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  1. TJ
    TJ at |

    kinda hard to think of any modern sci-fi or horror movie that wasn’t in one way or another influenced by Rod Serling’s awesome awesome show.

  2. Tim
    Tim at |

    What about “The Box” You know, push a button, someone dies, you get a million dollars. Movie starred Cameron Diaz (yummy)

    1. marc
      marc at |

      I think that one was redone more than once. Wasn’t a remake done in the 80’s?

    2. Derke
      Derke at |

      “The Box” is based on a short story by Richard Matheson, a regular writer for the Twilight Zone

  3. terrry bigham
    terrry bigham at |

    The living dummy concept was used in the earlier and superior “Zone” episode, “The Dummy”, where Cliff Robertson and his dummy switch places in the end. In fact, quite a few movies haves used the idea, especially the Ben Hecht-based “The Great Gabbo” and the famed ventriloquist episode of the British classic “Dead of Night”. The Danny Kaye spy spoof “Knock On Wood” partly spoofed the concept.

    1. Jim Ciscell
      Jim Ciscell at |

      However, the Dummy episode with Cliff Robertson was specifically an example of the Dummy working to improve the Ventriloquist’s life, much like the Nervous Man in a Four Dollar room. To get the intent of the Dummy actually being mailicious just for the sake of maliciousness you have to use Caesar and Me because it is closer to the manner of Magic.

  4. FMH
    FMH at |

    Some of these seem to be a little far fetched or just common concepts to claim that they were “ripped off”.

  5. Brandon
    Brandon at |

    Can it really be called “ripping off” when some of these credit the original authors?

  6. Willard
    Willard at |

    Truman Show is ripped off an episode

  7. Kim
    Kim at |

    Insidious – Little Girl Lost
    AI Artificial Intelligence – I Sing the Body Electric (and Pinnochio)

  8. John
    John at |

    Another one to add to the list: the Saw movie totally ripped of “The Jeopardy Room”.

  9. Mark
    Mark at |

    Interesting that you have Galaxy Quest right after Liar Liar. The trailer for Galaxy Quest used part of the soundtrack from Liar Liar.


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