Top 10 Dumbest Song Lyrics


It must be very difficult to write a good song.  I’m not denying that.  I know it’s hard enough to write an essay, and that doesn’t even have to rhyme.  However there are certain instances where I feel the songwriter isn’t even trying.  As though they had an hour to put the song together, took a gander at the screaming girls sitting outside TRL and said “ef it” just write whatever rhymes with ‘girl, I love you.’  And then laughed all the way to the bank.  The following ten are the most blatant offenses I can find in my mental song library.  Some songs by artists I usually respect; some not so much.  Though, I do feel inclined to admit most are on my iPod.

10. So Yesterday (Hilary Duff)

Some things are brilliant in their simplicity.  Some things are just simple.  Hilary’s break up tune is just simple.  Lyrics like:

“But I’m gonna keep your jeans.

And your old black hat – cause I wanna.

They look good on me.

You’re never gonna get them back

At least not today, not today, not today”

My, my how empowering.  What stellar advice to women everywhere.  If your boyfriend dumps you, just keep his jeans.  And if you and your boyfriend wear the same size jeans, maybe be happy you’re no longer together.  But my real favorite in this ditty is the next prophetic gem: “If the light is off then it isn’t on.” Waaaaiiiit, if the light is off then it isn’t on? Eureka!  I’ve been arguing with my electric providers about how to define ‘off’ for years now! Full lyrics at

9. As Long As You Love Me (Backstreet Boys)

This song is insulting.  It’s like they were singing at a third grade reading level.  I’m referring to lines like: “… although loneliness has always been a friend of mine, I’m leaving my life in your hands.”  Who are you singing to?  Your doctor? Who has your life in their hands?  “People say I’m crazy and that I am blind. Risking it all in a glance.” Well boys, if you’re blind… risking anything in a glance probably is a little bit crazy.  The chorus really is where they take it home: “I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did As long as you love me…” Sounds a little desperate.  Have you no standards?

You tell me later: “…it doesn’t really matter if you’re on the run.”  Call me old fashioned, but if a guy tells me he’s on the run I become concerned.  I’m not saying it’s a deal breaker for sure, but I think we should at least have a conversation about it.  Also how many people are the Backstreet Boys coming in contact with that are on the run?  I for one have never met someone on the run, and I think they mostly met 14 year old girls. Begs the question, from where did the inspiration for this song come? Not from the heart I think, not from the heart indeed. Full lyrics at

8. If I Was Invisible (Clay Aiken)

These lyrics are stupid for many reasons. For one, why would you admit to anyone that if you were invisible you’d watch them in their room?  No one wants to hear that.  I don’t even like my dog in my room while I change.

If I was invisible, I would be the smartest man.”  Clay, either you’re already the smartest man or you aren’t… as far as I know invisibility doesn’t change your IQ.  Otherwise when everyone answered the “If you could have any superpower in the world what would it be?” question, more people would say “invisible”.  Duh.

Wish you could touch me with the colors of your life.” You can’t just make total nonsense poetry by adding words like color and touch.  Finally I think you need to face facts, when you tell me “even when I scream out, baby you don’t hear me.” I become concerned, why are you being so aggressive, there’s no need to scream.  This girl clearly isn’t interested in you and she doesn’t want to hear all the creepy things you’d do with invisibility.  Full lyrics at

7. 4 Minutes to Save the World (Madonna, featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland)

Here’s what I gather from these lyrics: Madonna, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland have apparently been commissioned to save the world.  They have 4 minutes to do so.  Now here’s where it gets tricky:

“Time is waiting

We only got 4 minutes to save the world

No hesitating

Grab a boy, grab a girl.”

I, the listener, am left unclear on how they are saving the world.  Is it with their gift for song? Or are they recommending to us procreation as a vehicle for world redemption?  They do after all tell us to grab a boy or a girl.  Either way, this song’s delusion of grandeur is off-putting.  The lyrics don’t get any better as we look outside the chorus.  At one point, there is a conversation between Justin and Madonna.  Madonna says to Justin, “Sometimes I think what I need is a you intervention, yeah,” to which the listener says, “Pardon?” Yet Justin responds with an incomprehensible, “And you know I can tell that you like it, and that it’s good, by the way that you move, ooh, hey.” Madonna answers Justin with a totally inappropriately placed proverb: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions, yeah.”  At which the listener gives up on these lyrics. Full lyrics at

6. Dolla [P.Diddy] (Kesha)

This is the first single I’ve ever heard from Kesha and I can’t really imagine where she’ll go from here.  To be honest I couldn’t really imagine where she was going to go from the first line of this song. “Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy.” How?  I have nothing else to say to that, except, how do you feel like P. Diddy?  Because I don’t understand.  She goes on to tell us that she brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jack and she explains that this is because when she leaves for the night she’s not coming back.  I have to take issue with this.  You can’t defend to me a desire to brush your teeth with whiskey.  In fact, I think if your goal is to find someone to spend the night with your chances must decrease by quite a bit if your teeth are brown and your breath stinks like a day old Jack and Coke.  Just don’t brush them at all.

Kesha has questionable judgment.  She later tells us she kicks men to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger.  I begin to wonder if Kesha has recently seen Mick Jagger.  Maybe he was attractive 30 years ago, but now he kind of looks like a caricature, or something that got stuck in a drain.  Kesha, you currently have no credibility with me. Full lyrics at

5. Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne)

I hate this song not only because the lyrics are so dumb, but also because as I sit here writing this I have begun to sing it to myself, and I don’t know when that will stop.  Infectious in the way a virus is; this song has very little redeeming it.  Firstly, Avril is coveting a man we understand to be committed to someone else.  And secondly, it sounds like chanting that you’d hear at an elementary school playground.  “Hey, Hey, You, You, I don’t like your girlfriend. No way, No way, I think you need a new one.”  This is the musical equivalent to ‘I know you are but what am I.’ Throughout the tune, Avril gives us some key pieces of information: this man is interested in her in spite of having a girlfriend and Avril doesn’t like this girlfriend because allegedly she is stupid (you’ve heard the one about the pot and the kettle, Avril?). Avril tells this man about his girlfriend: “She’s like so whatever, and you can do so much better.”  She also tells him “Hell, yea, I’m the mother f***ing princess.”  Which is a head scratcher because I didn’t know there was a country known as MotherF***er, is it a commonwealth, part of the United Kingdom maybe?  Is it a sovereignty where these lyrics aren’t terrible?

4. MmmBop (Hanson)

You had to know this was coming.  These can barely be called lyrics.  Half of the lines of this song are dimly lit attempts at existentialism while the other half are not comprised of actual words.  We learn about relationships being able to disappear in an mmmbop, which I assume is some measure of time, comparable to a minute.  Then Hanson says:

“In an mmm bop they’re not there.

Until you lose your hair.

No, But you don’t care.”

Which I can’t understand.  Apparently mmm bopping has quite a bit to do with hair loss because they mention it several times.  They’re also mystified by things that perhaps shouldn’t be so difficult to grasp, for instance:

“Plant a seed, plant a flower, plant a rose

You can plant any one of those

Keep planting to find out which one grows

It’s a secret no one knows

It’s a secret no one knows

No one knows”

Hanson, let’s be clear, this is not a secret no one knows.  If you simply mark in where you planted a seed, you shouldn’t have any trouble predicting what will grow.  A truer example of a secret that no one knows is how this song ever got airtime. Full lyrics at

3. Love Story (Taylor Swift)

I think the world has seen the type of wrath that can be incurred if one upsets Taylor Swift (thanks to Kanye) so I will include a disclaimer.  I love Taylor Swift, I think she’s great.  However we can not all just close our eyes and pretend that these lyrics don’t contain some fundamental problems.  Taylor seems to have misunderstood two crucial pieces of literature: Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare and The Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne.  For instance:

“Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone,

I’ll be waiting all there’s left to do is run.

You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess,

It’s a love story baby just say yes.”

Taylor, Romeo and Juliet both kill themselves because they can’t be together.  It’s heavy stuff.  All that’s left to do is not run.  They don’t “just say yes” (unless you’re referring to saying yes to suicide and this song is much darker than I thought). You can’t talk about the famous ill-fated lovers and discount their ill-fated-ness; it just leaves too many doors open.

Another issue, you tell us “…’cause you were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter” which again really doesn’t work.  You can’t be a scarlet letter; you wear a scarlet letter and you wear it for being an adulteress.  Without some impressive metaphor, you can’t really work this so it means anything else, especially since at this point I’m not convinced that you’ve read either of these books.  Next time maybe consult with your local high school English teacher and use more accurate (and less morbid) literary references.  Full lyrics at

2. My Humps (Black Eyed Peas)

There are many songs dedicated to the female form.  And they’re generally all stupid.  To rank which is stupider than which isn’t really fair, so suffice it to say the song My Humps is more than just number two on this list, it is a representative of an entire genre.  It is the representative on my list, mainly because at one point Fergie says “my humps” ten times in a row.  You win.  My humps is a stupid enough thing to say once, and it would be stupid even to just slip into a verse, but to make it the title and the focal point of the song, well that just elevates this to a different level.

Throughout the song Fergie explains all of the goodies she gets from having |”lovely lady lumps.” These lumps, she explains, are “in the back and in the front”.  Methinks I know which lumps she’s referring to. Due to these “lumps” and “humps” Fergie tells us she gets “…ices, Dolce and Gabanna, Fendi and then Donna.”  She also is given “Seven jeans and True Religions” and, never the mooch, she tells us that “I say no but they keep givin’…”  Apparently if you have humps like Fergie’s you can acquire a great amount of material goods.  What a wonderful celebration of the female anatomy.  I didn’t read The Feminine Mystique, but I imagine some of these lyrics were taken right from the pages of that book.  Maybe I’ll ask Taylor Swift… Full lyrics at

1. Girl You Know it’s True (Milli Vanilli)

The number one song on this list is also a bit older than the others.  But it’s also far and away the stupidest assortment of lyrics I have ever heard.  I know that everyone was mad at Milli and Vanilli for lip-synching.  I vaguely remember that from my childhood, or perhaps from a recap of the event as seen on Behind the Music. But how could anyone have cared that they were lip-synching when they heard what it was that they were saying? I know their fans felt duped, but shame on anyone for taking them seriously enough, ever, for lip synching to matter.  The first line of the song is, “I’m in love with you girl cause you’re on my mind.”  Is that how you know you’re in love, because earlier today after I read an article on the Bush Administration, Dick Cheney was on my mind and now I’m thinking about sandwiches.  So I think we need some more concrete reasons.  They tell this girl, “Your soft, succulent so sweet and thin, that’s kind of like a vision upon your skin” and I make a confused face.

You contain a quality that I admire. You’re pretty plain and simple…” Firstly, gee, I wonder why they admire things that are plain and simple. Secondly, who puts that into a love song? That’s not even a nice thing to say.  That’s like saying your favorite color is eggshell. Some of these lines defy explanation: “Come with your positive emotion, love, making enjoyin’ …that’s for me to bust it’s like a girl and a boy.

Together we’re one separated we are two.” To which I must simply say, congratulations Milli Vanilli, on this list you are one.  Full lyrics at

by Elaine Rooney

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  1. > But I love those Songs; Girlfriend and Love Story!…

    > I find Black Eyed Peas songs annoying. I've notice that they always repeat the same sentence all over and over again in the entire lyrics.

    > Can you please fix the you tube link for Love Story, you got it mix up with the Black Eyed Peas. TY

  2. how could you forget summer girls from LFO

    "New Kids On The block,had a bunch of hits, Chinese food makes me sick."

    "Hip Hop Marmalade spic And span, Met you one summer and it all began"

    "Fell deep in love,but now we ain't speaking, Michael J Fox was Alex P Keaton"

    "Call you up but whats the use I like Kevin Bacon,but I hate Footloose"

      • Well, i can give u dumber song lyrics than this . How about wannabe by spicegirls ; they say ‘if u wannabe my lover u gotta get with my friends’, i don’t understand that if a guy loves her what her friends have to do with it?
        Then its cinnamon and lipstick by FM static, i usually love their songs but this one , i mean he says ,”u remind me of cinnamon and lipstick”? The girl is reminding him of non-living things?
        I hate this song, a song by well i don’t remember by whom, in this the guy says, ‘i hate this song coz it was written for u’, then why the hell is he singing this song?
        I hav many more but itwould take too much time.

  3. What kind of analysis does this person have? Why take the meaning of the song by literally looking at each word of the lyrics? This is such a shallow approach of analyzing the content of the songs. I am not a fan of any of these songs listed here and i don't really care whoe they are for or what it meant. But taking the message of the song by reading them literally is not helpful. (like there is a rule that when you refer to Romeo and Juliet it has to be associated with the suicide or with the Shakespeare story, or as if Taylor Swift mentioned in the song that she intended it that way). Everything the lister did to this one is read it and interpret literally. Songs, like poetry, must be read between the lines and interpreted figuratively. If we will look into songs similar to what this lister did, then ALL of the songs has dumb lyrics. What a shallow analytical ability. Worst list! Why are these kind of lists allowed here. It degrades the reputation of this site.

      • I don't have a list here because I rarely visit this site, but I am a songwriter. If you all think that the songs you mentioned has dumb lyrics, then provide me with a song that you believe does not have dumb lyrics. I'll prove to you that if I will analyze the song you will give me just as how the writer of this list analyzed his songs, then every song on earth will end up having dumb lyrics. All I am saying is that every artist has various ways of expressing themselves and interpreting ideas or emotions using different words. So just because you don't understand why the writer wrote the lyrics that way does not mean those lyrics are dumb (just look at how the writer of this list demeaned the songs in more ways than one).

        PS: MmmBop was from HANSONS, not HANSEN

        • Just checked around and the band name is Hanson. Apparently the Hanson boys are still making music, check out their site to see photos of them all grown up I'll fix the spelling, thanks for letting toptenz know. Some of the best, most classic rock songs have nonsense lyrics. I'm a songwriter myself and I actually prefer songs with lots of la-la's and hey's (and handclaps, if possible) over songs that take themselves too seriously. Still, I think many of the songs above are dumb… can't help it. We all have different musical tastes…

    • You sound like one of those existentialist pseudo-intellectual art house douches I’ve run into the for the past 40 years.

  4. When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide

    Chickity China the Chinese chicken

    You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'

    That's me in the corner

    That's me in the spotlight

    Losing my religion

    I'm worse at what I do best

    A mulatto, an albino

    A mosquito, my Libido

    Where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies

    Den ya pick ya teeth with tomb stone chips

    And casket cover clips – dead women hips

    The other night I tripped a nice continental drift divide. Mount St. Edelite. Leonard Bernstein.

    Whack for my daddy, oh

    There's whiskey in the jar, oh

    A fine little girl – she wait for me

    Me catch the ship – across the sea

    Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogy said up jump the boogy

    She put the lime in the coconut, she drank them both up

    She put the lime in the coconut, she called the doctor, woke him up

    My name is Mud

    Not to be confused with Bill

    Or Jack or Pete or Dennis

    Lost in a Roman…wilderness of pain

    And all the children are insane

    All the children are insane

    Waiting for the summer rain

    Taken literally, without contextual meaning, any of these would fit this list. I have to partially agree with Ezi.

    • Ezi why are you so bitter towards this list. All it is is a funny list. It's funny because most of these songs are suppose to be serious songs. Unlike yours. Bawitiba is not a serious song. anything by barenaked ladies is not a serious song. Put a lime in the coconut? are you serious thats suppose to be a goofy song. I never write on these but I had to because you have some issues if this list made you that upset to say that this list degrades the reputation of this site. all it is, is a site that interesting to read when your bored. Get a hobby or some friends.

      By the way everyone i think the dumbest lyrics are the backstreet boys song everytime i hear that song i laugh

      • You'd never win an argument trying to prove that 4 Minutes to Save the World, Tik Tok, My Humps or MmmBop are serious songs. None of those are. They're all catchy pop nonsense songs.

        However, MmmBop is definitely one of the dumbest songs ever written in my opinion too.

      • Obviously, you are not reading thoroughly. I was not the one how gave the songs you mentioned in your comment but someone named tofucurry. And I have hobbies and friends. That is why I can separate someone dumb from someone who can analyze properly, and from someone dumb who pretends to analyze properly. It is just bad that I read this when I was bored and became disappointed that I wasted 10 minutes reading crap. Don't say that this is a funny list because its not. It is a piece of material that gave wrong analysis to the songs and their writer and the artist, plus it is a total waste of time, just like me replying to you.

        • Duude, how can you get that worked up over a funny well written list containing a small sampling of the countless idiotic songs out put forth by the music industry? List was great, would love to read more from this girl

        • I don't think Ezi got "worked up". I dont completely agree with him (or her) but I definitely side with him. If you analyzed any single song literally you could prove that the lyrics are dumb. Yes some are dumber than others, especially a lot of modern pop and "rap" songs that you her on the top40 charts but the way this list was composed and the analysis provided was dumb in itself. I apologize for being rude but the author's writing was not the slightest bit funny or sensible, but it was consistently flat and dry. I usually don't have a problem at all with looking at a topic from a different angle, whether literal, metaphorical, or whatever else, but as I said before this post was down right stupid. Like someone stated above, songs are like poetry, they are supposed to be read with connotations. The best lyricists don't write in plain literal verse. They use endless similes, metaphors, and allegories. That said, the author was pinpoint on the Hilary Duff song 🙂

  5. Mary Katherine on

    Gee, has anyone heard of "tongue in cheek"? Lighten up those of you who think the writer of this list was too literal.

    I personally found myself agreeing with the author on the songs I knew and chuckling at the humorous takes.

    And as a writer and English literature lover, right on for pointing out the flaws in Taylor Swift's literary references. Guess she was too busy writing about boys to be reading books properly.

    • I have to say all the songs listed did have bad lyrics, so I think the author did fine there. I thought it was pretty funny (Kanye was right, Taylor Swift just ain’t that good). There are certainly some worse ones out there, but I don’t expect people to know all the songs in the world. Not sure why people are getting so ticked off.

    • Party Animal on

      Yeah it's Tik Tok, they have it wrong here.

      And she's said in interviews that after a night of partying she woke up in a hippie bed with 10 hot girls & thought to herself that must be what it's like to be P. Diddy.

  6. i think that some of the songs where written when the writer was high or maybe there is a secret meaning who knows

  7. I think you should have included in this top Lady Gaga's Bad Romance lyrics, at least those in the chorus: Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah!


    rah rah-oo-la-la!

    Want your bad romance

    If we're to talk about this song's success it's obvious that it's a pretty good one, pretty entartaining that is, if you don't pay too much attention to the lyrics.

  8. While I think some of the critiques of the songs are reaching a bit, I think some of the criticism of the list is even worse. That's what the comment forum is for! Voice your opinion, but don't hate on a writer who worked hard to compile this list for you.

    That being said, I totally agree with "MmmBop" and "My Humps" but would have included "Fireflies" by Owl City, because:

    "cause I'd get a thousand hugs/from ten thousand lightning bugs/as they tried to teach me how to dance"

    meh. can you imagine being hugged by 10000 bugs? ew. Plus, who know lightning bugs could dance? Owl City, that's who.

    • I agree although those lines you stated from ‘fireflies’ wasn’t meant to be taken that literally. Owl City is over-exaggerating with the ‘thousand hugs’ and ‘ten thousand lighting bugs’, and they’re not really teaching him how to dance. it’s only his dream.

  9. Some of the choices were taken too literally about it's lyrics but I do agree with some of them. But yeah, just about all these songs suck in general IMO. Now what about "Fergalicious" by Fergie, "Milkshake" by Kelis, and Paper Planes by M.I.A.? Fergalicious's lyrics are just silly and that's fine but the term 'FERGALICIOUS' irks me and it's said like 100 times in the song! Plus it annoys me when the outro's lyrics are just spelling delicious 50x. Milkshake is just stupid. We are know how the chorus goes. It doesnt make sense and it makes less sense because it doesn't even rhyme! Finally Paper Planes's lyrics are just gunshots and cash registers ringing half the time! W…T….F!!!!!!

    • MIA? Paper Planes? Really? Obviously you have no clue what that songs about- Impoverty in 3rd world countrys. The gun and the cash register is them robbing and stealing the money. You need to look into the songs more then just whats at the surface

  10. 'Marco Polo' by Soulja Boy and Bow Wow:

    New jeans shop(check)

    Yellow Lamborgini(bow)

    Bbc shirt with a fresh pair of jeans (wow)

    Black card spending when I hit the mall (stunting)

    You can't catch me

    I'm so ahead of ya'll (it's)

    Marco Polo[x12] Polo

    That's right, repeated 12 times.

  11. OK, a few comments…

    10. Hilary Duff is hot, but she lost a few points by starring in a show that had no creative title to speak of. The highlight of her life is probably sticking a scorpion in her pants in front of John Cusack in War, Inc…but seeing as she has gotten engaged to a hockey player, she has at least made up a few points.

    9. I think we've forgotten "I Want it That Way…" you would think in four minutes they would at least tell us which way they want it…and I still haven't gotten a suitable answer.

    8. If you were invisible and you could just watch us in your room, even people who are supportive of the idea that you're gay would be thoroughly creeped out.

    7. 4 Minutes to Save the World was to the music industry what Gigli was to the movie industry, and they both accomplished the same things — though I'm not entirely sure what exactly those things are.

    6. This is when we first discovered Ke$ha had problems…at least those of us who hadn't already looked up her childhood on Wikipedia.

    5. I listened to Avril Lavigne in high school because my friends listened to her and because I just had severe personal problems in high school. Now I at least see her as a hot Canadian chick kicking ass, taking names, and rooting for hockey teams.

    4. Mmm Bop was basically an American version of Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die without color references.

    3. Those of us who claim Taylor Swift can't sing, conveniently forget the all-time high point in world history that was Ashlee Simpson's career.

    2. I would much rather stare at Fergie's humps than listen to a stupid-ass song about them…almost makes me miss Alanis's version of the song.

    1. Did someone actually put "Milli Vanilli" and "true" in the same sentence?

  12. I did it all for the nookie (Yeah?)

    The nookie (Yeah?)

    So you can take that cookie

    and stick it in your (YEA!)

    stick it in your (YEA!)

    stick it in your (YEA!)

    nice work blainey

  13. Funniest list i've read all year. Well done but my personal favourate has to be this gem from Thin Lizzy,

    "Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak, somewhere in this town."

    I'm guessing it'll be at the jail then Phil.

  14. You must not have anything better to do than to depict certain songs just cause you can't understand the lyrics. Who says that the lyrics HAVE to make sense?? People interpret all sorts of things differently, including songs.

  15. How can Justin Bieber not be on this list?

    You seem like the type

    To love em and leave em

    And disappear right after this song.

    So give me the night

    To show you, hold you

    Dont leave me out here dancin alone

    You cant make up your mind, mind, mind, mind, mind

    Please dont waste my time, time, time, time, time

    Im not tryin to rewind, wind, wind, wind, wind

    I wish our hearts could come together as one

    Cause shorty is a eenie meenie miney mo lova

    Shorty is a eenie meenie miney mo lova

    Shorty is a eenie meenie miney mo lova

    Shorty is a eenie meenie miney mo lova

    Eenie meenie miney moe

    Catch a bad chick by her toe

    If she holla (if, if, if she holla) let her go

    Eenie meenie miney moe

    Catch a bad chick by her toe

    If she holla (if, if, if she holla) let her go

    Besides the terrible lyrics, he's 15 (looks like 11), barely 5 feet tall & calling girls "shorty"?

  16. LOVE this list! The writer made some brill comments. And also managed to list all the kinds of music that make me feel ill. yay!

  17. Jonathan Michael Rei on

    In the case of Girlfriend, I think it's supposed to be stupid… After all, it's about a slutty troublemaker out to get the librarianesque good girl's boyfriend…

    Not much brains needed, just the corresponding visuals mentioned above…

  18. Jakirostrife on

    but song writers have the write to murder texts in their compositions…that's what i believe.. =)

  19. How could you forget Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega????? Half of the song is the word "Do" and the rest is a detailed description of a women getting coffee!

  20. lol, I laughed so hard the author writing cracked me up. anyway, i agree with you on the hillary so yesterday, but i think she is saying she'll keep the ex bf's jeans not to wear, but to remember him by. and at first i thought avril's girlfriend was stupid song too, but then i thought it catchy. i lol'd b/c it really does sound like something yelled in a playground, but i think it adds to the song b/c it is a selfish song, not a romantic one. as for taylor's love story song, she is not saying that she is juliet and her bf is romeo, but that their love is like theirs (romeo's and juliet's). Except with a happy ending 🙂 the scarlet letter is a comparison between their forbidden love and doing something that is forbidden (adultery). The forbiddeness. Get it? Peace.

    • Jonathan Michael Rei on

      I think it's supposed to sound like a typical playground chant….

  21. What happened with Romeo and Juliet is actually that they were GOING to run away, except the message was messed up. This meant Romeo believed Juliet was dead instead of in a deep slumber, and killed himself. When Juliet awoke, she, too, killed herself. They didn't kill themselves because their parents wanted them apart. They killed themselves because the other was dead.

    Point being, running away because their parents don't want them together is a lot more Romeo and Juliet than Scarlet Letter

  22. The Milli Vanilli lyrics on are incorrect: the line is "TO PUT IT PLAIN AND SIMPLE, you rule my world…."

  23. Dont forget on Love Story she calls herself the Scarlett Letter…so you're–a scarlett A on someone's chest or an adulterer which one Taylor?

  24. My Love by Justin Timberlake always bugged me cause it says, "Sitting on the grass, lying side by side". You are either sitting or lying on the grass; you can't do both. Or maybe Justin is really flexible.

  25. I didn't read all the comments, so i have no idea if someone else mentionned this…I hope not.

    But according to friends, tabloids and such- I'm telling you right now, I haven't done any research on this because I don't care- that Mick Jagger is actually Ke$ha's dad

    Daddy issues much?

    • Kesha doesn’t know who her dad is. You are correct on the daddy issues front, though.