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  • TJ

    Star Wars.

    • Clive


  • David

    You forgot the Atlas Shrugged franchise. AS 1&2 were released in 2011. Atlas Shrugged III is scheduled for 2013.

    • Nick

      You are possibly the only person in the entire webiverse to actually care about this. I believe the first two movies gained a collective $10 at the box office. And half of that was just from loose change found underneath the theater seats.

  • Peter Boucher

    I would classify No. 8 Planet Of The Apes as De-Evolution.

    • brian

      No such thing

      • Peter Boucher

        @ Brian. Well, at least we used to have a rock music group called Devo. I used to laugh like hell when I saw their video for their song “Whip It” (quite provocative). Is there a word that would substitute for “devolution” ? Just curious………

        • TJrei
          • brian

            Did you even read what it says? It is based on ideas that are not what evolution is.

          • brian
            • Peter Boucher

              Devolution (noun) 1). A passing down through successful stages. 2). The passing to a successor of anything such as properties, rights, and qualities. 3). A delegating of authority or duties to a subordinate or substitute. 4). Biological degeneration as distinguished from evolution. From Latin : Devolvere (past particle) Devolutus. See also Devolutionary……Source : The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. It is a word !!!

            • TJ

              Sorry Brian. I really thought the issue was whether or not there was such a thing as devolution, not on what ideas it was or wasn’t based on. In any case, I’m glad the world isn’t based on your opinion. God only knows what other things would blink out of existence.

  • Raven

    World War Z is going to absolutely suck if the trailer is any indication. You can’t make a book that detailed into a movie starring Brad Pitt of all people.

  • dkanes

    Can’t forget the Ender’s game saga

  • Ronnie

    Heaven help us, we are all doomed.

  • Jerry

    You forgot James Bond!

  • auto devis

    cash cows lol