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  1. ?
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    You forgot to mention, although this may have been written months back, who Queen is currently touring with…Adam Lambert… of American Idol. Who only really outdoes Freddy Mercury in terms of gayness. And as if Paul Rogers wasn’t already a poor casting choice.

    No Freddy= No Queen. Call it something else: how about, the ‘Brian May Superspectacular.’

    1. Lilith
      Lilith at |

      Amen to that, I love Queen and Freddie made that band. And great list, by the way!

      1. Rob
        Rob at |

        “Who only really outdoes Freddy Mercury in terms of gayness.”

        Great line!

        To use a sports phrase, Adam Lambert can’t even carry Freddy Mercury’s jock-strap.

        I would also argue that The Who and The Rolling Stones belong on this list.

        1. Freddie
          Freddie at |

          Clearly you have not listened to the new concerts. Paul Rodgers was a great rock vocalist and did amazing things, not Freddie Mercury but he wasn’t trying to be. And although I am not a fan of the way Adam Lambert became famous, he still has an amazing voice and Brian and Roger can do what they like and I believe it to be wonderful. There are others that I think could maybe do better, like Kerry Ellis, but I like the band and their new sound, and Freddie would be absolutly ASHAMED of you calling other people gay, considering he himself was bi-sexual.

          A true Queen Fan.

        2. Rob
          Rob at |

          Who said being gay was a bad thing? I guess you made an assumption there and revealed something about yourself.

          Lambert still can’t hold Mercury’s jock.

        3. Brother John
          Brother John at |

          Well, you did, actually. All “?” (first post) said was that Lambert projects that personality (stereotype, actually, but they’re grounded in observable reality) more than even Mercury did.

          No one said it was a bad thing until you.

        4. Peter Boucher
          Peter Boucher at |

          Much to your dismay, but Freddie Mercury was BI-SEXUAL. It was the last 10 years of his life when his homosexuality took over him. Back in the early to mid-70’s he had a live in companion named Mary Austin. They split up very amicably. Mary met her now husband and when she had her first child with her husband, Mary asked if Freddie would be the baby’s Godfather. Freddie’s AIDS was diagnosed just prior to when Queen performed at the Live-Aid concert on July 13, 1985.

        5. Rob
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          For some reason there is no “reply” button on “Brother John’s” post, so I’ll reply here. I did NOT say being gay was a bad thing. I’ve read and re-read the entire string of posts and still do not see where I did. “Freddie” was the one who made an assumption that when “?” said that Lambert out-gayed Mercury that that was a bad thing.

  2. Jim Ciscell
    Jim Ciscell at |

    There was also a few attempts at the Doors without Jim Morrison. At least Ringo and Paul McCartney have never dared called anything else the Beatles.

  3. FactCheckFTW
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    @Aerosmith, you say they haven’t have a good original song since 1993, but yet you have a video for Jaded. Jaded was written by Steven Tyler, hit #7 on the billboard chart & was a 2001 release.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      I can explain that. The writers submit the articles, then the editors will find the images or videos to match. Sometimes there is a disconnect, like here.

  4. Zach Gillette
    Zach Gillette at |

    Don’t forget Yes.

    1. Peter Boucher
      Peter Boucher at |

      @ Zach Gilette. You could not have hit the head on the nail then anyone better with your post. Their is only one original band member left (Bassist Chris Squire who owns the right to the name of the group. I was a 1970’s British Progressive Rock Music geek and I always used to comment then these three bands. YES, GENESIS, EMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER and threw in some KING CRIMSON into the mix. But the problem is with these groups is that they sold out to the mass of bubble-gum chewing, Pepsi drinking teenagers. After the YES entitled “DRAMA” (1980). I lost interest to them and let it be known that they are the group that I have seen more times then any other group that I ever saw live (7 times). The keyboard player is now Rick Wakeman’s son, Oliver, They have a singer that was chosen from a YES tribute band. Alan White is still with them but he was not the original drummer. Bill Bruford holds that distinction. Jon Anderson the other original band member has had health problems. If a teenager were to be standing next to me right now, I would make him / her listen to ‘The Gates Of Delirium” (all 24 minutes long) or maybe the song “Close To The Edge” Anyway, Kudos and very good choice on your part

  5. Michael
    Michael at |

    I’m sorry, but Worship Music the worst album in the history of Metal? WHAT. THE. F***. No. Maybe in worst album in the history of crappy Anthrax pop-punk-rock, but that album is easily the best Metal album they’ve released in a LONG time. One of the best of ’11, IMO.
    Obviously, whoever wrote that article isn’t an Anthrax fan…

    1. dan
      dan at |

      true… this albbum is one of the best metal album of the year . most of the respectfull critics praise it.
      how is it that a band that still kicks a*** for over 20yrs placed so high on your list. and thrash metal is not only the big 4
      do your homework son

      1. Kevin
        Kevin at |

        Do your homework indeed. Constantly substituting in singers guitarists and bass players? If one only counts members who have performed on released studio albums then it’s 2 singers (Belladonna and Bush) all of Matt Fallon’s vocals were replaced by Joey’s, 2 guitars (Spitz and Caggiano) Paul Crook was credited as a guest musician for the 2 albums he worked on, and 1 bass (Bello) since Joey Vera never worked on an album. As for Worship Music being “one of the worst albums in the history of metal” just because you don’t like something doesn’t make your opinion the benchmark for historical record. Worship Music jams by the by. Also anyone under the age of 50 who claims to have liked Genesis before the Phil Collins era is a liar and a poser.

  6. Brother John
    Brother John at |

    If “Calling All Stations” featuring Ray Wilson as the voice were the final and most recent thing Genesis had released, then they’d belong on this list. However, given that the best-known lineup decided to reform and tour, and that none of the band had ever actually burned out but either left to do other things or simply decided to stop, no way.

    They could record a new record next month and would be as good as anything the band has ever done. Though yes, I’ll admit, I’d be happier if Steve and Pete were a part of it.

  7. Jim Ribs
    Jim Ribs at |

    So spot on with Jane’s Addiction. They are my favorite band of that era, two albums that are unbelievable, but you can tell Eric Avery is their driving force because they never put out anything close after he left.

  8. Barry Brien
    Barry Brien at |

    As a matter of interest Zeppelin did briefly reform a few times since breaking up in 1980, most recently in 2007 to play a few shows in London. Thankfully it was not a full-time reunion. Robert Plant had no interest in it. However remaining members John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and Jason Bonham (replacing his late father) were in talks to relaunch Zeppelin with Steven Tyler on vocals. Thankfully this never came to fruition.

    On the subject of The Beatles – they very nearly did the same. Remember the Anthology multimedia project in 2005? The Beatles released two ‘new’ singles (actually just elaborations and overdubs on John Lennon demos from the 70s, though Paul did contribute a middle eight to one of them)
    They had also planned to reform form some gigs featuring John’s son Julian as his replacement. Thankfully this never happened either.

  9. Barry Brien
    Barry Brien at |

    Thin Lizzy also deserve an honourable mention. They originally split in ’83 and lead singer/main songwriter Phil Lynott died in ’86.
    There is a band that tours under the name Thin Lizzy that feature founding member Brian Downey and a few other guys who were members at various points during the ’70s and ’80s. Thankfully they operate as a tribute act, despite the name, and have not attempted to release any new material under the name.

  10. Rich
    Rich at |

    Regarding anthrax releasing the worst metal album of all time???!!!! Seriously what ass did you have your head in upon listening to worship music? In an age of screamo metal bullshit – anthrax finally showed metal fans how a metal album should sound. Yeah I guess I like anthrax a bit too… Does it show?

  11. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    Well, here’s a list for you of bands still performing with only 1 or 2 original members left and should call it quits or the members are reaching Social Security age : Journey, Styx, Kansas, REO Speedwagon, Asia, Ted Nugent (his political views scare me to death !!), Nightranger. I’m sure their are many more out their. It wouldn’t surprise me if April Wine was still at it !!

  12. Del
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    In fact the phrase it’s better to burn out than fade away was used by the villain The Kurgan in the movie Highlander which had yup,you guessed it,Queen doing most of the songs

  13. Fred
    Fred at |

    Sorry I have been unable to reply sooner, I apologize. In response to the Anthrax comments, I used to be such a huge Anthrax fan, my list should have been Top 10 Reasons Anthrax lost their way. I’ve seen Anthrax in concert multiple times, used to belong to their fan club, and own so much Anthrax Merchandise, it’s embarrassing. (I own the Sound of White Noise Headband) But to address the comments, go back and listen to Among the Living and Spreading the Disease. Digest the thrash, then listen to Worship Music. You wouldn’t even know it was the same band. If you want good thrash, bands like Toxic Holocaust and Municipal Waste are making the good thrash albums that Anthrax SHOULD be making. (And don’t get me started on 2003’s album We’ve Come for you All with John Bush. That album was so bad I cried.)

  14. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    Anthrax seems to be the center of attention on this list. Let me tell you about my Anthrax Experience. I had tickets for a triple bill concert. Anthrax opened, W.A.S.P. was hte second act and headlining was Black Sabbath which just Tommy Iommi as the only original band. I actually wanted to see W.A.S.P. and then leave. I get to the venue and looked everywhere to purchase a W.A.S.P. T-Shirt. I got to the last table and asked “Aren’t there any W.A.S.P. T-Shirts available. The guy behind the counter said that their flight was cancelled and could not show up to perform. GREAT !!! and other four letter expletives from my mouth. Black Sabbath sucked as Glenn Hughes, the lead singer had come down with bronchitis and his voice cracked several times and they just stood there playing their instruments. When Anthrax opened, they did song after song without a break. Were on only 35 minutes and when they finished there wasn’t any YAY’s or BOOOOOOOOOOOO’s. It was like what on earth did we just see. I just never got into them. I do know that Scott Ian is married to Meatloaf’s daughter, but that’s it.

  15. Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson at |

    If Worship Music by Anthrax is one of the worst albums in the history of heavy metal, then why is it carrying a 4.7 (out of 5) star rating on amazon.com?


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