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  1. Steven
    Steven at |

    I don’t know how long ago you published this list, but a lot has happened to verify the claims of the Book of Mormon that the average person parroting back misled theories would be unaware of, including positive DNA evidence that is so tight it cannot be refuted unless you have a complete and intolerant prejudice. This includes archeological finds that number in the hundreds of thousands and bear paleo-Hebrew inscriptions. It includes earthen works and buried cities that have been discovered since the writing of the book and have shown complete accuracy in minute details. But then the only real proof, going beyond even the most convincing evidence, is to ask God and receive revelation in witness. No one can do that for you and no one can convince you it is real unless you have an open mind. Otherwise you will stand in noonday sun and claim it is dark outside.

    1. THATguy
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      Oh man, we got a live one here!

    2. Grahf
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      I sincerely hope you are joking.

      There is no DNA evidence to support the claims of the book of mormon. In fact, the evidence we do have disproves it.

      There is no archeological evidence that supports the claims of the book of mormon. None.

      Maybe next time, get your facts from actual geneticists and archaeologists instead of your bishop and apologists who have an agenda to support. Maybe then you will save yourself the embarrassment of outing yourself as a gullible fool.

      1. Bob
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        1. Steven Hill
          Steven Hill at |

          I don’t even know where to start.

          DNA claims are absolute nonsense. The “study” in question looked at existing samples of present day Native Americans. They claimed there was no “Semitic” DNA, ignoring the fact there is no such thing as “Semitic” DNA. Additionally, for there to be a valid claim about DNA, you must have a sample of the original DNA to compare with your results. No such sample is available. (By the way, DNA evidence supporting a “Semitic” genetic background would prove nothing.).

          There was an existing population when Lehi’s party arrived. Over 2,500 years, a small group of DNA (between 30-50 people) added to an existing genetic pool would eventually vanish from the gene pool and would not be found today.

          Only a “gullible fool” would blindly accept the false of claims of DNA.

          Once again we get the “big lie” there is no archeological evidence supporting the Book of Mormon. A possible location for the valley of Lemuel has been found. Archeological evidence for Nahom (in Saudi Arabia) has been found where the Book of Mormon says it was. Possible locations for the land of Bountiful have been found.

          If you study the culture of the Book of Mormon society and compare it to the culture of the population during the time covered by the Book of Mormon, you find there are numerous similarities between the cultures.

          Limited space prevents more examples, but Steven, Graf, and Bob – you need to stop reading anti-Mormon twaddle and actually read and study the Book of Mormon.

          Only a “gullible fool” would respond and show his ignorance of the topic.

        2. Bob
          Bob at |

          .I have read the book of Mormon, because I was raised Mormon, and I got sick of crap like this.

        3. Steven Hill
          Steven Hill at |

          You were a Mormon. Irrelevant.

          You read the Book of Mormon. It would be interesting to see what you really know about the Book of Mormon.

          It’s crap. Meaningless, mindless, ignorant (from a knowledge perspective), irrelevant.

          Dispute one point I made with valid evidence (your opinion is not valid evidence).

  2. Lucie
    Lucie at |

    On the 9th one, the Saint Brendan, a boat made of skin or leather is named a currach! 🙂
    A curragh is something completely different.

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Why is Christopher Columbus on the list of top 10 people who possibly explored the Americas before Christopher Columbus?

    1. VoiceofReason
      VoiceofReason at |

      If you actually READ the article and had reading comprehension higher than a 1st grader you would understand that. It tells you plain and simple in the explanation. You can’t fix stupid.

  4. Kaitlyn H
    Kaitlyn H at |

    I personally find that number 6, the Viking Leif Erikson, is the most likely of the list. In the list, it does say that there was a colony set up in Vinland where he found all those grapes to make wine. I think it is very likely that he succeeded because he did know how to sail seeing that he grew up running away from people who his father had to run away from. Not only that but he also wanted to out-do his father and go further than Greenland to discover a new land of his own. He wanted to find a new land and he did that by finding the coast of present day Canada.

    1. PK
      PK at |

      The Vikings were successful people so I do see them as victors of their time.

  5. Hannah Brown
    Hannah Brown at |

    I believe the person who was most likely to arrive to the Americas before Christopher Columbus was Zheng He, the Admiral of the Ocean Sea. Considering at the time he was the most famous Chinese explorer, and since China is a large area with many resources, I believe their large ships and knowledge could have in fact brought him to the Americas prior to Columbus. Also, he did travel as far as Africa and possibly Italy, where he may have started the renaissance. Who is to say he didn’t go on a further voyage?


  6. Emily Kaiser
    Emily Kaiser at |

    I agree with Kaitlyn: Leif Erikson surely discovered the Americas before Columbus. There is no doubt in my mind that Erikson explored the shores and discovered the various places–the colony set up in Vinland proves it. It would have been simple for Erikson to set up an exploration: there were many other Vikings with a skill set for sailing that had troubles to run from and this exploration invited new prospects: new land and new fortune.

  7. Tyler Cates
    Tyler Cates at |

    I think that Leif Eriskson is the most likely to have reached America first. I believe that he discovered the various places while exploring the shores he landed on. The thing that really makes it believable is that he set up the colony in Vinland. That is what proves to me that he reached America before Columbus did.

  8. Melissa Smith
    Melissa Smith at |

    I believe that Zheng He could have possibly discovered the Americas before Christopher Columbus did. Zheng He had many resources to take advantage of, giving him ample ability to travel to the Americas. Also, he had made seven other voyages, traveling at least to Africa. It is very possible that he went further than that and made it to the Americas.

  9. Cameron Macklin
    Cameron Macklin at |

    I also agree with some of the other students that Zheng He could have been the one to reach the Americas before Christopher Columbus. Because to me he seems like Zheng was more prepared which let him be at sea longer for him to travel further. Plus he made more than one voyage and had a lot of resources.

  10. T Goff
    T Goff at |

    I believe that Leif Erikson more than likely found the Americas prior to Columbus. Quite honestly, I believe a good number of these individuals, like Zheng He, probably stepped on soil of the Americas prior to Columbus. In class, Polynesians were also thought to reach the Americas before Columbus, and I could see that as well. The Vikings, Polynesians and explorers like Zheng He were navigating the seas long before Columbus and had the resources (ships and men) and knowledge to find new lands. We should all ask, “where haven’t the Vikings been?”

  11. Kia Laine
    Kia Laine at |

    Out of the choices, I believe Leif Erikson discovered the Americas way before Columbus. The colony he set up in Vinland gives more evidence than anything. Leif Erikson explored many places. I do not believe there is any way he didn’t discover the Americas.

  12. Anthony Luke Hackney
    Anthony Luke Hackney at |

    I believe that Leif Erikson had explored and discovered the Americas prior to Christopher Columbus. Leif’s father had the same plan and idea to sail west and his son had the same, if not more, determination than his father to reach farther than him. I believe he made it to the Americas and settled as it said in the article. There is most likely proof in the are they settled that they did so.

  13. Lukas Jachno
    Lukas Jachno at |

    As a predecessor of Columbus I have picked Leif Erikson for multiple reasons. At first it is well known fact, that Vikings were very good sailors and they actually reached shores of America. Other fact that is talking in his favor is that he was settled in Greenland, which makes the distance from Europe, respectively Greenland, to America much closer. There were also found proves that Vikings, and namely Leif Erikson, did discover America, they hit the shore and established Vinland, which is later known as Newfoundland. Vinland was the first undisputed European settlement in North America.

  14. Jack Creech
    Jack Creech at |

    Although Zheng Hi had the best ship technology at the time, The Europeans had better nautical technology at the time. I think that it was the vikings or the Irish that discovered America first.

  15. Stephan S
    Stephan S at |

    Half of these guys did not make it to the Americas. All of the viking evidence is true because of left over settlement. But getting down to what’s real, columbus was the cause for North American settlement. All these other explorers failed in starting new towns and settlements in the new world.

  16. Donny G
    Donny G at |

    This article is definitely interesting because the Americas are known for being founded by Christopher Columbus, but he encountered groups of people already settled here. It is a shame that we may never really know who were the first group to actually settle in the Americas.

  17. Vince Ziccardi
    Vince Ziccardi at |

    I believe that Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, but I think that there was someone out there way before his time who already did. I think that people in the past were very curious and were constantly wanting to explore other “worlds” that could possibly be out there.

  18. jivey
    jivey at |

    I just know it is hard to know the true history because I think history is always written in favor of one person and or country. There can be a lot of favorites in history and this shows that we automatically think of Columbus and then once history goes deeper there is much more to be said. I think there should be more credit for other adventurer that are not just european.

  19. Larvae
    Larvae at |

    Interesting that Erik the Red was Leif Erikson’s dad & Henry Sinclair was related to these two as well as Christopher Columbus marring Henry Sinclair’s granddaughter.

  20. Reese
    Reese at |

    I’ve always heard that there was speculation about whether Christopher Columbus was actually the first person to discover the Americas. It’s not surprising that multiple individuals on this list were vikings.

  21. Steve Smith
    Steve Smith at |

    I thought the article was very entertaining and insightful theories. I personally believe the Chinese Star Fleet which was #2 on the list discovered america.

  22. Cody f
    Cody f at |

    I think Christopher Columbus (#1) discovered America. I mean after all he said the ocean blue in 1492

  23. Desiree Wiese
    Desiree Wiese at |

    I think Leif Erikson discovered America, but who knows I could be wrong. It was so long ago I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just an average guy no one knew.

  24. Michelle Tuck
    Michelle Tuck at |

    With all the alleged discoveries of “America” you would think that there were never any Indians, or “Native Americans” who were already here. I think that Christopher Columbus gets the credit, out of sheer laziness on the part of those that provide the historical timelines in America. It saves the time of explaining those who may have or may not have, just to say that he DID. when, in fact, he did not.

  25. Alex Colucy
    Alex Colucy at |

    This list is surprising to me. The only one that I would have guessed would have been Leif Erikson.

  26. Daryl Walsh
    Daryl Walsh at |

    I thought it was common knowledge that the vikings made it to Canada long before Columbus. I also don’t think that Columbus should get credit due to the fact that he was so oblivious and believed he had actually made it to India.

  27. Jacob H
    Jacob H at |

    Interesting. The only one I was aware of was Leif Erikson, but I always figured there were a bunch of other Vikings that sailed to America that we aren’t aware of.

  28. ES
    ES at |

    I did not know that Saint Brenan, possibly sailed to the Americas. A SAINT…that CRAZY

  29. Forest G
    Forest G at |

    I knew Leif Erikson was known for discovering America before Christopher Columbus, I didn’t know that so many others could potentially have found it before him, or that even Christopher himself had potentially seen it before he “discovered” it in 1492.

  30. Scott E
    Scott E at |

    I found it very interesting that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas before he discovered the Americas. Does not surprise me that so many other people have been to America before him though.

  31. Trevor Norquest
    Trevor Norquest at |

    I knew the Vikings were known for discovering America before Christopher Columbus, I didn’t know that so many others could potentially have found it before him, or that even Christopher himself had potentially seen it before he “discovered” it in 1492. It surprises me we still celebrate Columbus for discovering America


    It is shocking to me that so many people are still under the assumption that Columbus discovered the Americas. I would love to talk to their history teachers! — DAVID WARDLE

  33. Angelina Huber
    Angelina Huber at |

    I didn’t realize there were so many different people who allegedly discovered North America. The most believable before Christopher Columbus would definitely be the Vikings around 1000 AD.

  34. Holly Damron
    Holly Damron at |

    I was aware that there was strong speculation that Christopher Columbus was not the first to reach the Americas; however, I was not aware of just how many people, of different backgrounds, that had allegedly reached North America before Columbus. Although explorers like Lehi and Saint Bredan’s journeys are more disproved, the exploration of North America appears to be much more likely of those of Viking decent. For example, Erik the Red and his son, Leif Erikson, are the most likely to have been the first to discover the Americas from this list of the ten explorers.

  35. Brendan
    Brendan at |

    It’s unfortunate that we may never know who truly discovered the Americas first. Although, many of these people and explorers could have visited the Americas. We do know that Leif Erikson and the Vikings arrived long before Columbus. B.E

  36. Maria Ilca
    Maria Ilca at |


    I was reading this nice report. I saw Henry Sinclair sculpture was carved by famous writer of Mauler. When I searched his name on web I discovered he is also famous sculptor in Britain. What a cool news!

    Best regards.

  37. Alexandria McDole
    Alexandria McDole at |

    I dont understand if other people had reached the Americas before Christopher Columbus why is Columbus day a day? How do we know they discovered it or if they did?

    Although I do think it is cool how other people thought there was more to the world and seeked to the Americas.


  38. Jake Bon
    Jake Bon at |

    One thing i found really cool was that between 1405-1433 Zheng He led seven voyages! Come to think of how long each voyage took, just blows my mind, but it is really cool thwas able to take 3 more than what Columbus took!

  39. MJG
    MJG at |

    It’s so weird to think that growing up we are told that Columbus discovered America and was such good friends with the indians and the pilgrims, and then these articles say something different.

  40. BEB
    BEB at |

    I think it’s important to note that the Indians were the first people to really explore the America’s, not Christopher Columbus, or anyone else for that matter. The only reason Columbus gets the credit for discovering the America’s is because of the influx of people that came to the America’s after he sailed there. Even if the other people on this list did sail to the America’s before Columbus, they didn’t do anything to get other peoples to settle on the land.

  41. JNR
    JNR at |

    This is very intriguing because I only ever knew of Columbus discovering America. It makes me wonder what else has happened in America that I don’t know of just because it hasn’t been taught in any of my history classes. I do think it is cool that Zheng He took 20,000 people with him, but I don’t believe that he made it to America since there is not any factual evidence. (I think there would be some kind of evidence from at least one of that large group!)

  42. CNC
    CNC at |

    I think we should give the Vikings more credit for finding North America. When I was in grade school we were never told about the Vikings being the first to find North America I was always told it was Columbus. We need to start changing the history books.

  43. Rachel B
    Rachel B at |

    I remember watching Spongebob when I was younger and they celebrated Leif Erikson day. I had no clue who he was or that he is considered one of the top ten people to possibly discover America!! This is proof that Spongebob is educational and not stupid!

  44. Lukas Biglin
    Lukas Biglin at |

    looking at all of the possible discovers Zheng He. The Chinese we the most established naval power at their time and we already taking long voyages in several parts of the world. There is a strong likely hood that china may have at least visited the Americas at one point.

  45. katrina
    katrina at |

    I remember learning in seventh grade that the vikings were the first to discover America, so I’m not shocked that Christopher Columbus shouldn’t get as much credit as he has for discovering it. But I am surprised at how many other possibilities there are for who really did discover the Americas. I think we need to give everyone else credit for what they accomplished (whether they did or did not discover the Americas, A for effort) I think Columbus gets too much recognition.

  46. Alexandra Bull
    Alexandra Bull at |

    I remember learning that Columbus was the first person to discover America. I am surprised that he continues to get the majority of the credit even though there is sufficient evidence to conclude that he was not the first to explore the new world.

  47. Erica Wheaton
    Erica Wheaton at |

    Knowing that Christopher Columbus was not the first person to discover the Americas is big news to many people. However it just shows that not everything think is true is. I think that historians need to take a deeper look into our past and re-write the history that we teach our kids today.

  48. Parker Stricklen
    Parker Stricklen at |

    Growing up you were always taught that Columbus was the person that discovered America. Through this reading and from time spent in class I’ve learned that there are many other options and it’s insane that it’s so debated and questionable of who really discovered America.

  49. Ashley Perry
    Ashley Perry at |

    When we were taught about America, we were always told that Christopher Columbus founded America. However, many people say that this is not true and that Columbus took the credit for finding America.

  50. Jacqueline Carriger
    Jacqueline Carriger at |

    We were always taught that Columbus discovered America, but after class and reading this article I no longer believe he did. I think that Leif Erikson discovered America.

  51. Scott Saner
    Scott Saner at |

    I think there is the most amount of proof that Lief Erikson discovered America first.

  52. Derek Reynolds
    Derek Reynolds at |

    With the proof provided, i think that Lief Erikson was the first one to disciver america

  53. Colin Williams
    Colin Williams at |

    It’s interesting to think of all of the people who possibly visited the America and I believe that Lief Erikson was most likely first and Saint Brendan was least likely.


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