divulge yours and call anyone who disagrees with you a bigot ?. Your argument is laughable and childlike in its observations. Goodbye and good luck in the real world where other people have different faiths and opinions. .o ooh scary isn`t it. Please grow up.

  11. Brill
    Brill at |

    As someone who has a purely academic interest in grimoires and magical texts, and as a writer who finds this kind of stuff invaluable research for her fantasy fiction, this was a wonderful read. Thank you for posting the lists–I’m going to see if I can find these books regardless, not because I practice magic but because, again–valuable research for my fiction.

    I would also like to add that while I don’t mind your disclaimer at the beginning, I did feel that the part where you stated “pretty glad it’s hard to get your hands on these books because we want y’alls souls to stay sparkly clean” was unnecessary. It would have been enough to say “we do not endorse witchcraft or sorcery.” This is from both a writing and a personal point–I am an atheist with a purely academic and research-oriented interest in grimoires, so I’m not really in fear of my soul being “clean,” and just stating that you don’t advocate witchcraft would have been enough.

    At any rate, I have no qualms with you if you’re a Christian–it’s just something to keep in mind in the future. Again, thank you for an informative column!

  12. Mutagen
    Mutagen at |

    I’d like to point out this part of the article:

    “While in modern society the term “grimoire” has come to encompass any kind of collection of magic, authentic grimoire were based off the magical traditions of Jewish, Muslim, and medieval Christian rituals and texts. Therefore, authentic grimoire didn’t usually contain Pagan rituals or magic.”

  13. Karou
    Karou at |

    To the owner of this website: I think its really amazing how you wrote the introduction… and explained all of the contents of this list. in the current times, a lot of people who identify with one faith or another are hush-hush about this thing so I wanted to say that your candid-ness about this topic is refreshing. also I thoroughly enjoy the majority of your lists. just thought that it’d be cool to express my thanks.

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Thanks for the thanks, Karou. I try to make the site a good source of interesting knowledge without be too restrictive based on my personal beliefs.

  14. Aurora Black
    Aurora Black at |

    Seriously?! Keeping our souls sparkly and clean?! As a witch i take offense to that….i know for a fact y’all aint perfect…so i know y’alls souls aint “sparkly and clean” get over yourselves….and theres nothing wrong with ANY kind of magic!


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