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  1. al
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    The only part you got incorrect is the “different ones” all looking like NEO. They were all new…the different screens explained how fate, or the inevitable could not be looked over. He basically showed every response Neo had to a question or comment before he even said them….

  2. Manuel Artavia
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    I love this topic and I already had considered Tron as part of the Matrix.
    There is a cartoon which I consider pre-Neo Matrix, which is Astroboy.
    Here a robot which received the input of a child’s conscience constantly fights the issue about the human behavior -viruslike that pollutes the enviroment, and extracts resources only thinking on it own short-benefit- and the robot community who tries to set up a city where human interaction does not interfere. Please check the Blue Knight Saga which would be the first attempt to leave outside the earth by a robot community, but the humans see a threat and destroys the asteroid. Then the robots create Zero-One in the arabic desert.
    My Best Regards,
    Manuel Artavia

  3. marc
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    This has to be the only interesting discussion I’ve ever seen concerning the Matrix.

  4. eatdogs
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    Serial Experiments Lain

    Blade Runner

    12 Monkeys

  5. marc
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    Star Wars, ROTJ. IG88 (one of the bounty hunters from ESB) had uploaded his consciousness to the computers of the droid factory at Mechis III and the new Death Star computer, making him the biggest and most powerful assassin droid of the Star Wars universe. His control of that version of the Matrix was almost absolute until the Rebel Alliance stepped in and blew him up.

  6. Dan
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    It just feels like you can say anymore movie takes place in the matrix. Not my fav. list but congrats on getting it posted and goodluck with the next one


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