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  • Niz

    Heres a link for the mj vs ghostbusters mashup :

    These are my favourites :

    Axel F vs Beastie boys:
    Grease/Dr Dre/Snoop:
    Benny Benassi vs Sir mix a lot:

    and my all time favourite , Prodigy vs Enya:
    Enjoy 😀

    • Thanks, Niz – I’ve added the video to the list and added your favourites to the YouTube playlist. 🙂

      • Niz

        Sweet, i think the Mj/Ghostbusters fits so perfectly that after a while you actually forget what the original bad backing track sounds like ^^ Its probably also one of the oldest on the list, I’m pretty sure I have a mix of it on an old bootleg cassette from around 1990!! Lets hope someone adds some more , I am allways on the lookout for more mashups to enjoy =]

  • Zane

    How does one go about converting a youtube mashup to an iPod track? I have GOT to have the Bee Gees/Pink Floyd mashup for my daily training run!

  • Chuck Khan

    “Psychosocial Baby” needs to be on here. Just saying.

  • Robert

    One of my favorites is the DJ Earworm mashup of Annie Lennox with… Annie Lennox and Annie Lennox and Annie Lennox… etc. Basically, he took eight of her songs and made one big META song out of them. The result, “Backwards / Forwards” has even gotten it’s own video treatment, with Annie’s permission and participation. Check it out, it’s just awesome. Also, the two top spots you have given are both by Go Home Productions. That guy is AMAZING, and probably one of the pioneers of the Mash-up genre.

  • Ryan Thomas

    The Pink Floyd-Bee Gees mashup is just brilliant. Rock and disco find common ground.

  • louis

    i like this list but the choices are middle of the road
    heres a few i have that are just too good to ignore

    ghp_uptight_maggie- stevie wonder vs rod stewart
    Mercy Me, Marvin’s Doin’ Time with Sublime
    No More Pressure -MessyJames
    No Woman, No Mercy – bob marley vs marvin gaye
    BLINK 182 VS MISSY ELLIOT-DJ Nicky T Remix
    Sweet Home Po Alabama Mashup-DJ F Sharp
    Damn, I wish I was your candy shop-50 Cent v Sophie B Hawkins
    Ghp Dont Hold Back (Sweet Jane)-Go Home Productions
    Louie’s Boots Part 1 (Sympathy For Louie)-Jimmi Jammes
    People Ring The Alarm Everyday-Arrested Development Vs. Beyonce
    If I Aint Got You Ill Kill You-Queen vs. Alicia Keys
    Summer Breakthru-queen vs Don Henley
    The Blackout Cries Mary-Jjimi Hendrix vs Muse
    Ghetto Right to be Wrong-Common & Macy Gray Vs Joss Stone
    Pictures Of Walls-The Cure VS Oasis
    The Verve vs Marvin Gaye (El Barto & Liam b)
    The Isley Brothers vs Oasis-DJ Paysano
    ThisHealingLove- marvin gaye vs maroon 5
    We Belong Together Time After Time-Cyndi Lauper vs Mariah Carey
    You Don’t Know My Sweet Emotion-Alicia Keys vs Aerosmith(Aggro1)
    this is just a few i have there is so much more that the top ten listed is just for noobs

  • cioldan
    enya & prodigy mash’d up! fantastic effect 😀

  • Louis

    Yes I agree but you need to read up on the history on that mashup to really like it
    it was gone live with 2 CDs to for simple terms sake not digita on a computer l like they are done today and it ends before the bridge the extended version done by apeboy was done on a computer

  • Carl

    The Beatles “Eleanor Rigby” + Daft Punk’s “Around the World”. Is the best mashup

  • Amanda

    My favorite mashup is with Nine Inch Nails – Closer and 50 Cent – In Da Club. No joke… I realize the NIN is God and 50 Cent is lame but… it’s actually really good. 😛

  • Pink Floyd vs The Bee Gees is outstanding!

  • Jules

    I made some mashups myself, mostly 90s rap, give it a listen and like

  • Peter

    I get why people would hate lady gaga but Coldplay? NO, you CAN’T HATE THEM! YOU CAN’T!…can you?