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  • blouf

    what a bunch of nonsense pirate of caribean for the win

  • Nadeem Khan

    What about Spiderman ?

    • McNally

      One bad movie does not ruin a trilogy.

      • How about 2? I don’t know what happened to my beloved The Matrix.

  • moriazbane

    Star Wars Episode 1 -3D. That is really all you need to know.

  • Irina

    I like your list but don’t agree with Alien 3. That movie was great and differed from all other Alien films. The acting was superb and the ending was great & touching

  • RorshachLives!

    Great article, and I agree with just about everything on it, it’s about time an article like this was put together! That being said, I slightly disagree with the ‘Superman’ segment, in that ‘Superman II’ was NOT a sequel but rather the extended third act of a truly epic three-act modern mythology.

    I agree with other posters here that ‘Star Wars’ should have been been on that list, the prequels were not only terrible but completely unnecessary (the backstory didn’t need to be shown, you were already told what happened), but I would also add the ‘Terminator’, ‘Rocky’, ‘Mad Max’, and ‘Rambo’ series’ to the list as well, as all should have ended with their second installments, with the exception of ‘Rambo’ whose second and third installments were inferior cartoons but the 2008 film was the first and only worthy successor to ‘First Blood’.

    The ‘Matrix’ sequels are a little more perplexing, however, I agree that the first film ended properly and didn’t necessarily need a sequel(s), as such, but if the Wachowski siblings did have it planned out from the beginning (and I’ll take them at their word), maybe the problem is that they were stretched too thin in their making; they were wasting time and creative effort on the superfluous side projects of the ‘Animatrix’ shorts (with the exception of ‘Final Flight of the Osiris’ – a legitimate prologue), the ridiculous live-action elements of the video game (wasting valuable production time), and the comic books, if they had concentrated ALL their considerable talent on ‘…Reloaded’ and ‘…Revolutions’ alone, maybe they would have been better and more focused…

    • RorshachLives!

      Just thought of one more franchise that should never have been, ‘RoboCop’ – one of the best movies of the 1980’s, full stop, followed by two horrendous and utterly gratuitous sequels, not to mention a simply terrible television series/cartoon show/mini-series… the upcoming remake, however pointless, remains to be seen…

  • Rey

    Agree with most of your assessments,but…”Hot off the success of the first film, a sequel, Highlander II: The Quickening.” Highlander II was made six years after the first movie, hardly “hot.” The sequel was made because of a slowly building cult following over the years (though can say I actually saw it in the theater in ’86). And, about Puss and Boots being third rate–you are crazy! Puss is the best character in the series, and his solo film was better, in my estimation, than Shrek, as it wasn’t chock full of instantly dated topical humor.

  • Tom Anderson

    I don’t get the defenders of Alien 3. Exactly what part of that piece of trash, which seemed to be made up as they went along, was good? How about the girl the Ripley worked so hard to save, who is dead, her beautiful character just thrown away; the scene with a close up of the little girl’s dead eye as they rip into her body to determine cause of death, with Ripley cooing “Sorry Baby”…..

    The inexplicable bad guys showing up, lead bad guy looking just like the robot. OK. The endless chases seemingly in big circles. Ripley sacrificing herself, arms outstretched like Jesus on a cross as she is incinerated, and moments before said incineration, the alien ripping out of her stomach.

    Then the bad guys just shrug, oh well, let;’s go home!

    NO suspense, everything the characters fought for in the previous film is just carelessly thrown away, cardboard supporting characters.

    Yeah, great movie. If it was so great, why do most people hate this and the forth film and love the first two? Because the first two had style, plot, a climax, skilled directors and visionaries.

    Note to lovers of Alien 3–it doesn’t make you cool or “edgy” to like a film just because it is morose. It just makes you appear weird.

  • Helena

    Alien 3 ruined the series, and then Alien Resurrection was crapped out to add insult to injury.
    I have a cousin who adores this series and we were greatly looking forward to Alien 3, not having read the reviews. Big mistake. She had this homicidal look in her eyes from the first few moments of that trash, and it only went downhill from there.
    Twenty years later, my cousin has conceded that while Twilight may be a worse story overall, nothing makes her feel quite so stabby as the way she felt when we watched Alien 3.
    Of course I argued with her. I mean, after all, when they killed off two of the surviving characters from Aliens, it was just like when they killed off Han and Luke at the beginning of The Return of the Jedi.
    Oh wait–that never happened. Because even George Lucas had enough sense not to do something that utterly stupid.

  • John

    RoboCop should be on this list

    • Paul R

      I think that by any reasonable yardstick, that the Matrix sequels can be said to have ruined the legacy of the first film. The second films contained so much verbal twaddle that they came over as being in contempt of the audience.