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12 Responses

  1. Jim Ciscell at |

    I always thought that Rasputin’s death qualified him

    1. Matt at |

      It should lol he just wouldn’t die xD

  2. Marieke at |

    I like how you specify which person is pictured above the text, and sometimes even from what year the picture is. Should be a list-making rule!

  3. Kilgor at |

    “Vampires have remained a major aspect of Romanian culture”. They never were. We didn’t heard of vampires until this Dracula crap. Just because we sell the idea to tourists doesn’t mean we actually had anything to do with it. The closest thing we have for a restless immortal soul is the fabled “strigoi” in which nobody believes anymore, not even the ultra religious people.

  4. kurt sager at |

    I am so sick of internet idiots who actually believe there are vampires, zombies, werewolves,etc. NONE OF THESE REALLY EXIST, YOU IDIOTS!!
    Might as well believe in the Mayan 2012 calendar!

  5. cyberpal at |

    The modern vampires have a new name:LGBT

  6. merl at |

    Vlad did have a killer mustache.

  7. Kaitlyn Hummel at |

    I think that Elizabeth Báthory is the most interesting because, though it says she is one of the most well known, I’ve never heard of her. The fact that she is rumored to have killed so many people is fascinating in itself, but her supposed reason behind it intrigues me even more. She killed people to bathe in their blood? to make herself appear younger? That is some very interesting logic behind killing other humans.

  8. dev at |

    why is the preview a picture of Daehyun?

  9. Erzebet Bathori at |

    After her husband died in battle, she became angry with her looks, as she was getting old. She became extremely vain. She grew up in the occult, her parents forced her to watch brutal deaths, as a young child. Her grandmother practiced witchcraft with her, in which what molded her as to what she was back in the 15th century. Her life fascinates me. I found her several years ago in the “Encyclopedia of Serial Killers” by Michael Jordan (no not the retired basketball player). After word got out that there was rotting bodies outside the castle walls & body parts mysteriously popping up from wild animals dragging them off, the people that she had owed money to, decided to investigate. They decided to dispose of her, so they would not be in debt to her any longer.

  10. Alex Guthrie at |

    This really relates to this season’s American Horror Story with the need for blood to survive from a good amount of characters.

  11. Lauren Mangan at |

    These people may have been described as vampires but they took their crimes much further than just drinking blood in most cases. I find it ironic that one died of skin cancer since vampires are sensitive to sunlight.


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