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Top 10 Symbols Used By More Than One Group

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If you’re starting up a group, don’t fret if you find your planned symbol was already used by somebody else. You’re still free to use it; you’ll just have to tweak it slightly, so it adapts a whole new meaning that’s in tune with your group and its message.

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Top 10 Important Speeches That Were Never Heard by the Public

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We all remember JFK’s “Ask Not” speech, and Chuchill’s “We Shall Never Surrender” speech. But many other powerful speeches are often overlooked, probably because they were never given. They only exist on paper and in an alternate universe where circumstances allowed their author to get in front of a microphone and talk.

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Top 10 Famous Racists (Who Had No Idea When To Shut Up)

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Sadly, racism is still a thing in our world. For the most part however, people tend to keep their racist thoughts to themselves (or anonymously spew them all over the Internet; that works too.) Some people however, prefer to expose their bigotry very publicly, and very loudly. Spoiler alert: it never turns out well.

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