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  • Tom

    Not Really these days people like Paulie G & Tracey O and taking over! Shane Dawson is still high up and so is ray william but I’ve become bored of them myself

  • Madeline

    I could’ve sworn MichellePhan would be in this list…

  • Victoria

    This is a rather cynical view. Every YouTuber you’ve mentioned has pros and cons, but you have mentioned nothing but cons. This article is sad…

  • Jhon

    What about jenna marbles

  • Jordan

    This must be old, nobody watches Fred, Smosh is the most popular now they have 10,000,000 subscribers, next is ray William Johnson and then after that its nigahiga

  • Faith

    Where the hell is Danisnotonfire? What is wrong with u people?

  • Austin

    Wheres pewds?(Pewdiepie)

  • Mewlynni

    Where’s PewDiePie?! D:

  • Stephen Malinowski

    I’m not saying my animated graphical score of Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring” ought to be “top ten” of all video on the web .. but … top 20? … top 100? … it seems like it ought to be in there somewhere: