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  1. SeanP at |

    ” In the 1920s Techow was part of an Anti-Semantic German terrorist group…”
    I hear ya brother! I also cannot stand words and their meanings. Down with language!!! 😉

  2. SeanP at |

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Very good list though. Humanity never ceases to amaze me (both good and bad).

  3. Amrendra at |

    I have been to Auschwitz and it gave me nightmares for days looking at to what an extremely pitiful level humanity can drop in their actions towards their own fellow human beings. Salute to these brave people who stood against one of the biggest evils in this world and over that they still give us hope that humanity still has a chance because of people like them.

  4. Todor at |

    Dimitar Peshev (Bulgarian: ??????? ?????) (25 June 1894 – 25 February 1973) was the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Bulgaria and Minister of Justice during World War II. He rebelled against the pro-Nazi cabinet and prevented the Deportation of Bulgaria’s 48,000 Jews.

  5. Peter Boucher at |

    I’m Surprised at having not mentioned Raoul Wallenberg from Sweden on this list. However, very good and educational list.

    1. yosomono at |
  6. Paul Arcand at |

    REAL HEROS… Every single one of them.

  7. martsy at |

    Chiune Sugihara, Japanese consul in Lithuania

    saved thousands of Polish and Lithuanian Jews, quite amazing man!

    Henryk SÅ?awik, Polish social worker in Hungary

    saved thousands of Jews by giving them false Polish passports with Catholic designationÅ?awik

  8. me at |

    irena sendler story is absolutely inspiring for her to save so many jews she is such strong heart and she is soo brave i also read further about her story and how the nazis torture her and also she is been nominated for the noble prize but didn’t win she i may just say she is absolutely deserving for that prize than any other person

  9. Dennis Smith at |

    I would like to nominate The American Soldier for this list.

  10. zushio at |

    you might want to check out chinese diplomat, feng-shan ho

  11. thylacine at |

    I’ve always wondered why the jews didn’t help themselves. The vision of jews running to line up against walls to be shot is as shocking for their compliance and lack of trying to escape as it is for the actual murders.

    1. TheyDidntLayDown at |

      There were a number of Jewish uprisings including:

      And after the war Jewish groups hunted and killed SS members

  12. JOHN COX at |

    In all my years of schooling. NOT once in any HISTORY class did Oskar Schindler and these people were even written or mentioned. HOW dare history books in schools be so limited and many biased. . NO MATTER what. I FEEL there should be a feature film in which these people are portrayed and others. I LOVE history. HOWEVER. It he nice to have learned more bout ww2 and its great hero’s. From Tuskegee to these people listed.

  13. JustME at |

    Diana Budisavljevic saved more than 12000 children(!!) in Yugoslavia in WW2

  14. Dana at |

    Diana Budisavljevic, Austrian married to a Serbian doctor Budisavljevic/Zagreb/ in the ustashi fascist state of Croatia/ realised that millions of Serbs were seriously endangered by laws installed against Serbians ,Jews and Roma.The first termination camps were installed in the mountain of Velebit/ Jadovno 40.000 killed,mainly Serbs/.Then Pavelic ustashi leader ordered opening of a system of 26 termination camps in Croatia and Bosnia. About a million orthodox Serbs were killed,tortured, or expelled from Croatia.The only European ustashi camp for children was opened in Jasterbarsko .467 Serbian babies and children died there. Croatian genocide has never been properly condemned and punished. One of the most shameful page of European history is also JASENOVAC termination camp where more than half a million Serbs were killed. Diana Budisavljevic with her associates saved more than 12 000 Serbian children from the horror of Croatian fascism.


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