Top 100 Fun Vanity License Plates


In celebration of the 100th list here at we have decided to do a one-time top 100 list. Below are 100 interesting vanity plates that should give you a chuckle or at least a smirk. Some of the vanity plates would not fit in the width allowed, but you can click on the few that are cropped to see the full image. Be sure to click on the white Bronco image. I’m sure you will find it worth the while.

Idea from Great Vanity Plates



  1. I don't have a pic of it, but I'm horrified to learn that the *BEST* license plate I've ever seen is not on this list.

    I was driving down the street one lovely California day many years ago, when I saw the license plate of a practicing proctologist:



    oh, and, First!

  2. I once saw a license plate that said: EVL TCHR

    It was in a middle school parking lot. To this day it remains my favorite vanity license plate ever.

  3. I saw one that said “PFFFT” once, in Ohio.

    A Smart car that read “NOTDUMB”, in Michigan

    Blue Subaru that read “BLUECAR” In Indiana

    Red Corvette that read “VROOM” in Ohio.

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