Top 10 Metallica Songs


10. Enter Sandman
9. The Ecstasy Of Gold
8. Seek and Destroy
7. Sad But True
6. No Leaf Clover
5. From Whom The Bell Tolls
4. Nothing Else Matters
3. One
2. Ride The Lighting
1. Master Of Puppets

submitted by: Guy Kofman

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  1. For Whom the Bell Tolls should be #1, no argument. That song was what originally made me a Metallica fan. Enter Sandman was good, but unfortunately, I think that song has been overplayed to the point where I can't even bear to hear it anymore.

    I'm waiting for Metallica's comeback (a real comeback, one where they actually make quality music and don't just finish an album for the sake of finishing one). I think they have at least 2 more classics in them.


    10. unforgiven

    9. seek and destroy

    8. ride the lightning

    7. and justice for all

    6. welcome of sanitarium

    5. nothing else matters

    4. sad but true

    3. the day that never comes

    2. fade to black


  3. Interesting list, but I think Battery not only must be included, but in the top 5. That song embodies early Metallica like no other.

    Not to split hairs- because I enjoy The Ecstacy of Gold from S&M- but 2 issues: first, it's not a Metallica song, and secondly, the orchestra did most of the playing on that track. Those factors should exclude it from this list.

    Anyway, my top 10 Metallica songs would be:

    10. Harvester of Sorrow

    9. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

    8. Seek & Destroy

    7. Enter Sandman

    6. Sad But True

    5. For Whom the Bell Tolls

    4. Orion

    3. Battery

    2. Fade to Black

    1a. Nothing Else Matters

    1. One

    Death Magnetic is outstanding, after a period of time, All Nightmare Long or Cyanide might knock one of these off this list.

  4. I like the lists and have to agree about "Ecstasy of Gold". I also think that Metallica are back on form with Death Magnetic. Here is my top 10:

    1) Master of Puppets

    2) One

    3) The Four horsemen

    4) For whom the Bell Tolls

    5) Creeping Death

    6) Cyanide

    7) Battery

    8) Enter Sandman

    9) Frantic

    10) Unforgiven II

  5. Good list, but is it a personal top 10 list or the top 10 metallica songs loved by the by all Metallica fans?

    If it is the entire Metallica fan population, it would be:

    10. For Whom The Bell Tolls

    9. Fuel

    8. Turn The Page

    7. Some Kind of Monster

    6. Fade To Black

    5. Nothing Else Matters

    4. The Day That Never Comes

    3. One

    2. Master of Puppets

    1. Enter Sandman

    I have got to say also: great choices in songs! Those all are amazing hardcore thrash songs. My favorite is no question- Master of Puppets, but the majority of Metallica fans like Enter Sandman better

  6. Neil Stewart on

    Lets say this Metallica is a band that is so consistent, what i mean by that is that all of there songs r good and are used a lot, for example at hockey games and stuff, so pretty much metallica rocks.

  7. ben worsfold on

    u need to factor in Death Magnetic, which is a

    GREAT album, with My Apocalypse, Broke, beat and scarred and the day that never comes all being really good, but heres my top 10:

    10= Battey

    9= Broke, beat and scarred

    8= One

    7= My Apocalypse

    6= The day that never comes

    5= For whom the bell tolls

    4= Ride the Lightning

    3= Fade to Black

    2= Enter Sandman

    1= Master of Puppets

  8. (No Order)


    9-Seek and Destroy

    8-Fade to Black

    7-The Unforgiven

    6-Nothing else Matters


    4-From whom the bell tolls

    3-enter sandman

    2-Wherever I may roam

    1-Master of Puppets

  9. my top ten:

    10. orion

    9. fuel

    8. hit the lights

    7. all nightmare long

    6. master of puppets

    5. battery

    4. trapped under ice

    3. one

    2. fade to black

    1. enter sandman

  10. TakinUrDignity on

    Their new stuff can't be described as classic Metallica, but it's still better than most stuff on the radio these days…… Here's my top ten:

    1) Master of Puppets
    2) One
    3) The Day That Never Comes
    4) Nothing Else Matters
    5) Fade to Black
    6) Wherever I May Roam
    7) The Unforgiven II
    8) All Nightmare Long
    9) Enter Sandman
    10) Sad but True

  11. Please none of the new crap. They lack the anger that the drugs and alcohol provided back in the '80s. I'm not advertising drugs, but they made some of their most pumped music under the influence.

    10) Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

    9)Ride the Lightning

    8)…And Justice for All

    7)Enter Sandman


    5)Fade to Black

    4)For Whom the Bell Tolls

    3)Master of Puppets



  12. How do songs like "Enter Sandman" and "Nothing Else Matters" make it on these lists. Nothing from the Black albumn and later should be on a top 10 Metallica song list. This band entered its musical death throes when it released the "Black Albumn".

  13. By the way, here's my list.

    1. Battery

    2. Blackend

    3. Diar's eve

    4. Master of Puppets

    5. Creeping Death

    6. Damage Inc.

    7. Shortest Straw

    8. Fight Fire with Fire

    9. Sanitarium

    10. One

  14. I have recently heard some other material and have to reconsider my list: I have heard more of death magnetic and …and justice for all as well as some other random bits. anyway here's my NEW top 10:

    10=Fight fire with fire

    9=damage inc

    8=that was just your life

    7=sanitarium(welcome home)

    6=Ride the Lightning

    5=…and justice for all



    2=Enter Sandman

    1=Master of Puppets

    This next comment may annoy you 80's obssesives, but Death magnetic is a fantastic album, really taking metal back to hardcore thrash! Justice is also really good, but i agree with you in saying load, reload and st. anger all suck hard!

  15. Luke Illidge on

    Tuesdays Gone (Cover)

    Whiskey In The Jar (Cover)

    The Unforgiven


    Nothing Else Matters

    Enter Sandman

    The Day That Never Comes

    Master Of Puppets


    Seek and Destroy

  16. Been a Metallica fan since '82 when I saw them in San Fran. Here's my list.

    1. Master of Puppets

    2. Fade To Black

    3. Nothing Else Matters

    4. One

    5. Metal Militia

    6. Stone Cold Crazy (cover)

    7. Blackened

    8. For Whom the Bell Tolls

    9. The Unforgiven (I)

    10. Ride the Lightning.

  17. Metallica has too many good songs for a top 10!!

    Here is my best attempt at the list:

    1. Fade to Black

    2. One

    3. For Whom The Bell Tolls

    4. Battery

    5. Ride the Lightning

    6. Master of Puppets

    7. Fight Fire with Fire

    8. Seek & Destroy

    9. Orion

    10. The Thing That Should Not Be

    There's too small of a difference here…If my #1 was 10/10, my #10 would be 9.9999/10. They're all awesome.

  18. Jesse Pearce on

    10. Sad But True

    9. The Unforgiven II

    8. The Day That Never Comes

    7. Sanitarium

    6. Nothing Else Matters

    5. Battery

    4. Enter Sandman

    3. Fade To Black

    2. One

    1. Master Of Puppets

  19. Heres mine

    1. Master of Puppets

    2. Fade to Black

    3. Ride the Lightning

    4. One

    5. Battery

    6. Sanitarium

    7. Blackened

    8. …And Justice For All

    9. For Whom the Bell Tolls

    10. Enter Sandman

  20. YÖRS NÖYZE on












  21. Indeed, it is such a hard choice… I like pretty much all their songs!

    10- All Nightmare Long

    9- No Leaf Clover

    8- The Day That Never Comes

    7- Wherever I May Roam

    6- Fade To Black

    5- That Was Just Your Life

    4- Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

    3- Enter Sandman

    2- Nothing Else Matters

    1- Master of Puppets

    My 3 favorite albums are Master Of Puppets, Death Magnetic and Black Album (Metallica).

    @Shadow: You said not to rate in our top 10 "any of the new cr*p" and only what Metallica performed in the 80s… but in your own top 10, you put Fuel and Damage Inc. …are you an idiot?

    On the same subject, if you are a real fan of the band, you would not be that selective, but you should love all their work. Of course, the sound and timbre of their 80s records were sure the best, but Black Album and Death Magnetic are far from being bad. Professional reviewers agree to say that Death Magnetic is their best overall album since …And Justice For All.

    But yet, it's your opinion, and this is mine. But why bitching on the one of Reload's song (Fuel), if it's your #1 ?!

    • Mike, you call out @shadow for only picking 80's music and then rag on him for his choice in master of puppets and yet that was released in 1986, do you need a calendar??

      • Correction, not Master of puppets, my error, I meant Damage INC. the final track on Master of puppets which was released in 1986

  22. 1-ride the lightning

    2-master of puppets



    4-seek and destroy


    6-fade to black

    7-all nightmare long

    8-welcome home (sanitarium)

    9-enter sandman

    10-thing that should not to be


    thats my list

  23. All Valid Lists

    Mine :

    10. Bleeding Me (Purely due to the lyrics)

    9. Fuel

    8. Blackened

    7. Enter Sandman (Popularity)

    6. Dyers Eve

    5. Wherever I May Roam (S&M)

    4. The Unforgiven

    3. Master Of Puppets

    2. Battery

    1. One.

    Don't have any from 'kill em all however Whiplash, Seek and Destroy and Hit the Lights would be 11, 12 & 13

  24. my top 10

    10. Cyanide

    9. And Justice for All

    8. Master of Puppets

    7. Seek and Destroy

    6. Nothing Else Matters

    5. Cyanide

    4. One

    3. Ride The Lightning

    2. Fade To Black

    1. The day that never comes

  25. 1. …And Justice for all

    2. Master of Puppets

    3. Welcome home (Sanitarium)

    4. Fade to Black

    5. Orion

    6. Creeping Death

    7. One

    8. The Day that never comes

    9. Ride the Lightning

    10. The Unforgiven III

  26. 1. Master of Puppets

    2. Dyers Eve

    3. Fade To Black

    4. One

    5. For Whom The Bell Tolls

    6. Orion

    7. Enter Sandman

    8. Disposible Heros

    9. Creeping Death

    10. Nothing Else Matters

    Its hard to pick ten songs, but I think thats one of the things that makes Metallica great. So many songs over such a long period of time and in a variety of differnt styles, from Nothing Else Matters to Dyers Eve, Bleeding Me and Turn the Page to All Nightmare Long and St. Anger, their music will always appeal to many different people… except Mustane of course.

    • Peter Boucher on

      Thank God, that you have recognized “Disposable Heroes” into your Top Ten. God Bless you, man because that’s my favorite Metallica Tune

  27. I've listened to Metallica quite a lot and had become a bit tired of a few of the metallica hits, but then Death Magnetic came and you'll see!

    10. Orion

    9. Ride the lightning

    8. Disposible Heros

    7. One

    6. Fade to Black

    5. Master of Puppets

    4. Broken, Beat & Scarred

    3. Cyanide

    2. My Apocalypse

    1. All Nightmare Long

  28. This is my third rant on this site and all of you reading this may have started to hate me for my consistent commenting but damn, I'm going to comment anyhow! Some of the most recent additions to this topic have sparked my interest, so I went to check out Metallica live at sonisphere festival on august the first. My god, what a live performance!! Some of the material there made me re-think my list, so here is my newest, most improved Metallica top ten!

    10= The Judas Kiss (Death Magnetic)

    9= …And Justice For All (…And Justice For All)

    8= Enter Sandman (Black Album)

    7= Damage Inc (Master of Puppets)

    6= All Nightmare Long (Death Magnetic)

    5= Cyanide (Death Magnetic)

    4= Battery (Master of Puppets)

    3= Shortest Straw (the most underrated Metallica song ever!) (…And Justice For All)

    2= One (…And Justice For All)

    1= Master of Puppets (Master of Puppets)

    Honorary mentions go to Dyers Eve (…And Justice For All), Fade to Black (Ride the Lightning), For Whom The Bell Tolls (Ride the Lightning) and Creeping Death (Ride the Lightning). My reasons for not including anything from Ride the Lightning are that James Hetfield's voice still sounds wet behind the ears from Kill 'em All and kind of weakens the song's awesome powers. So for now, goodbye!

    • i gotta admit James' voice isnt all that, but the instrumentals in For Whom The Bell Tolls are some of the best ive ever heard. just for that they shuld be in the top 10

  29. am i like the only person who loves "my friend of misery"?

    the solo in that song is fukn amazingly shocking!!!

    not to mention the opening bass and the bass in the bridge of the song!!

    my wedding song is either gonna be:

    1: my friend of misery

    2:so what!

    3:seek and destroy

    ha ha

  30. Wow my favorite metallica song and nobody even mentioned it ONCE!!! jezz… well to be honest my list goes like so….

    10.For whom the bells toll

    9. The outlaw Torn

    8.The day that never comes

    7.King Nothing

    6.The thing that should not be

    5. No leaf Clover

    4.Nothing else Matters

    Nobody mentioned this one either

    3. The Call of Ktulu(such a good song)

    2. Orion(instrumental)

    and last but definatly not least… and pretty much my favorite song by metallica, that nobody mentioned once…..

    1. To Live is to die

    If you havn't heard it, go listen to it, and let me know what you think lol

  31. This list is all wrong. I am a big Metallica fan and love all their music and when it comes to my personal favorite I would never be able to pick just one. I think what needs to be focused on are the songs that helped shape their careers, the genre of music they played in and the influence they gave to their fans and the bands that we saw try to follow them. I won't go into explanations for the songs except to say that the song, "That Was Just Your Life" made this list because it's album sort of marked a return to the way Metallica played in earlier years and was a glaring contrast to some of their "calmer" albums that we saw in the second half of the 90's and the 2000's. Again, this list does not reflect my personal favorites, just my opinion of the examples that made Metallica who they are.

    10. That Was Just Your Life

    9. Enter Sandman

    8. Holier Than Thou

    7. Harvestor Of Sorrow

    6. One

    5. Metal Militia

    4. Creeping Death

    3. Damage INC

    2. Fight Fire With Fire

    1. Battery

    On a side note, Will, I agree with you, Enter Sandman has been played to death but it's relevancy to the genre cannot be ignored or overlooked.

  32. What we always used to say instead of whats your favorite song is whats your favorite album because it was impossible for us to name a favorite song among so many great ones. When we said favorite album, it meant favorite between the first four. The Black Album was still pretty good..

    10. Anesthesia

    9. Escape

    8. Battery

    7. Master Of Puppets

    6. The Thing That Should Not Be

    5. Eye Of The Beholder

    4. One

    3. And Justice For All

    2. For Whom The Bell Tolls

    1. Ride The Lightning

  33. 1. Master Of Puppets

    2. One

    3. Creeping Death

    4. The Four Horsemen

    5. Fade To Black

    6. All Nightmare Long

    7. Seek & Destroy

    8. Orion

    9. Battery

    10. For Whom The Bell Tolls

  34. 1-)fade to black

    2-)master of puppets

    3-)nothing else matters


    5-)creeping death

    6-)for whom the bell tolls

    7-)seek and destroy

    8-)enter sandman

    9-)turn the page

    10-)wherever may i roam

    i think metallica all songs best

    but fade to black's got very super solo maybe when i listen to fade to black i cryy

    master of puppets is my child's song :d

  35. So many alternative top tens in the comments…

    I'll add another one. (lol)

    10. Fuel

    9. Fight Fire With Fire

    8. Master of Puppets

    7. Creeping Death

    6. No Leaf Clover

    5. The Unforgiven

    4. Seek And Destroy

    3. …And Justice For All

    2. The Thing That Should Not Be

    1. Fade To Black


    5. Garage Inc.

    4. Master of Puppets

    3. …And Justice for All

    2. Death Magnetic

    1. Ride the Lightning

    I appreciate all of thier work. If you're a good fan you would too, or at least not whine at the band. You couldn't do any better. : )

  36. Oh also, it's so ridiculous how many people have Master of Puppets and One as their 1 and/or 2. LISTEN TO OTHER METALLICA SONGS, THERE ARE BETTER ONES THAN THOSE TWO! Those two are so damn overplayed, when I hear them on the radio or anywhere, I go crazy for hearing it so much.

    1. Wherever I May Roam

    2. The Shortest Straw

    3. …And Justice For All

    4. The God That Failed

    5. For Whom the Bell Tolls

    6. Ride the Lightning

    7. Creeping Death

    8. Sad But True

    9. Fade to Black





  37. wtf…


    10. The Frayed Ends of Sanity


    1. …And Justice For All

    2. Black Album

    3. Ride the Lightning

    4. Kill Em' All

    5. Death Magnetic

    6. Master of Puppets

    7. St. Anger

    8. ReLoad

    9. Load

  38. Shoeshiner on

    10 – For Whom the Bell Tolls

    9 – Master Of Puppets

    8 – Astronomy

    7 – Wherever I May Roam

    6 – Unforgiven

    5 – Unforgiven II

    4 – Fade To Black

    3 – Nothing Else Matters

    2 – One

    1 – Enter Sandman

  39. 1° Master of puppets

    2° One

    3° All Nightmare long

    4° Battery

    5° Frantic

    6° Fade to black

    7° The Unforgiven

    8° The Unforgiven II

    9° The Unforgiven III

    10° Fight fire whit fire

    Thank you very much.

  40. this is my PERSONAL top 10 favorite not top ten greatest keyword PERSONAL

    10 Sad But True

    9 Battery

    8 Ride The Lightning

    7 Master Of Puppets

    6 Fade To Black

    5 Trapped Under Ice

    4 King Nothing

    3 One

    2 Enter Sandman

    1 For Whom The Bell Tolls

  41. I cant believe I havent seen anyone include dyers eve and not many include blackened!

    These are in no particular order just my ten favourite! haha

    10) All Nightmare Long

    9)Broken, Beat & Scarred


    7)Master Of Puppets

    6)Dyers Eve



    3)The Call Of Ktulu


    1) Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

    πŸ˜€ They are my favourites in no order………….although if i had to choose "Master of Puppets" would be first ;D

  42. my new list since June 14th,2010

    10 whiplash

    9 trapped under ice

    8 king nothing

    7 all nightmare long

    6 master of puppets

    5 one

    4enter sandman

    3 creeping death

    2 for whom the bell tolls

    1 the thing that should not be

  43. 10) Lucretia
    9) Sweating Bullets
    8) Poison was the Cure
    7) Peace Sells…but who’s buying?
    6) My Last Words
    5) Sleepwalker
    4) Bad Omen
    3) Tornado of Souls
    2) Holy Wars…The Punishment Due
    1) Good Mourning/ Black Friday

    Oops, those are songs buy a GOOD thrash metal band.

  44. Bored at work… here are my thoughts.

    Best 10 Metallica songs (non-cover) not in any particular order:

    Fade to Black
    Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    Creeping Death
    Disposable Heroes
    Wherever I May Roam
    Master of Puppets
    For Whom The Bell Tolls
    Ride the Lightning
    The Shortest Straw

    I didn’t include covers, but if I had, The Prince, Am I Evil, and Breadfan would be in there.

    • Good list.

      There’s a reason they open nearly every show with Creeping Death. It rocks.

      Disposable Heroes
      Four Horseman
      Sad But True
      Trapped Under Ice

      Gotta include Bread Fan.

  45. 10.) Fade to black
    9.)Sad but true
    8.)Some kind of monster
    7.) End of the line
    6.) Seek and destroy
    5.) Cyanide
    4.) One
    3.) For whom the bell tolls
    2.) King nothing
    1.) Enter sandman
    I love all metallica’s songs so much so they are in no order apart from 3,2 &1. Sandman is my favorite song ever and got me into playing the guitar! πŸ˜€ If it was out of 15 I would say: Joint 15.) The Unforgiven I-III,14.)My world,13.) Holier than thou/Wherever I may roam,13.) Mercyful fate/Turn the page,12.) Sanitarium 11.) Fuel πŸ™‚ METALLICA RULE.

    • Where’s your crown, king nothing? LOL. Most underrated song ever… this is the best list i’ve seen yet. your top 3 are the same as mine, just in a different order. Here is mine:

      King Nothing
      Enter Sandman
      For Whom the Bell Tolls
      Master of Puppets
      Ride the Lightning
      Sad But True
      The Call of Ktulu (best instrumental song ever)
      Of Wolf and Man
      Fade to Black

  46. 10- Fuel
    9- Blackened
    8- Hero of the day
    7- Fade to Black
    6- Seek and destroy
    5- For whom the bell tolls
    4- Enter Sandman
    3- One
    2- Master of puppets
    1- Creeping Death

  47. my TOP 10 is : my wish is see metallica in my country IRAN …

    1. sad but true

    3.the day never comes that

    4.nothing else matter

    5.unforgiven I

    6.Fade to Black

    7.Enter Sandman leaf clover

    9.master of puppets

    10.KILL ‘EM ALL

  48. why most the metallica fans are such a fool persons? y they really dont know metallica?i think they dont khnow music at all,because non of them select good songs M. i didnt see at least one mama said or low mans lyric or … these fan like fast speed metal foolish songs. of course Black metal is the best album of them, and load and reload after

  49. Totally subjective list and for me varies over time. Here is my current list minus covers and instrumentals.

    1) Masters of Puppets
    2)Dyer’s Eve
    3)Disposable Heroes
    4)Trapped Under Ice
    5)Creeping Death
    6)Damage Inc.
    7)…And Justice For All
    8) The Shortest Straw
    9)Fade To Black
    10)Leper Messiah

    Apparently I don’t much care for their popular singles or really anything since and justice for all, Although I do like My friend of misery and think that Death Magnetic is better then anything since the Black album. I loved Kill ‘Em All when I was younger, but the songs do sound dated to me now, still decent though.

  50. 1. Welcome Home
    2. Master of Puppets
    3. One
    4. The Four Horsemen
    5. Fight Fire With Fire
    6. Ride The Lightning
    7. All Nightmare Long
    8. The Day That Never Comes
    9. Enter Sandman
    10. The Thing That Should Not Be

  51. Thepastosonline on

    obviously im gonna be the first one NOT to put Master of puppets on No.1:
    10.- Fade to black
    9.- Creeping Death
    8.- Disposable Heroes
    7.- The Unforgiven
    6.- To Hell and Back
    5.- Enter Sandman
    4.-Fight Fire With Fire
    3.- Seek and Destroy
    2.- Master of puppets
    1.- Blackened.
    I like all the albums metallica has released till now except reload. When s the next album coming out??

  52. madhusudan pokhrel on

    10.ride da lightening
    8.fight fire wid fire
    7.master of puppets
    4.king nothing i evil
    1.nothing else matters…

    Hi guyz its me frm ktm …guyz these r my fav.songs by metallica…!
    metallica rocks..!

  53. 10 Disposable Heroes
    9 Battery
    8 Hit the lights
    7 The god that failed
    6 The frayed ends of sanity
    5 Damage inc
    4 Leper Messiah
    3 And justice for all
    2 Fight fire with fire
    1 Dyers eve

  54. I’m so sick and tired of people who think they know so much about music who say Metallica sold out/lost their musicality/or just plain suck from the black album on. Granted I think we can all agree that St. Anger was in fact a little lackluster but other than that 2 of their best albums came after And Justice for All: The Black Album and Load. IMHO.

    Anyway, rant over, here’s my list (no covers included):

    10.Carpe Diem Baby
    9. Hero of the Day
    8. The Outlaw Torn
    7. Sad But True
    6. Mama Said
    5. Nothing Else Matters
    4. Harvester of Sorrow
    3. Master of Puppets
    2. Fade to Black
    1. The Unforgiven

  55. As there are hundreds of fans of Metallica, we might end up having hundreds of top ten list. But obviously there are certain songs by the band that have had provided them huge success.
    in no particular order my favorite Metallica tracks are:

    Master of Puppets
    Fade to Black
    Nothing Else matters
    Welcome Home(Sanitarium)
    Enter Sandman
    The Unforgiven
    The unforgiven II
    For Whom The Bell Tolls
    The Day That Never Comes

  56. I love every song of Metallica i have listened to.they r so great that they make my spirit go favourite songs r:
    master of puppets
    fade to black
    for whom the bell tolls
    enter sandman
    seek and destroy
    sad but true
    nothing else matters
    harvester sorrow

  57. Interesting Lists. Surprised the Mustaine inspired ‘The Four Horsemen’ is mentioned more. A truly killer riff!

  58. 1.Master of Puppets
    3.Fade to Black
    4.Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    7.Nothing Else Matters
    8.Wherever I May Roam
    9.Enter Sandman
    10.Creeping Death

  59. 1-CreepingDeath 2-Some kind of Monster 3-Master of Pupets 4-Wherever I May Roam 5-Enter Sandman 6-Harvester Of Sorrow 7-The Thing That Should Not Be
    8-The Unforgiven
    9-Fade to Black

  60. 1 – Master of Puppets
    2 – Creeping Death
    3 – Fight Fire with Fire
    4 – One
    5 – Ride the Lightening
    6 – …And Justice For All
    7 – Battery
    8 – Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    9 – St. Anger
    10 – Some Kind of Monster

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