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  • Tsad Jatko

    Jerry Springer? GIMME A BREAK!

  • A BiPolar Guy

    “marks on their bodies that precisely corresponded with the fatal wounds they claim their previous personality had suffered at the time of their death” No chance at all made up the wound sites to match were where they could see their birthmarks or other skin marks, eh? I like computers because I used to be charles babbage – that proves it.
    Actually this is just one of the examples of the too trusting nature of the researchers or witnesses cited. The assumption is made that the claimants tell the truth. Why? Charlatans and attention seekers abound, and may be found among the claimants and those who report about them. Fakery is not taken into account here.

  • phyn

    i think reincarnation is bias…
    so it means the people lived in previous years will live again when someone gave birth?
    how about the infants own soul and experience? if the people from past lives will always
    live their lives… give others a chance! ^^
    and what if the child die? is he/she gonna go in hell if the person that was reincarnated in him/her was a killer or murderer? oh come on…

  • Josean

    If reincarnation is real, that means there’s a set number of souls or beings being born again again, then explain why the population of the earth has been growing and growing instead of being always the same? If you were to travel back in time the population would decrease as you went, that’s history, there were less people in the past.

    If you’re “born” gay then why some people get married have kids and then all of a sudden they’re gay after a lifetime of being straight? Sounds like the made a choice to me. And on the religious side, why would God create gay human beings and then say it’s wrong? Doesn’t make sense. AND don’t say global warming is not real just because some people are making money off of it, ask the polar bears if its BS.

  • Shakira

    I am so over you trolls. Trolls ruin every article on the internet that they post on, and you all should respect other people’s beliefs whether or not you agree.

  • Joe

    The weird idea is that one lives but once. It is an amazing set of mental gyrations people go through to try to make that idea fit their prejudices and what they have been taught. It is not what the rest of the world believes, probably not even the majority. Go tell an Indian that he lives only once and see what kind of reaction you get.

    • Benedikt

      It makes perfect sense that people would think that there was only one (conscious) life, as there is no empirical proof gathered by scientific, objective means that points to any more. (if there is, I’d very much like to know what it is)

      Why would I care any more what a indian has to say about this than anyone else? Is he more qualified for the job than someone who does not follow his religion(assuming he’s hindu), or are people supposed to be moved and convinced only by the conviction in his beliefs?

  • Blue Canary

    I have deja vu sometimes and I have visions. You want to know why…I have epilepsy! I have complex partial seizures. I used to have them once a month and stressed caused them. They scared me for a long, long time. I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

  • A BiPolar Guy

    I’ve known for the last 1000 years or so that reincarnation is bunk.

  • Ahmad

    rubish article..worst ever on the site. baseless,useless and senseless

  • Nit Pick

    Mozart is from Austria. Although back then Salzburg has been on German territory. But you’d also never say Kafka is from Austria. Although at that time Prague was in Austria. Just saying.

  • SarahOne

    Reincarnation is absolutely real. If you haven’t yet read any of the thousands of researched case studies, I would do so before posting here in such confidence. Birthmarks do match, young children do have these memories and in many cases both of those are documented and/or verified. You can’t just ignore they exist. There have been cases of children speaking ancient biblical language that is no longer used, young children in Midwest USA naming povern villages in 3rd world countries that I don’t even know exist. How do you explain this?

  • rea

    this list will make the top ten most debatable list of toptenz..and others if i may say really went all out in their opinion that their comments alone could be lenghtier than the actual article….

    Will it help everyone if i tell all of you I was a platypus in my previous life, or a squirrel maybe? rolf!!! Pardon me, I was just being sarcastic…

    But in my own opinion, I think there are so many things out there that still are and will always remain a mystery to all of us..and the more we try to study them the harder we could grasp all the answers…(sorry for the grammar or spelling if there is wrong, im typing while carrying my 7month old son..i just cant resist, too lazy to check)

  • Bryan Ross

    To those who claim that “homosexuality is a choice,” “a mindset,” and the like, I suggest you stop and think very, very, very carefully about that line of thought for one more minute. While you’re thinking about it, consider this. If I were to walk up to you and say, “hello there. I’m a heterosexual man. you’re a heterosexual man. let’s do a little experiment and see if we can toggle from our heterosexual mindset to a homosexual mindset, just for fifteen seconds. let’s make out. let’s kiss with tongue. when we’re finished, we’ll both think like heterosexuals again and stop imagining and thinking like homosexuals, and have lunch together with no awkwardness,” what would you do? should be easy, right? we can rapidly adopt the mindset of wanting to have a very casual moment of physical contact with someone of the same sex and just as rapidly put it in the context of being “just a mindset,” however temporary. btw, calling something a “mindset” lacks meaning, lacks punch. your mind isn’t “set” just because you believe something. because you think a certain way. all it takes is an accident. just a bad turn with the car into a tree, or an electric shock, or a stroke, and presto – your mind is now altered. probably permanently – the damage done to our brains is what “sets” it. not the thinking we’ve been doing without any damage to our brains.

    what I’m getting at here is that no, no amount of re-thinking something, putting oneself in another persons’s shoes, or just accepting a casual moment of mindset-swapping, will allow a heterosexual to make out with another heterosexual, or a homosexual person to make out with another homosexual person. so the whole idea that this is a “choice” is false. If you cannot make the choice to make out with someone of the same sex for a few seconds without feeling your stomach turn, then guess what? your entire premise that homosexuality is a “choice” suddenly is about as true as that mindset I told you about. I would love to grab the guy who tells me that homosexuality is a choice and tell him to make out with me, to make that momentary choice, and watch his fear and loathing and insecurity rapidly bubble up, but I wouldn’t make that request because I’m heterosexual, and can’t bring myself to make the choice to invite anyone to do that with me.

    If you continue to think that homosexuality is a choice after reading this comment, then you should be concerned – your mind really is set, and that means you’ve suffered permanent brain damage and are only just discovering it now.

    • Bryan Ross

      I’ll add a quick correction to the above: I wrote “no amount of re-thinking something, putting oneself in another persons’s shoes, or just accepting a casual moment of mindset-swapping, will allow a heterosexual to make out with another heterosexual, or a homosexual person to make out with another homosexual person.” – the correct terms here would be to say, “no amount of re-thinking something, putting oneself in another persons’s shoes, or just accepting a casual moment of mindset-swapping, will allow a heterosexual man to make out with another heterosexual man or a homosexual man to make out with a woman.” there are a few other variations, but you get the idea.

  • Some Guy

    Hard evidence!? I don’t think you know what those words mean, especially not the second one, person who created this list.