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  • 5minutes

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is already up to Volume 3, Party 1 (called 1910).

  • JonnieDanger

    haha I see you left out “Th Lost Girls” 😉

  • Kris

    Wow, I had no idea Alan Moore authored a couple of these. Guess my geek card is hereby revoked.

  • Tom

    As hard as I tried, I just could not get into Promethea. I love Moore’s other stuff but that one largely escaped me. Still, an outstanding list and I hope it inspires people to go out and read some of these stories. If people are lucky their local library may have them; mine has both Moore’s Supreme and Swamp Thing trade paperbacks, for example.

    And yeah, the LXG movie sucked horribly. It is amazing how some Hollywood producers think they need to “improve” on a story so much it becomes unrecognizable.

  • Pete Valle

    No mention of Top Ten? IMHO, it’s one of his finest works. It depicts a world where everybody is a superhero and it tells the story of the police officers assigned to keep the peace in a city where everybody has super powers. It’s amazingly well written, with compelling characters and full of visual puns. It’s a must for any comic book fan..

  • Lee

    Geeky thing to say, but Swamp Thing was Alex Holland, Alex Olsen was an earlier incarnation.

    • Roman

      It’s Alec Holland not Alex

      • Lee

        Spell checker corrected it – wow 18 months since i posted that!

  • olivier

    it’s a quite good list i must say, but how can you forget about the “top 10” series, about these cops in this dimension where everybody has a super power? i’m a Moore fan and can’t understand this choice of yours.

  • olivier

    just realised it’s been mentioned already, i just couldn’t believe it and jumped on my keyboard,sorry Pete Valle…

  • Canada Goose Parkas

    thank you for your introduction. Alan Moore is a grest comic book author. i like The Ballad of Halo Jones

  • Anon

    Alan Moore is a grest comic book author. i like The Ballad of Halo Jones

  • Stuart

    I love Alan Moore. Vendetta is my favourite.

  • Roman

    Man, do you even know about the comics you guys write lists about? Seems like all you do is look at wikipedia and use previous/existing lists to place yours. Alec Holland is the version of Swamp Thing Alan Moore revamped….not Alex Olsen. You probably just read the first paragraph about the creation of Swamp Thing and thought you could get away with it. The more and more comic lists I look at on this site, the more and more I realize you know nothing about the subject matter. Opinions should be backed by knowledge so you can actually back it up.

    • I have read the Wikipedia page a few times and I’m still confused. I made the name change so it reads Alec Holland only. Although I was getting and idea that Moore refers to Olsen at some point, but I have never read the series. I will ask the author about this. – Owner of