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  1. schuyler
    schuyler at |

    I make my own grammys and award my own artists with me listening to their music and determining how much i do that.

    for this past year, i have to say my top albums were:

    the sidekicks – awkwards breeds
    deftones – koi no yokan

    and that’s about it…

  2. Aron
    Aron at |

    I just plain don’t listen to popular music. Classical (mostly opera), and bebop for me, thanks.

    The Grammys are simply a joke.

  3. grace
    grace at |

    I’ve been reading Best Lists for a long time and this is the very first one I agree with on all points. Music is so much more subjective than almost any other kind of art that there simply can’t be “best” of anything. Pointless and harmful is right! Good list.

  4. Fred
    Fred at |

    One of the biggest farces in the history of music is when Jethro Tull beat out Metallica’s …And Justice For All for Best Metal Performance in 1988. I’ve hated the grammys ever since!

  5. Tom
    Tom at |

    The Grammys are entertainment for the masses, not for musical connoisseurs.

    Which is fine, I don’t think that hurts music at all. It’s like complaining that McDonald’s hurts real restaurants. There’s room in the market for both.

  6. Mark
    Mark at |

    The author of this list is definitely not a musician. And a musician-hater.

  7. Ryan Thomas (Author)
    Ryan Thomas (Author) at |

    The author of this list is editor Jason Ionnine. He wrote the kind words about Justin Bieber and took this part out, the original #7:

    “You don’t have to win a Grammy to win a Grammy– which is to say, you can win the prestige without any of work: it’s a hip-hop tradition to squeeze as many names as humanly possible into a single project song (see OFWGKTA). The trick here is that if one of the artists is discovered/praised, so must incidentally be the rest, like a form of musical socialism. For example, when Rihanna does a guest vocal on a Coldplay track, or an Eminem track, or a Jay-Z track, or any other she hasn’t written (which isn’t to mention any of her own material), and that track wins an award or is downloaded to death, she is given a slice of whatever that track has achieved, and thus she maintains relevance, her career constantly reinvigorated with no real effort on her part.”

  8. Ryan Thomas (Author)
    Ryan Thomas (Author) at |

    “If Bieber ever matures as an artist, and creates his own personal Rubber Soul…” = something I’d NEVER say.


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