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  1. Joe
    Joe at |

    I have just witnessed a “green flash” at sunset from Indian Rocks Beach, FL.
    I have been looking and hoping for 20 some years.

  2. Craig
    Craig at |

    Interesting article but I wanted to point out one mistake. Subliminal advertising of the type you describe; images flashing too quickly to consciously register them, has been shown to not actually have an effect on people. If you read the wikipedia article on it you can learn some fascinating history behind it.

  3. YouRang?
    YouRang? at |

    The problem with No. 1, Bryan, is that when people truly believe they are superior they are able to convince others of it. Look at the top management levels at many companies and you will see a lot of people who are not very bright but believe they are geniuses. They’re at that level because they were able to convince their bosses they were great. And once they have a reputation for being smart, no mistake is big enough to change that.

    1. ParusMajor
      ParusMajor at |

      You must be talking about Stephen Elop of Nokia?

    2. ed
      ed at |

      That’s where you have to asume most people have enough intelegence to know otherwise. There’s alot of poeple in this world that asume they’re smart, even smarter than you and I. Yet, you have to have the confidence to know that you are an intelegent human being. Now, does that mean you share the same case of over inflated personal sense of superiority. And yet, if you know, with a deep, justified passion, you must support yourself. And when you say that no mistake is big enough to change a reputation, I don’t believe to be true. If you see someone make a truely bone-head mistake, you’re going to asume he’s a bone-head. Even if you’re co-league says he’s smart, you’ll know otherwise. In other words, actions are louder than words, and that doesn’t have to be a good impresion. Now, I wan’t you to agree because I think it will make you smarter, but if you don’t, bravo also, because thats show the confidence in intelegence, because thats what makes us human.

  4. ParusMajor
    ParusMajor at |

    Well, that was interesting. Thank you. I’d like to say that #1 isn’t necessary a bad thing (at least not always). You have to appreciate yourself and your abilities, otherwise you’ll just get depressed and bitter, and you won’t get anything done at all. Think big, and you may achieve at least some of it; think small, and achieve nothing.

    1. BryanJ
      BryanJ at |

      Well Said.


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