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  1. Randy
    Randy at |

    I had never heard of this before. Quite a few of these had me laughing. Thanks for the list.

  2. Brobalt
    Brobalt at |

    “Could you wake us up when BJ and the Bear comes on?”

  3. Mike (the author)
    Mike (the author) at |

    Thank you for all the positive feedback. I submitted this ages ago. Now, I know it is on this site and people are enjoying it, expect more lists from me. Thanks again guys.

  4. G Shakespeare
    G Shakespeare at |

    Great list and an awesome sampler of one the best American sketch shows of all time!

    Well done!

  5. Larry David
    Larry David at |

    Hello Michael! I have stumbled upon your list here and I would like to say that you picked a great list of clips some of which are my favorite. I will be contacting you in the future to talk about some possible work.
    -Larry David

    dictated but not read.

  6. Ronnie Dobbs
    Ronnie Dobbs at |


  7. Donna
    Donna at |

    What about the Nostradamus skit?!

  8. Garytown
    Garytown at |

    How can you leave off “Show me your Weenis”?

  9. Big
    Big at |

    I absolutely dumb-lucked finding the complete series (per season, 1&2 are combined) in a store that essentially deals in factory seconds and discontinues items for about $5 each. I’ve wasted a lot of money over the years but this wasn’t one of those times.

  10. Adam Jimmy
    Adam Jimmy at |
  11. adub
    adub at |

    wyckyd sceptre, botched toe ransom, pallies, plane crash in the andes where guy eats everyone, car wash change thief action squad, billiards as a learning tool dvd set, hippies in seattle with a wall around it, ….
    there are too many mr show favorites.
    that show was classic and still ranks up there with the best.


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