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  • Mizzou

    Joe Carter had a walk-off to win the World Series. No doubt that is #1.

  • Mizzou

    and where is Pujols? He set Brad Lidge's career back 5 years with one HR.

    • Unanimous

      how did he send lidge's career back?

  • Bob Canter

    Just two comments; this is actually a very good list with some excellent selections, but:

    1. I KNOW it's been overdone, but HOW COULD YOU NOT INCLUDE Bobby Tompson's home run in Game 3 of the 1951 Playoffs against the Brooklyn Dodgers? Most baseball historians still rate that one at #1 all-time!

    2. As an old Pittsburgh Pirates fan, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for including Bill Mazeroski's magnificent, spectacular home-run in the 1960 World Series, which for some reason remains forgotten by many baseball fans. One minor technical correction: Maz's home run did not, as you state, end up in "…the left field bleachers." There were bleachers at old Forbes Field, but they were right down the left field line, completely in foul territory.

    Maz's historic home run went over the left field WALL, at the 406 mark, and into the street beyond. I never heard who actually recovered that ball.

  • Second the vote for Pujols absolutely monstrous home run against Houston solely on the fact that Lidge has to essentially rehabilitate his career from that point on

  • This is an awesome list. Even though the Sox didn't win I'd still rank Carlton Fisk higher. 😉

  • greg

    I guess this is the top 10 in recent history? Chris Burke but no Bobby Thompson? Hilarious

  • C.B.

    Actually, Bobby Thompson's home run was a great one, but it technically wasn't a playoff home run. The Giants-Dodgers match-up was not officially considered a playoff series, as the World Series was the only official playoff series until the formation of the LCS in 1969.

  • Greg, the number one playoff home run was from 1960, hardly recent.

  • greg

    You must be a big Chris Burke fan

  • YouForgot

    Carlton Fisk should be WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY higher than 9th!

    • Maryann Johnson

      I agree.

  • Greg

    Why should he be higher than 9th? With the exception of number 8 (Magglio) every other HR was by a guy on the team who won the series. Just go watch the video again and get drunk and forget that the big red machine whooped Bostons ass in game seven…….nice try Matt Damon

  • Josh

    Good list of the top 10 Home Runs in Playoff history. I remembering cheering for Ortiz

  • KASS

    MOOKIE WILSON IN 86!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Maryann Johnson

    How about that home run that took the lead for the Red sox in game 5 in the 1986 ALCS? He jumped up 4-5 feet in the air unlike the others!

  • Maryann Johnson

    You can't judge the Carlton Fisk HR souly on if they won a world series! behind Billy Bukner's error in 1986 and the red sox winning it in 2004,that could be the third most unforgettable moment in red sox history!

  • Maryann Johnson

    Not that they should not be #1 and #2 but they both have drawbacks. Maz's homer came with the game tied,unlike Carter's. so any run in the remainder of the ballgame could have been a winner. However,Carter's homer came with the series lead,3-2 so they didn't HAVE to win THAT game. Obviously they are very close.

    • Ben

      Maryann, color me impressed with your love and knowledge of baseball. Why weren't you cast in Field of Dreams?

      • Unanimous

        i disagree,ben. I know her SHE WAS NOT ALIVE THEN!!!!!!!!!!! by the way happy April Fools day!!!!!!!!

  • Maryann Johnson

    Maz wasn't MVP that series. Can you believe it?

    • Bob Canter

      No Maryann, he wasn't the MVP, and in fact, NO ONE on the winning Pirates' team was the MVP. This was one of those rare times in history when a player from the LOSING team got that award. I believe it was Bobby Richardson.

      • Unanimous

        Richardson DID set many world series records. A player should not be judged by if his team won. I would vote for HIM too. That gets me to thinking, why don't they have "Goat of the year" or"Goat of the World Series" :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

        • Brian

          Because Bill Buckner would have retired the award! 😀

  • Ronald Mcdouchebag

    Adam KENNEDY's 3 hrs against the Twins is another notable selection in the ALCS.

  • Matt

    Bucky Dent?

    • jim


      Bucky F*cking Dent. That was haunts Red Sox fans and always will.

      It was a playoff to get to the playoff, counts in my book.

  • Johnny

    Bucky Dent's Home Run was in the Regular Season. It was during a one-game tie-breaker, which is technically considered game 163 of the Regular Season (hence the Yankees 100-63 record in 1978.)

  • Johnny

    Its a solid list.

    But I find it curious that Major League Baseball is 140 years old now and 6 of the 10 home runs you've listed happened in the last 16 years. Certainly, there is is more than just one Playoff Home Run pre-1975 that had more significance than Chris Burke's Division Series walk-off, no?

  • Mike

    All of you who keep saying Thomson's home run should be #1 don't get that the list is the top playoff homeruns of all time! Thomson's Home Run though in a 3 game tie breaker series was not and is not considered the playoffs. The statistics are contributed to their regular season totals.

  • Mark

    Rick Monday in the 1981 NLCS?

  • Robert

    Jim Leyritz 96. My favorite moment.

  • Brian

    How do you not even consideration to Bobby Thomson's pennant winner over the Brooklyn Dodgers?

  • Peter Boucher

    How about Babe Ruth’s called shot in the 1932 World Series against the Chicago Cubs !!!

  • Gabriel

    I guess David Freese deserves at least a spot here. His moonshot ended the most exciting World Series game ever and allowed the Redbirds to win the Series.

  • Gabriel

    Pujols’ 3 in one game deserve it, too.

  • Peter Boucher

    So Bill Mazeroski’s Home Run in 1960 gets the No.1 spot and no mention of Bobby Thompson’s Home Run in 1951 (October 3rd to be exact also the exact day and year that Hall Of Famer Dave Winfield was born). And then too rub salt into the wound, Mazeroski is in The Hall Of Fame and Thompson IS NOT !!! The Veteran’s commitee of The Hall Of Fame SUCKS big time. Just look at the statistics of both of the players and see why. Holy S**t, it finally took them all these years to finally recognize Bert Blyleven with his entry this year. And then they wait just one year after Ron Santo to die before they will induct him in 2012 which I just heard on the news recently. And what’s with Roberto Alomar being inducted ???? He should be in the “Mouthing Off and Spitting On An Umpire” Hall Of Fame which he did one time.

  • Ronnie

    How could Fisk’s HR not be in the top 5????

  • Kirk

    Scott Spiezio’s home run in game 6 of the 2002 should be considered for this list. It’s started one of the biggest comebacks in World Series history to force a game 7 and help the angels win their first World Series