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  1. adam
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    I love lists of videos! here´s where I get mine http://www.weshow.com/top10/en/

    there´s just everything: top 10 car accidents, sexiest women, top 10 anything!

  2. Jezmund
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    No Richie = FAIL … Rather than having arguably the show’s most surprising moment, you have one on here that wasn’t even necessarily a character death with Tony in Holsten’s … I’m not here to argue what Chase intended … Maybe he did an maybe he didn’t, but it was left extremely ambiguous … If you don’t want to remove that one Richie’s death was at the very least, more shocking than Big Pus, Vito, Tony B, and the hoo-ah…

  3. Lightninbolt
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    When David Chase made the decision for the ending of the last episode of the Sopranos he forfeited the right to decide if Tony lived or died. It reminded me of those endless and ridiculous dream sequences which by the way hold no interest whatsoever to any competent psychiatrist. Everybody has strange dreams and to use that as a way to fill screen time is a cheap shot by writers who have no worthy ideas left. The same with the ending. A classic example of taking the easy way out. He did have the common decency to make it obvious Tony Soprano went out face first in a bowl of onion rings and the song used was perfect but I wanted to see guns blazing and slow motion. I will always classify those endings as a cheap shot and taking the easiest way out. I fail to see the “genius” behind it.


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