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  1. Bubi
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    #8 Her Russian name is unpronounceable because you have misspelled it. The correct Latin spelling is Valentina Tereshkova. BTW, you have misspelled the word “unpronounceable” too. A piece of advise from evil sunny Moscow — use Wikipedia and standard Word spellcheck feature before you publish your materials.

    1. Orszag
      Orszag at |

      Westerners: apply water to the burned area. Greetings from Hungary. 🙂

  2. max
    max at |

    If you are going to mention Larry Doby in this article, than Moses Fleetwood Walker would like to have a word with you…

  3. Bob
    Bob at |

    I think #8 is more of an American thing. I (and everyone else I know who knows anything about space) know that Valentina Tershkova was the first woman in space.

  4. brian
    brian at |

    the light bulb wasnt invented by any of those people. Google it.

  5. Tannerm
    Tannerm at |

    Henrietta Lacks deserves a mention. Her cancerous cells were taken from her without her knowledge and used to grow the first immortal cell line, the HeLa cell line. They were commercialised and are widely used in scientific research. So much knowledge was derived from these cells and so much money and fame taken from them without so much as a acknowledgement of who they belonged too

  6. Dan
    Dan at |

    Its just a shame Tesla isn’t a household name.

  7. J-R
    J-R at |

    Here’s one:

    Faxian, all the way from the 4th century China, traveled all the way to India by foot to receive buddhist scriptures. Such a brave feat has been long forgotten in favor of Xuanzang. Why? Because of Journey to the West!

    Because Xuanzang has had a loosely based adaption story about his travel, he’s been celebrated for his feat while Faxian has been long forgotten. I guess Faxian should’ve added a monkey to his story.

  8. Joe
    Joe at |

    I really enjoyed the article. Some incredible pieces of history that have long since been forgotten. Love stumbling on things like this that have been lost in the cracks of time. Thank you!

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      Glad you enjoyed it.


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