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    Koalas. Are. Not. Bears. They are marsupials. Sure they’re really cute and cuddly – when they aren’t scratching you with their massive claws (how else would they climb trees?), they are bitting you or wetting you with bodily fluids. And some of them have chlamydia.

    Approach all Australian Fauna with caution – most of it bites.

    1. Ed
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      The article clearly stated they were marsupials.

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    St. Johns Wort is as effective for depression as the pills your doctor can poison you with. No side effects. Tons of research on this. Also will treat mild forms of bi-polar (mild). I live with this disorder and no medication has ever come close to allowing me to stabilize like this plant. It’s dramatic how well it works. Amazing.

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    and what about the number one plant,, CANNABIS


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