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  1. Jeff Webster
    Jeff Webster at |

    Okay, I’m confussed. Why is Barbra Streisand always left off the “super-rich” list? I have heard she is worth around 600 million. Her Malibu compound is easily worth over 100 million alone.

    Thank you

  2. Michelle
    Michelle at |
  3. Elizabeth Downing Johnson
    Elizabeth Downing Johnson at |

    But it’s not all that shocking that Babs is worth millions, while I think the rest of the people on the list are surprisingly rich – like I had no idea Howard Stern was worth that much money. There are richer people than the ones on this list (Oprah, hello?) but I think the point is that these people are richer than we thought they were.

  4. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    What is Paul McCartney worth………………just curious ????

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-celebrities/rock-stars/paul-mccartney-net-worth/ – 780 million – No surprise there. I thought he would be worth more. After all he was bigger than Jesus, right?

      1. Peter Boucher
        Peter Boucher at |

        Thanks for the info on Sir Paul. I would have thought much more than that, but still, I wouldn’t sneeze at it.

        1. Jay Arr Henderson
          Jay Arr Henderson at |

          McCartney’s worth was once estimated at more than a billion. Alas, divorce is expensive…

        2. Peter Boucher
          Peter Boucher at |

          Yep. Jay Arr Henderson. You are absolutely right. That Heather Mills ex-wife of Sir Paul knew exactly what she was after. I hope that gold-digging, sycophant goes to you know where. And if she does go to heaven, she’ll have to battle with Sir Paul’s deceased first wife Linda. Now she was a great and loving woman. And she being the grand-daughter of George Eastman (The inventor of the Kodak Camera), she wasn’t exactly on skid row herself. God Bless Sir Paul.

        3. gphelps
          gphelps at |

          Linda was not the grand daughter of George Eastman founder of Kodak.
          Her father was Lee Eastman a lawyer from Long Island, New York.

        4. Blessed Man
          Blessed Man at |

          George Eastman had no children!!! Get your facts straight!!!

      2. David
        David at |

        Actually it was John Lennon who made the Jesus claim

        1. TopTenz Master
          TopTenz Master at |

          True, but didn’t he refer to the Beatles themselves as being bigger than Jesus, not himself?

        2. don
          don at |

          Not sure when any of the Beatles were born. But the whole world’s date time is set at 2015. Gee, I wonder what happened December 25, 2015 years ago? Nothing is greater than Jesus!

      3. dale munro
        dale munro at |

        Paul is worth $1billion dollars pre divorce with that leach Heather (long john silver) Mills,he could be alot richer for example he gets inundated with offers to be the face of this and that and always says no his wealth has come from music alone.
        So on that note Paul McCartney/John Lennon have made the most cash from music and if they were to sell out which Yoko does for free Paul would be a multi billionaire,he went mad when Yoko pulled out of a bid to buy The Beatles catalogue at the last minute hence allowing MJ to buy it and start selling the songs to panasonic and cookie companies for adverts that decision alone from Yoko has easily cost Paul another $2 billion he would be the richest musician of alltime had he just went alone and bought the catalogue himself.He owns 4 Beatles songs,Love me do,please please me,she love’s you and 1 more i cant remember.
        I really hope he gets a chance to buy his catalogue back can you imagine having to pay someone else everytime you sung a song you had wrote yourself???

      4. Wildfirecd2
        Wildfirecd2 at |

        Actually, that comment was made my John, not Paul. So John thought that all the commotion made about them when they hit the “Colonies” made it seem the folks thought them as if not more important than Jesus. Not that HE thought so…necessarily.

  5. Mr. Ree
    Mr. Ree at |

    Julia-Louise Dreyfuss is worth that much??? I’d still marry her if she was only worth 100 million, that’s how much I adore her.
    Are you reading this Julia?

    1. Non Newtonian Fluids
      Non Newtonian Fluids at |

      Louis-Dreyfus has dabbled in politics throughout her life, particularly known for her support of Al Gore’s 2000 US presidential bid, and also endorsed Barack Obama’s bid for the presidency in 2008

      1. Doc Hughes
        Doc Hughes at |

        Everybody has their faults. She is a very funny girl and comes from a good family.

    2. Jay Singer
      Jay Singer at |

      Julia L-D is the proof that it’s her grace that makes her rich.

  6. k
    k at |

    I wish I was rich 8/

  7. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    So let’s look at the tale of the tape and about Tom Brady. 1). Tom Brady is the best Quarterback in football (forget about this Peyton guy) on one of the best football teams in the past decade. 2). He practices throwing a ball (which is child’s play). 3). Works every Sunday for only 3 hours at best (he might get hit on a rare occasion only if his offensive line is on target . 4). Win or lose, he will retreat to his mansion and get Monday and Tuesday off (unless he is playing a Monday Night Game, then he will have Sunday off) and when its “beddy-bye” time he gets to share his bed with the most beautiful woman on earth, that being No. 9 on this list. What a rough life Tom Brady must have. And on another note, I was amazed as to how wealthy Julia Louis-Dreyfus is !! Is she single, I wonder ??

    1. Alex
      Alex at |

      You really don’t understand the work that goes into football. He probably works like 12-14 hour days everyday including Sundays. Soooooo much work goes into football from daily practices, meetings and intense analysis of film (both of yourself and your opponents). Yes, he has an awesome life where he does what he loves for big bucks and has a hot wife, but he works way, way harder than most people.

    2. nissim levy
      nissim levy at |

      Ha ha ha. Unbelievable. You think he just works for the three hours of game time? Wow. I’m shocked you would think that. What about all the behind the scenes work. It’s like saying that all it takes to be a professional bodybuilder is a few minutes flexing on stage.

  8. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    Here are the 3 solutions or answers for becoming “shockingly” rich. 1). Be born into money, 2). Marry into money and 3). Have a job where you make a lot of money. Examples : No.9 and No.3

  9. Bill
    Bill at |

    Check out Judge Judy for a real shocker. Her net worth is $250 million according to Forbes and she makes $45 million a year to be a rude little b#$ch to people. Disgusting.

  10. rich
    rich at |

    This is kind of misleading. The numbers that you have here are from a source that lists how much money they’ve made over their career, not how much in liquid assets they have. You’d be surprised at how broke some of these celebrities are. #1 being a great example. This guy is spending over $10 mill on cars a year and just giving them away. Trust me, PR isn’t likely to tell the public what the accountants know.

    1. I'm better than you
      I'm better than you at |

      Definitely not true, Birdman is also a major player in the narcotics game, he’s been buying expensive things for the last 10 years, and hasn’t stopped yet. This guy is worth way more than $100 million.

      1. Duran
        Duran at |

        nof if he’s giving away 10 million dollars worth of cars…That’s the same as giving away money.J

  11. Duran
    Duran at |

    These are a little misleading because if you’re making 45 million a year, how are you only worth $200 million?

    1. TJ
      TJ at |

      If you are making 45 million an year, a large portion(40%) of that is taken away as income tax. And a large portion is also spent by the celebrity right? Hence the net worth seems lesser than what the many years of annual earnings would add up to.

  12. Paul B
    Paul B at |

    Armani looks like a mummy in that picture. Yikes.

  13. Dani
    Dani at |

    I’ve read that Madonna’s worth about $650-$850 million.

  14. Brandon W
    Brandon W at |

    Ive heard Barbra is worth in the ballpark of $700 million.

  15. Purple Shoes
    Purple Shoes at |

    I pay respects to Armani for putting that ban in place that was a very noble thing to do and brought me to tears.

  16. Me
    Me at |

    Proof that piracy is a joke.

  17. Marc
    Marc at |

    ummmmmm… ever hear of OPRAH WINFREY???? How the HELL was she left off of this??? She is worth 2.7 BILLION!!!! How about Steven Spielberg >> 3 BILLION… Donald TRUMP??? 2.9 Billion

  18. TD
    TD at |

    Man I wonder what its like to have so much money in the bank just sitting there? I know you have to deal with fake family, friends and other people trying to get your money or find reasons to take your money but to never have to worry about your bills and at that point literally nothing being out of your reach financially I wish I knew what that was like

  19. Debra
    Debra at |

    And although JayZ’s billion is mentioned, where is Beyonc’e?

  20. Mesiya
    Mesiya at |

    Im going 2b on dat list

  21. Mesiya
    Mesiya at |

    on dat list i belong(1day)

    1. jonnymac
      jonnymac at |

      Not by using phrases such as “Dat”…unless you get knocked up by a rapper.

  22. ed straubing
    ed straubing at |

    all that money,wow. im a 2 time cancer suviver and my god given daily life is worth more ta me than all the money the people just mentioned. good day. ed straubing

  23. xenon
    xenon at |

    Madonna last two tours combined earned over $700 mill. 150+million albums sold Really???W T F this list smellz..

  24. jd
    jd at |

    some of these are grossly inflated, what people don’t know is that celebrities are terrible at managing money so even if they have a lot , misuse renders them bankrupt.

    1. aniie
      aniie at |

      @jd…how is it that you have this special knowledge of celebrity wealth managing skills and more accurate formulas than Forbes etc. for determining net worth guesstimates. It is interesting when someone says ” what people don’t know”… Maybe you do know something others do not. Odds are you don’t. I think you more likely read gossip columns and poorly vetted on line articles. and have an inflated sense of self worth. “Grossly inflated” Please stop making unfounded generalizations just to make yourself feel important.

    2. annie
      annie at |

      some of these are grossly inflated, what people don’t know is that celebrities are terrible at managing money so even if they have a lot , misuse renders them bankrupt.

      Really…it sounds as if you ingest a healthy dose of on vetted gossip columns. The only thing grossly inflated is your sense of self worth You make some pretty broad generalizations about celebrities and, their money managing skills. Aside from the few that were mishandled or became involved some overly self destructive behavior most celebrities do very well and are not bankrupt. Bankruptcy is actually quite rare among real celebrities…

  25. V-E-R-A-C-I-T-Y
    V-E-R-A-C-I-T-Y at |

    And i’m losing sleep over my bad credit that won’t allow me to receive public housing. HELP ME SOMEBODY PLEASE!!! The mistakes of my youth are haunting me into homeless in my senior years. I could Really use a bailout in order to enjoy my later years in solitude. Just a fresh start to a near end. Clean up my credit, PLEASE!!! So i can go away quietly.

    1. Mr. Magoo
      Mr. Magoo at |

      Tough s**t VERACITY. Toughen up and get a job.

  26. Captain Soggy
    Captain Soggy at |

    Every one of these people is a Greedy Republican.

    oh wait…

  27. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    Quite a number of people I didn’t know are super rich: J.K Rowling: 1 billion dollars? WOW! I didn’t know authors could be this rich but Harry-Porter series is one of a kind and really addictive to read and Howard Stern? $500 million? whoa! I should become either a radio presenter or an author.

  28. David Peace
    David Peace at |

    Were is Oprah?

  29. dave
    dave at |


  30. dave
    dave at |

    if,if,IF, there is a paternalistic, loving, judgemental “god” he’s got a whole lot to answer for…..lolol, now i got a nap to take……

  31. john joseph montegrejo
    john joseph montegrejo at |

    Where is celine dion?she is the top earner of the decade………….also madonna,whitney and mariah…..

  32. steve
    steve at |

    to everyone saying why wasnt so and so on the list eg beyonce, jay z etc. its called shockingly rich celebrities. as in you wouldnt expect them to be worth that much. everyone already knows beyonce and jay z and whoever else are rich thats why there not here so please shut up


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