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  • Yo mama


  • raz

    Interesting pictures.
    Poorly written by a person with crap sense of humour.

  • gS49

    Hippos aren’t even predators, they’re vegetarians. But they’re still responsible for more human deaths than any other animal (four-legged, that is). And crocks. And anything else that bothers them.

    In ancient Egypt Hippo hunting was a major test of manhood, and majorly dangerous.

  • Jessy

    I enjoyed this article =) it was fun and cheered me up =) thank you

  • Dana

    I remember reading that Steve Irwin, who wasn’t afraid of anything (especially crocodiles), was terrified of hippos because they were so dangerous. The Adelaide Zoo website says, “Hippos do sometimes attack boats; Steve Irwin considered a five-minute sequence crossing a river filled with hippos to be one of the most dangerous things he ever filmed.”

  • Dennis

    Another great list-And well-written with humor

  • Peter Boucher

    In regards to No. 10. Never, ever, ever go near a fully mature “Mama” Bear if she is with her cubs. There is not a chance of any living creature that will defeat her. I read once that if you happen to be hiking, fishing or hunting and if you happen to see a Mama bear with her offspring, do a complete 180 and quietly walk away, but fast !! If it were me, out of the three aforementioned ? I would want to be the hunter. (At least a hunter has a rifle).

  • Jay

    My caption for 5.
    “Well, I’m gonna kill SOMETHING before I go home!”

  • Amrendra

    Fantastic list and great idea for a list. Really enjoyed the list and pristine sense of humor as its not easy to write humor on animal photographs. Really well written Rick.

  • Tom

    Fun article, thank you.

  • Jake

    I always wondered why it was the Lioness who did all the hunting, and the Lion just sat on his backside.. and is it me, but am I the only person who finds it tragic Steve Irwin had been near Crocodiles, Boas, king Cobras, Box Jellyfish, Great White Sharks, even Sydney Funnel Web Spiders, and he was killed by a Stingray? still, he died doing what he loved..

    • @ Jake. Look at this way. Siegfried and Roy had a Las Vegas Show with White Tigers (I mean big ones, like 450-500 pounds) that could easily maul and kill you in a matter of seconds. Both of those guys thought that they had it all in mind that everything was under control and they loved being in the Limelight with their “pet” tigers. But I don’t really think that they knew that these are WILD animals and not domesticated, and they can turn on a dime from looking friendly and huggable to being becoming vicious killers. Its in their blood and instincts. So when I heard that one the either Siegfried and Roy (I cant remember which one). It was of no surprise to me. When I heard of the death of Steve Irwin from a sting ray, I was stunned but not surprised. I always kept it to myself that its not going to be long before he sees his untimely demise and death. And I do agree, he died what he loved doing best, just like Siegfried and Roy, but the one who got mauled by the tiger survived and very luckily.

      • Jake

        yeah, it came as no surprise to me, that the poor guy had been killed.. Still, I thought it was one of his Crocodiles that had got him. The one he dangled his little baby near. “I`ve raised him since he was this big-he`s a friendly Ripper! He won`t bite anyone!” Hmm. It is kind of embarrassing that a guy who went near some of the deadliest Animals in the world, is killed by something like a Stingray..

        • ParusMajor

          I wouldn’t call it embarrassing; he didn’t do anything wrong, really. It was just a freak accident.

  • Paul Santosh

    Awesome pics 🙂 Wanna know who won in the battle between tiger and bear, Eagle vs. Fox, Crocodile vs. Hippos

    • Peter Boucher

      @ Paul Santosh : Here is my opinion of the 3 battles that you have posted. No.1, Tiger vs. Bear. That’s a good one, but I will say the bear won for two reasons. It was a territorial situation that the tiger was invading and I believe that the bear is female and was protecting her Cubs. They are approximate in weight, speed, claws and teeth, but I go with the bear. No 2, The Eagle and the Fox. That’s a toss-up. I live in Arizona and if you have a pet such as a cat or small dog, never let it outdoors because Arizona is flooded with coyotes, but Hawks are also abundant in Arizona and they can sweep away your pet to feed on. But I think the Fox got lucky and got away. If you look at the angle in which the Eagle has grasped on to the Fox, I do believe that the Fox had a scare and ran away. And No. 3, No question, the Hippo would have mauled the Crocodile. Look closely at the protruding tooth of the Hippo compared to the size of the Croc’s. Though the Croc has more teeth, a hippos teeth or in this case tusks can reach up to 12-14″ in length (just look at your arm from the elbow to the tip of your middle finger), plus the Croc in this picture looks to be about 500-600 pounds as the average weight of a Hippo is about 4000-5000 lbs. and yes, they can run up to 30 m.p.h. on land. The Hippo wins very easily in this case. If I were to question the outcome of any of these photos, would have to be # 7. The Zebra vs. The Zebra. I have never before seen anything like that. The obvious one is # 2. The Elephant protecting the young Elephant from the Crocodile. I would say that the Elephant would literally stomp on the Crocodile like you or me stomping on an ant……..LOL

  • rinna

    mother nature you bitch

  • James 3

    re #3: Yeah, b***hes be crazy, yo; but they ain’t stupid! Lots more meat on a hippo than a zebra or wildebeest; plus, they don’t have to spend time at the Serengeti Curves after that hunt. Of course, then they do have to listen to the cubs bitchin’ about “Aww, mom, not leftovers again!! We had hippo yesterday.” (ungrateful little snots).