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  • Ebonyhud

    Great Top Ten list….I’m From Detroit and have seen it all! People should come!

  • sam

    My personal favorite isn’t exactly Detroit but part of the metro, The Ford Museum in Dearborn

  • Peter Boucher

    Visit Denny McClain (Tiger’s pitcher and last player to win 30+ games) in prison……….Just kidding of course

  • TriviaFan

    I’m surprised, shouldn’t there be something to do with automobiles such as Ford, if there is such a museum?

    • Trek Girl

      Detroit is known for its cars. It wouldn’t make sense to include cars or car related information in a list that is meant to higlight the cultural side of Detroit that most people don’t know or think much about it.

    • jennie

      The Ford museum is in Grand Rapids

  • bill

    The #1 thing to do in Detroit is become the victim of a crime.

  • John N

    Great list. I’d also include the Heidelburg Project.

  • George

    In the first year of operation, approximately 1.5 people visited the stadium.

    Yep that sounds about right for attendance. Lol

  • Regina

    Most of these places are perfectly safe to visit, however I would skip Belle Isle – it hasn’t been very safe for a number of years.

    With any place visited, use the official or closest parking. The $25 parking fee is as close to an insurance policy you will get. Don’t risk street parking and you will be safe.

    Right across the street from the Detroit Institute of Arts is the Detroit Historical Museum. The exhibits change & the lower level is truly like walking back in time. I’m not sure of the admission, but it’s relatively inexpensive to visit.

    As far as a “car” venue, there is nothing right in the city to visit, however, you can visit “The Henry Ford” (formally Greenfield Village). There is both an indoor museum as well as an outdoor walking museum. It is open year round & is a very beautiful place to visit. It’s located in Dearborn, very close to the city of Detroit.

  • Joe

    Numbers 10 thru 2 should be RUN!!!

  • Mike

    Why not go see a redwings game it is hockey town and the most successful team of late