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  1. marc
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    I was into all of this stuff before it was cool. Guess I’ll have to listen to live one-shot improv garage RPG cutups again until something new comes along…

    1. b
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  2. Tom
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    Gandalf has been in songs before. One of my favourites is by 70’s progressive rock band Camel, the tracks is called “Nimrodel.” If you like bands like Blind Guardian (might as well just call them Hobbit metal), and classic rock like Blue Oyster Cult, you’d probably like it.

  3. Jessy
    Jessy at |

    I friggen love number 3 ! Omg it’s stuck in my head already hahahaha

  4. 5minutes
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    Unblack isn’t really any more “unusual” than any other form of Christian metal. It’s heavy music with Christian lyrics that has a limited, but dedicated fanbase due to its message.

    You want weird? Try Nikki Minaj.

  5. Betsy
    Betsy at |

    Where’s Chap Hop? It’s Victorian rap music… Professor Elemental, Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer….

  6. schuyler
    schuyler at |

    I absolutely LOVE shoegazing and Dreampop.

    My Bloody Valentine
    Chapter House
    The Catherine Wheel
    Th’ Faith Healers
    Julee Cruise
    Pale Saints
    Starflyer 59
    The Horrors
    The Jesus and Mary Chain

    Anything on Creation Records

    and TONS more

    Yeah, I love the genre. New and old…

    1. 7cshoegazer
      7cshoegazer at |

      Cheers to that and that article was so untrue for the most part, that person has never seen a shoegaze or noise band live.

      1. grt
        grt at |

        I agree. Ridiculous misinformation here. Ok, this lists are just for fun, but

        quote: “The genre was so named because the singers appeared to be staring at their shoes instead of, you know, engaging with their audience.”
        is just SO plain wrong.

        And btw, Shoegazing is definitely misplaced here. It should be in a list “Top 10 Most Creative Music Genres”. Not in this list of obscurities. 😉

        1. schuyler
          schuyler at |

          I saw My Bloody Valentine on their reunion tour back in 2010. It was glorious and the loudest show I’ve ever been too. It’s something worth experiencing if you can get the chance. It was like being strapped to a jet engine shooting to the moon while being washed with various colors. And no, I wasn’t on drugs. I was high off the music.

  7. nitrog100
    nitrog100 at |

    It’s a shame that chap-hop didn’t make the list. Just look up “Professor Elemental Fighting Trousers”. It’s probably the best chap-hop song in the history of ever. The others are rather disappointing in comparison, but it’s still a fascinating genre.

  8. David
    David at |

    Screw you and the horse you rode in on. William Shatner’s “Has Been” album is one of the greatest albums of the 2000s.

    That “underpaid house band” you describe? That’s BEN FOLDS. He wrote, arranged, and produced the music on this album, with Shatner’s input so that the melodies and ambiance matched the mood of the spoken word. This wasn’t just shat out for fun, it’s an incredible album.

    Each track tells a story from Shatner’s life: one is about his wife’s suicide, another is about reconnecting with his estranged daughter, and a few are about his struggle with fame and celebrity. The genre is spoken word/alternative rock.


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