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  • ParusMajor

    While all of these show great skill, what’s the point? If you can take a photo of something, why paint it in such a realistic fashion? I prefer paintings that may not be so realistic, but that show imagination (Dali, Picasso, Monet, etc.)

    • schuyler

      It’s because of the passion of making art. There is no point. Artists do what they want because it’s who they are. There is imagination in these paintings. The artists have to use their imagination when doing what they do, regardless of the material or source. Who knows what they are thinking while making these pieces. It’s all about the love of the craft and how it pleases the maker of such things.

    • TonyT

      I agree with you. I think the talent is amazing and the attention to detail shows so much skill and patience. I do wish they would use that skill to create interesting imaginative images rather than mundane images that just show their skill. The possiblities are endless with their technical skills, yet they just paint people and everyday objects no different from a photograph.

      • Sylfreak

        Im perfectly happy with them painting what they want to paint and what makes them happy. Why on Earth would they paint something because “you” feel it is more worthwhile?

        • TonyT

          I guess it’s all about tastes and perception. Art, regardless of what it looks like will always have it’s critics. Art is always up for scrutiny and the opinions of others. Art isn’t complete without a viewer and it’s up to the viewer to decide whether he or she enjoys the work. In saying that this work is absolutely astounding, but weather you enjoy it or not is purely ones own opinion. Like they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

          • ParusMajor

            I didn’t say I don’t appreciate these artworks or the hard work put into them. I do. I’m just saying that I don’t need to see paintings of food or Coca-Cola cans, no matter how realistic they might be. I like paintings that have a bit more phantasy in them, like the ones by Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Akseli Gallén -Kallela, Édouard Manet, Salvador Dalí, H. R. Giger, etc.

  • Defender

    These are incredible

  • Tom

    If you want something that looks like a photo, take a photo and apply a bit of filter.

  • A Y

    It makes a pleasant change to see actual art being lauded for once, as opposed to that degenerate horror called ‘modern’ or ‘abstract’. Pieces like that belong in museums dedicated to Defective art. I will admit that art is in the eye of the beholder, but the poor unsuspecting public should be forewarned that it contains pivotal defects.

    • redstick

      There actually was an exhibition of “Degenerate Art” a couple of generations ago. You will not be happy to learn who sponsored it. What pieces of “modern art” (whatever THAT is) do you find offensive.

  • rea

    after seeing Barnardi’s website, it seems hes got a thing for faucets and dishes in the sink..

  • yeabtsega


  • Absolutely amazing…

  • Abundance of skill but rarely any substance.