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  1. Colbjourn at |

    Great list! Two more recent suggestions- mr. John Depp and Quentin Tarentino

    1. Tanya Bennett at |

      Just added clips of them to the playlist, thanks!

  2. Peter Boucher at |

    Well, Like the title of the song by Rod Stewart “Some Guys Have All The Luck” and in this case some Girls as well. Though not a screen legend, the Nationally known Newscaster Peter Jennings was also a high school drop out and lets not forget all of the Great Rock Musicians who I am sure dropped out of high school as well.

  3. Tanya Bennett at |

    Egads! I made an error when I posted this list to TopTenz and didn’t give the writer proper credit, so so sorry!

    Suzy Duvall wrote this list for TopTenz – it was showing as me (great list, wish I HAD written it!).

  4. Kristi at |

    These are only the lucky few.


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