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  • heart shattering pictures here =(

  • abe

    the op forgot this infamous picture of the Vulture and a African baby. where the photographer took a picture of a Vulture next to a alive African baby, The Journalist could of saved the baby. But instead he let nature take it course. He won lot of awards but when the public found the truth behind the picture where he could of saved the baby he became a disgrace. And eventually he ended up taking his own life.

  • Sophie

    These are terribly heartbreaking. It is so unbelievably sad to think that all this death, murder, and devastation is happening all over the world and whatever little we can do to help is just not even nearly enough. I love this planet, and I try to love the people on it, but these pictures make it so hard to remain optimistic about the future; what awaits us humans.

  • Sweety

    I can’t believe these photos. I feel like I have been living in a fantasy all my life. Because picture after picture, I felt chills run through my body, giving me goosebumps. Even sitting here in the heat, I felt chills, cold, cold chills…

  • Amit Noel Singh

    All these pics are heart shaking….
    I pray to Lord Almighty that no one face these tragedy in life.

    God Bless all

  • Alex

    What about the “Afghan Girl” pic?

  • Nik

    War does not determine who is right, but who is left

  • Ellehello

    Ever since there were two creatures in the world, there were fightings, all kinds of fighting. Wars are the most terrible. Common people are always the ones who lost the most. Really hope there is one day when no country is involved in a war.

    • Heaven

      I don’t think it is possible for there not to be a war. Conflict it seems to be part of human nature even of we all were on the same level, there will always be opposing opinions and with those opinions comes the friction that causes the war

  • Dylan

    How about we all just jump off our political crusade horse and just enjoy the article instead of rambling on and making yourself seem like a patriotic idiot.

  • BH

    It is a shame they chose an illegal settlement picture to display.

  • ashley willoughby

    “And of Clay Are We Created” is a very moving short story by Isabel Allende and it is dedicated to Omayra Sanchez’s last three days of her life while trapped. It is in the point-of-view of the reporter who stayed by her side throughout her suffering. I definitely recommend it to anyone who was moved by picture #1…

  • Lachlan

    They all seem rather recent.

    I thought the self-immolation of Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc in protest in Saigon on 11 June 1963 would have been included. It has been a haunting image for nearly 50 years. So has the photo of South Vietnamese National Police Chief General Nguyen Ngoc Loan who executed a Viá»?t Cá»?ng officercaptured during the Tet Offensive, by shooting him in the temple in Saigon on 1 February 1968.

  • Hojjat

    No more energy.We , as human beings, won`t overcome these man-made troubles , until when we are not united.respect and be kind to each other.We`re not robots.(excuse me for grammer)

  • buller

    Where is titanic that is a tragic and many have pictures and would be no #1 so this is bad researching by the way i was born on the day before 911 which means 9/10 :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  • saintgoody

    That was very touching and emotional images. Thailand massacre was new to me as well as the Haiti photo and that was very touching.

  • Jade

    Some people got REAL problems, makes me grateful for what I have. And so very sad for everyone who has to lead lives like these.

  • wajid khan

    these are very amazing pictures, it could say that some of these are one of the saddest pictures in the world.

  • I wish I could have saved her

  • I wish I could have saved her

  • Darlene Rivera

    I remember that picture:(

  • Alexander Gomez

    This is horrible.

  • Mandeep rai

    O GOD Where are you…please help the people who are trouble in your world…1,3,7and10 are the most Heart touching picture…!

  • Dana

    There was nothing heroic about that Israeli settler woman. Israel already has well more than half the land within their borders and if it were up to them they’d leave no room whatsoever for the Palestinians. Stupid woman is part of the land grab that’s pushing Palestinians into smaller and smaller areas of the country. And now of course they have a right-wing prime minister again who is letting them get away with things like FIREBOMBING LITTLE KIDS. Oh yeah, they’re “heroes” all right.

  • Robert

    Why is that picture of Kosovo in here? There was nothing nefarious about that picture, it was all lies. The journalists made it seem like there was concentration camps and mass graves and none of that was ever found to be true.

  • michael john

    Enjoyed reading these comments!
    Most of you would have condemned Hitler for what he did to the Jews? Ever stop to condemn the Allies for creating Israel and pissing off the Muslims? If Hitler had been allowed to continue we would never have had Israel and the last 65 years of on going bloodshed- The continuing arrogance of Jews , with the backing of good “ol Uncle Sam, is what has led to the terrorism we face today. I am not anti-Semetic or anti Islam but keep the bastards out of decent western countries.
    You heard about the big high wall in Heaven? God built it for the Jews because they liked to think they were the only people there!