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  • Its still just faith… Doesn’t legitimise anything…

    Im quite certain that there have been brilliant men and women throughout the ages that have believed a multitude of religious doctrines, yet it still does not legitimise any one faith or prove the existence of a omnipotent/omnipresent entity. All it proves is that there is a potent desire to believe that our existence (our consciousness) is not limited to only this life. It speaks volumes that amongst the most learned and brilliant minds of the modern world, only a small minority profess faith in an organised religion. That is not to say they are devoid of all spirituality (I know a lot of them have professed a sense of wonder at the universe in terms that religious people interpret as having faith, but it is not a religious faith but a desire for knowledge and an understanding of the universe. A desire that is not constrained by an entrenched presupposition). ‘Religion’ for the most part is a product of humanity, packaged and sold with rigid rules and worldly promises. ‘Spirituality’ is a personal reflection on a individuals place within an infinitely confounding and complex universe. My only hope is that if there is something beyond this existence, it is far more intricate and rewarding than anything humanity has come up with so far.

  • Mike M

    Sir Isaac Newton?

    • redstick

      What about him? He was raised Anglican, but rejected most traditional beliefs: Hell, the Devil, the Trinity. he felt that worshiping Christ was “idolatry” and that the truth was to be found in ancient writings. He practiced alchemy and numerology (the “seven colors of the rainbow” was his force-fit: I mean, indigo!?).

      Otherwise, I suppose you could call him orthodox….

  • 5minutes

    I’m seeing all Christians on this list. What about Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.?

    Having said that, it shocks me how many people think that science and religion are incompatible. They’re both realms of study designed to answer questions about different parts of existence. Science covers the observable universe, while religion covers the unobservable universe. My own Christian faith and science get along quite nicely, thank you very much.

    • redstick

      A good list, but it IS a shame there was not enough room for such scientist/believers as (quick, Kato, to the Wikipedia!) Sawai Jai Singh, the Indian Hindu ruler who built five amazing astronomical observatories in the 18th Century — four of which still stand, and three still function.

      Maybe a follow-up article might be possible.

  • x35pm

    Should be called “Top 8 Catholic Scientists with 2 Protestants tossed in for the sake of ‘Diversity'”

    • Doesn’t have the same pop.

      • x35pm

        Yes, accuracy often lacks panache, mea culpa!

        • Actually, it is 100% accurate. All these scientists were religious. You wanted more detailed classification. And you are forgiven.

    • redstick

      What point are you trying to make? The title says “religious”. Is some “religious” better than others?

  • captain

    Honestly i’m one more bad list away from not coming back to this site again. How the crap do you leave out Albert Einstein? As also mentioned above all catholic. You guys need to step your game up, one list a day and usually only one or two ‘good’ lists a month.

    • Only 1 or 2 good lists per month? Shirley, you jest, my captain. Sorry this wasn’t to your liking. Got any suggestions you would like to read a list about? Here is your chance to effect a change for the better.

      • captain

        It’s not the lists per say, i enjoy learning new things which is why i read them. But the content in which is included in these lists seems to be wikipedia researched and the lack of abundance of lists leaves me baffled. If you’re only going to do one or two lists a day and this is your job at least put in a decent amount of research, i feel as though this site has become only more elementary with time. If you need a solid reference point go check out listverse they have slowly been taking my limited browsing time away from your site. I try to stay with y’all as y’all were my first “top 10” site but it’s getting harder by the day.

        • i have to smile when you mention LV. I have heard we use many of the same writers so much of the content should be of equal quality.

    • Ryan T

      Einstein was spiritual, but not religious in the sense of practicing any religion

    • Ryan T

      he actually considered himself to be agnostic, separating himself from being deemed atheist only because he felt that we as humans do not have near enough intelligence to ever be sure

    • redstick

      Albert Einstein: “I believe in Spinoza’s God, who reveals himself in the harmony of all that exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fate and the doings of mankind.”

      • Ryan T

        Yes he did say this, good point. I think it goes well with his other quote: “If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it.”

        Pretty deep. He pretty much just conceded to the fact that our level of human intelligence could not comprehend anything outside our universe and tried to understand the universe to the best of his limited abilities.

  • Mr. Sunders

    Wow! You’ve created quite a stir. I’ve never seen a list with such negative feedback. I have no problem with your top ten list but I do have to admit I enjoyed reading the comments more than the list itself… no offense. Either way you kept me entertained and that’s why I come to this site. Well played 🙂

  • Marie

    Georges Lemaitre?

  • Dr. Abdul Salam got his discovery from his religious book the Holy Quran.