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  1. Lola
    Lola at |

    I don't have a pic of it, but I'm horrified to learn that the *BEST* license plate I've ever seen is not on this list.

    I was driving down the street one lovely California day many years ago, when I saw the license plate of a practicing proctologist:



    oh, and, First!

  2. irving
    irving at |

    TI 3VOM is still my all-time favorite…

  3. Paradox
    Paradox at |

    I once saw a license plate that said: EVL TCHR

    It was in a middle school parking lot. To this day it remains my favorite vanity license plate ever.

  4. Madison
    Madison at |

    I saw one that said “PFFFT” once, in Ohio.

    A Smart car that read “NOTDUMB”, in Michigan

    Blue Subaru that read “BLUECAR” In Indiana

    Red Corvette that read “VROOM” in Ohio.


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