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  1. Aron
    Aron at |

    Holy magikarp! Aron and I share the same name! And the same propensity to eat steel rails wen we’re hungry!

  2. Danny
    Danny at |

    Those were not even the most terrifying ones. Mr Mime at no 1? I can think of so many more. Shedinja for one has a hole in its back, where apparently if you look into it, you lose your soul.

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      What this cute guy? He wouldn’t steal your soul…no, he steals your spirit.

    2. Karl Smallwood
      Karl Smallwood at |

      Shedinja steals your spirit, Mr Mime steals your ability to feel safe. Then it slaps you with its man hands when you scream.

      I’m a big fan of Pokemon, maybe if this list does well I’ll write a sequel and include Golbat, a 5ft tall bat that instinctively goes for the face.

  3. Anon
    Anon at |

    You’re missing one that is far better than those ten;

    “It carries a pendulum-like device. There once was an incident in which it took away a child it hypnotized.”
    -Hypno entry in fire red

    Goes with the video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT_ZpHgiIKo

  4. John Galt
    John Galt at |

    Slowing evolves from SlowPOKE, not Slowbro. Slowpoke can evolve into either slowbro or slowking.

  5. Walterfall
    Walterfall at |

    what about parasect? I’d say mind-controlling shrooms are pretty damn scary

  6. Connor
    Connor at |

    Chandelure’s evolution is terrifying. Litwick takes your soul, Chandelure burns it, then Lampet gets rid if it. Ceases the victim from existance.

  7. Diaz
    Diaz at |

    Mewtwo and Deoxys are the most terryfying

    Mewtwo is the most savage and while not being in it’s move set he can hypnotise people and turn them to stone, like he did in the movie
    he also has machines to capture and clone anything, imagine a psychic mutant to capture and then clone you and let you get killed by your clone who would take over your part of existance and slowly removig all humans and there would only be pokemons and clones

    Deoxys is a freekish space mutant that can transform to be superfast, strong like hell and indestructable, also he is described to be a space mutation that can infect others, so he can fill the whole world with it’s kind.
    we are to him nothing but things he could infect any given moment that he sees you he would turn you into his kind and if you already thought that you where unlucky when that happens, being born does not mean that you can walk, so if you then don’t know how to use it’s moveset any trainer could catch you and turn you into it’s pokemon to battle for ethirnity or when he meet’s a deoxys who can infect, forgetting about you and letting you to rot in a pokeball

  8. Igie
    Igie at |

    This article is very interesting an to contradict those dangerous, out-this-world and world ending dream to the hellish truth of the Pokemon world, we have:

    Pokemon Rangers: Be it the sea, the desert or the forest, They’re in charge of pokemon harmony and the protection of the environment, pokemon and people wandering all over the vast pokemon world.

    Psychic, Ghost and Dark Pokemon Trainers, Elites, Leaders and Masters: They could be wandering around ancient ruins, ghostly underground caves or freaking haunted castles to communicate, train, help or destroy all pokemon entities (especially the evil ones on either way).

    Nurse Joy and the Pokemon Center Staff: They’re the most important foundation in every major city or infamous town. They can heal, restore, mend, help in evolution or any other light requests from trainers especially eternal agony from Houndoom burns.

    Officer Jenny and the Police Force: They patrol towns and streets to prevent crime and kidnapping from around any corner with the aid of their fellow Pokemon officers.

    Pokemon-certified breeders especially the breeding couple: They help you ease your mind from anxiety when you have a problem with breeding your pokemon. Pregnant pokemon or falling in love with your pokemon~, they always help…

    And finally..

    Pokemon Move Busters: Special trainers with the ability to train pokemon with valid moves and help them master moves to prevent them from failing, missing or better yet from hurting others and themselves, Add more power, on special and physical moves, defend attacks and most importantly, make pokemon manage the time given to them to respond in a situation with or without the trainers help in unique settings…

  9. Dreamingflower
    Dreamingflower at |

    What about Dusknior? It’s belly is like a giant black hole that can swallow anything it wants. *shudders*
    Darkrai can give you eternal nightmares where you can’t wake up from unless you have the lunar feature. I can’t bear getting attacked by scary clowns or living chuckies in my dreams over and over again, that’ll give me a heart attack.

  10. luvbi the nimbi
    luvbi the nimbi at |

    banette? cubone?

  11. ninja poke
    ninja poke at |

    ash charizard is the best and sceptile also but pikachu is not best


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