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  1. Trudy
    Trudy at |

    Funny, 8 and 6 seem really familiar…

  2. Ihatethissite
    Ihatethissite at |

    Yes Trudy, America.


    1. JoJo
      JoJo at |

      Your evil. America rules this world!!!

      1. Pascal
        Pascal at |

        death is evil life is awesome and america is in the middle of both

  3. Uber
    Uber at |

    "This ethnic group is generally the minority in the location, meaning that minorities are generally discriminated against by the state itself and may be subject to human rights violations and repression."

    shouldn't that say "This ethnic group is generally the majority in the location"?

    1. Uber
      Uber at |

      Nope I'm wrong, but i think the sentence above is a little confusing. "This ethnic group is generally the minority' is not correct, it's not necessarily a minority, it just holds more power than the number of it's ethnic group should. Like if 65% of the people were white and 99% of the power was in the hands of whites.

      1. Robinanna neibauer
        Robinanna neibauer at |

        Or if the majority was Christian and they hold all of the power, a la Merchant of Venice. Venice, at least in that play was both a plutocracy and an ethnocracy. Poor Shylock didn’t stand a chance.

  4. Llama
    Llama at |

    You might as well add Democracy to that list. Its got quite a few oddities of it's own:

    +Rulers are generally chosen for their ability to speak, not to rule

    +Since power is limited to a few years, almost no long-term projects are undertaken, noone wants to take the risk of an unpopular decision

    +In many countries, the opposition can block the ruling party(filibustering), so no decisions can be made at all

    +Separation between "left" and "right" sparks conflicts most of the time, often leading to fundamentalism

    +The ruling party tries to install as many of their own members into important positions as possible, regardless of knowledge or competence

    +The fight for power never really stops – as soon as someone is elected, his opponent try to discredit him


  5. PragmaticStatistic
    PragmaticStatistic at |

    It seems to me that the U.S. form of Republican representative government is a combination of six of these odd forms of government.

    1) A Meritocracy because the founding fathers replaced an aristocratic society with a mercantile one based on the merits of controlling the economy.

    2) A Kleptocracy because the efforts of the wealthy redistribute the wealth of the middle-class by socializing the cost of business via government-funded job incentives, corporate tax breaks, etc., while privatizing the profits.

    3) A Plutocracy because Congress responds more to the influence of the politically influential business and elite to get government to intervene in business to the advantage of the politically influential business over their American competitors, consumers and taxpayers.

    4) A Minarchism in that they perceive smaller government as the route for greater profits through the privatization of government services. Thus, hiding a growing government by converting government jobs into fewer government-funded private-sector merged jobs in order to fund a private profit..

    5) An Ethnocracy because a large portion of our country believes in a white, male and Christian dominated government.

    6) A Timocracy because our Article of Confederation and U.S. Constitution of 1791 were based on the ideas that only property owners may participate in government, but those who are elected to rule are generally those who have a strong love and need for honor.

    Check out this Google Map of the History of Republic Forms of Government (Good, Bad, & Troubled) to see examples of Republics where Republics form some of the most troubled areas of the world, where terrorism, war, revolution, fiscal crisis, corruption, the worst human right violations, apartheid, and wide spread genocide have occurred.


  6. Nathaniel
    Nathaniel at |

    The future of intelligence is civilocity, a neologism defined as a form of government where we get to watch the leader of our country for the entire time anybody ever leads our country. Imagine that intelligence community. Power to the people not genocide for the people!!!

  7. Robinanna neibauer
    Robinanna neibauer at |

    Israel is not a ethnocracy. An Arab named Ahmed Tibi is part of the government.


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