Top 10 International Military Schools


5.  Korea Military Academies


The Republic of Korea (also referred to as South Korea) has remained in a state of armed conflict since the end of the Korean War.  Technically, the war has not ended, as hostilities ceased with an armistice.  In fact, there have been a number of clashes between North and South Korean military forces since the end of the war.  Suffice to say, Republic of Korea military forces maintain a very high level of readiness – out of necessity of the very real possibility of having to repel an imminent attack.  As such, one would be hard pressed to find a higher-maintained and trained armed force than the ROK military.  Into an environment ripe for hostilities, and an armed force primed to respond, the Korea Military Academies (KMA) were established.

Korea has three primary service academies that provide undergraduate and specialized military training for the three branches of the ROK armed forces – namely, the Army, Navy and Air Force.  The stated purpose of these schools is to provide military training, as well as an undergraduate education to officer cadets, for the purpose of developing professional officers for the nation’s armed forces.

As with most military academies, admittance is competitive and selective.  Potential cadets must endure a series of tests (both physical and academic), as well as have done well in high school.  The academies themselves are four-year, post-secondary institutions, that confer degrees in science, engineering and social sciences.  There is also a strong emphasis on students mastering English as a second language, in order to better facilitate and coordinate military activities on an international level.  The academic quality of the academies is on par with, or superior to, other educational institutions in Korea.

Life at the academies is based on the Cadet Corps.  Cadets (or midshipmen at the Naval Academy) reside in dormitories and follow the routine military regiment that is found at most military academies.  Time is spent either involved in academic course work, or military-related training.  In this, KMA’s are remarkably similar to their American counterparts, which served as a model.  A distinguishing difference is in the general attitude of the cadets themselves.  Cadets and midshipmen at the KMA’s take their duties with an air of seriousness that is directly related with being only a few miles from the demilitarized zone (DMZ).  These men and women recognize that they are the first line of defense in the event of an invasion from the north.  The KMA’s, as a result, produce quality officers who understand the responsibility of their profession.

4.  École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr (France)


Ah, the French.  Well, a lot can be said about the French military, not all of it good…nevertheless, whatever one’s particular opinion about the French military, one thing is for certain – the French have a long history of military experience.  The French have campaigned across the globe and their standard of military leadership has allowed the French to establish itself as recognized military power.

Leaders, however, have to be trained and École Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr (ESM, and literally translated as the “Special Military School of Saint-Cyr”) has been performing this service since it was founded in 1803 by Napoleon Bonaparte.  Located at Brittany, France, the school is considered to be France’s premier military academy.  This can be summed up in the school’s motto of “they study to vanquish.” Really, you just have to love the French.

Unlike many post-secondary military institutions, ESM does not offer undergraduate degrees.  Instead, graduates of the school are awarded a Master of Arts or Master of Science degree.  Students who are admitted to ESM have completed an undergraduate degree course beforehand, or graduated from a Grande École (a top university).  This is in addition to a competitive series of aptitude tests, physical examinations, and thorough interviews.

The purpose of the school, of course, is to train and educate students to become officers in the French armed forces.  The school is structured around a three-year program that emphasizes military training and leadership, academics, and the all important physical training.  During the 1st year, stress is placed equally on academics and military training.  For the remaining two years, academics take precedence.  Students (referred to as St. Cyrians) will continue to participate in military training during scheduled breaks of 1-3 weeks during the year.  Students who attend the school are considered commissioned officers.  Upon graduation, students are promoted to the rank of lieutenant, and then have to attend an additional school that is related to their military specialty.  After all of this, they are assigned to a regular regiment as a platoon leader.

While at the school, students can expect the norm when it comes to a regimented, military-styled environment.  The French have quite the fondness for parade, and cadets can expect plenty of marching in full regalia.  To their credit, they look awesome doing it.

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    • You have not listed so many real warrior/leader raising institutions for centuries therefore, there is no need to make comment….it shows that Canada (United Kingdom) Australia(United Kingdom), western and one or two unrated new military schools were shown…so, good for you……Anybody who thinks Western schools and US /.UK influenced schools are superior has a huge problem…..

    • Watch videos on YouTube Indian soldier have no food to eat so how they are talking?
      Why not Pakistani Military Academy Pakistan is the only country in the world who is won the war against terror Pakistan finished 99% terrorism in Pakistan

  1. Better list than the previous list indeed. Was just wondering that how come no military academies from Army giants like China, India and Russia?

    • they aren’t included because their military theory is as such:

      1. Conscript huge army of illiterate peasants.
      2. Give half of them (the ones in front) weapons and let the other half (the ones in back) carry ammo. They guys in back are expected to pick up weapons from the dead guys in front.
      3. Charge towards objective, overwhelm the enemy with millions of bodies.

      With this line of thought, it only takes about 20 minutes to train an officer from the former USSR or China. 15 of those minutes are spent pinning lieutenant’s bars on new officers.

      • @ Marc. You know your answer is very very offending and mean. I don’t know which country you come from but from your remarks it seems that people like you are the reason that others hate you and your country (you make even the good people in your country seem evil). Douche bags like you should not be visiting this site. You are just making a mockery of the people who have laid their lives for their country. Would it feel nice if someone goes and pisses on the graves of the army heroes of your country.
        TopTenz Master – Please if you respect the international crowd which visits your website please ban people like Marc.

        • I bet I have read more books about Warsaw Pact doctrine than you ever knew existed, including a few written by the Soviet Army. My quick and dirty summary of Pact doctrine really does sum up how their tactics and strategy worked. Giant conscript army, arm every man with every weapon you have and send them all toward their objective. How do you think Stalin and his generals defeated the Germans? With brilliant maneuver and high tech weapons? No, they did it with the T34, the Moisin-Nagant, lots of artillery and endless waves of bodies. The T34 was a good, simple tank. Their rifles were simple and robust. Their artillery was plentiful and their armies were enormous. They also had the weather on their side.
          The Chinese army has only recently made a serious attempt to modernize and become a tactically and technically proficient force. Until the late 90’s, they still used copies of Soviet equipment and copies of Soviet tactics. The only thing they have going for them in a war with say, the USA or Russia, right now is a population in the billions.
          Did I make any disparaging remarks about the UK, France, Germany, India, or any of the other countries on this list? No, and I’ll tell you why. They are small countries who have to make up for a lack of manpower with serious military theory. They cannot afford to throw 200,000 men at a single objective. They MUST make use of every tactical trick and technical advantage in their power. They have developed complicated schemes of maneuver to defeat armies like the Warsaw Pact or China. They have world class military schools because they need them.
          The reason Americans hate your country is because you demand censorship the second someone pisses on your feet. I’m a veteran, I’ll say what I damn well please.

        • @ Marc….First of all Americans don’t hate my country. I’m Indian. If you read my first comment I wrote about three countries. India, China and Russia. It was a relevant question I had asked. You ended up giving a very self centric and rude answer. You claim to be a veteran and let me tell you my father has been in the Indian army for 25 years. Indians along with the Gurkhas have fought in world war 1 and 2 supporting the British alliance. Many have lost their lives. So when you wrote those remarks it was indeed offending as anyone who can read would say that your remarks were not coming out of a veteran. A soldier no matter from which ever country would respect other soldier. And India isn’t a small country as you wrote comparing it to UK, France and Germany.
          Please stop assuming things and get rid of your superiority complex.

        • @ Amarendra

          Why are you wasting your time on an ignorant, prejudiced so called veteran who probably does not know that the US Army and Navy conduct joint exercises with the Indian Armed forces. Furthermore why should we ask the Americans for recognition. Our Indian Army officers and men, notably the Sikh, Rajput and Gurkha regiments have won laurels in the 1st and 2nd world wars, fighting and putting up a brave resistance even to the Japanese.

        • I am sorry to say so that Marc is right.

          The question is ” which country has strongest training facilities?” there are patriotic soldiers in many country and many of them has laid down their lives. The fact that millions of Chinese and Russians died in 2nd World war proves the fact that they r patriotic, but it does not prove that they have good training facilities. Its also true that a peasant soldier from russia is no match to a middle class soldier of germany, england, france or usa.

          Marc has not said anything against Indian Army. So, there is no reason for us to get offended.

          India’s officer Training College is very good. India shd have been included. However, one thing I will say here, that, the common soldiers of Indian army are semi literate farmers. Make 5 indian soldiers (not officers) stand side by side with 5 European soldiers, and u will see the difference.

          However, our officers are quite smart…. this is result of 2 Indias… the well educated, sophisticated and the other, peasant and semi literate. Whatever, I think India should have been included instead of Egypt because Egyptian officers sometimes train in India. I am not insulting the common Indians killed in battle, I am only saying that the average Indian common soldier can only function if spoon feeded by the officers.

        • Very good list, i like the fact that you properly reserched all of these places in detail. Also i am glad to see Austraila In a top ten list for once.

      • You are kidding right? Or you must be very young person with very limited information about the world and other nations military schools.

    • Lee Standberry on

      @Amrendra – i actually considered China and Russia institutions (like Frunze), but the manner in which their formats were structured, I didn’t feel they fit well with the criteria i generally used for this list. I didn’t look at India – my apologies for the oversight.

        • India’s primary military academy is the The National Defense Academy, after which the cadets are sent to Indian Military Academy, Naval Academy and Air Force Academy according to their choice.

        • India may be using mostly Soviet weaponry, but our military doctrine is based mainly on the British Army.. and we all know how professional they are.. The Indian Army has always been a volunteer force, even when the Brits were ruling over us, it was still voluntary.. That’s how professional our soldiers are..

      • Edward Anderson on

        The title is pretty misleading as the Academies that I looked at that were on this list were NOT “open” to foreign private students, at least Germany’s wasn’t, and the one German Academy that did accept foreign students had to be in a foreign military already. You had to have permanent resident status to qualify to get into Canada’s & Australia’s Academy, which meant living there pretty much full time. Sandhurst in England only took in English soldiers for Officer Training, so I didn’t even bother to check out their Commando Academy. It is apparent that the US is the only country to allow private people into their Acadmies. I would hope that the next “list” of military academies that someone would put together would list the ones that a private person could attend without having to actually join a military. The discipline, training, and military knowledge would be a great asset to a young person. My opinion is that Germany produces the greatest military officers, training & tatics, but they are closed to non-citizens.

  2. Annette Walker on

    Hi. I need to speak to someone regarding this article, I cannot find an email or contact information. Please let me know how to contact offline.

  3. Nishnat Biswas on

    I am surprised at the inclusion of Egypt in the list. Some militarily weak countries have been included eg. canada, belgium and australia.

    However it can be that in many cases these countries dont need to have a large and strong army. No European country will attack Belgium and if a Non European dares to do so, all European countries will beat up the aggressor. However these “weak” countries may have a very strong training institute. So, their inclusion can be justified.

    EGYPT is an exception. Its army was destroyed by Israel within 6 days. And this country is included in No 2. Egypt’s army and training are weak. In no ways can it make entry in the first 50.

    This is the only country whose inclusion is doubtful. The rest is OK.

    Just to add, India and Israel also has very good training facilities. In fact many Egyptian and Arabian officers come to India for training.

    • Egypt is not weak as you think Sir … and not it is true that many of our officers are trainning in India ..we have the great military institutes and you must know that Israel did not destroy the Egyptian army in 6 days as you think, but the Egyptian leadership was weak.. for this the army didnot  fight in 1967 and see to 1973 after only 6 years of defeating Egyptian army and destroying it at the hands of Israel this army has proved to be a great army by destroying Israel lines Defense in just 6 hours .. but without entering of the U.S. leadership and the foreign minister at that time Henry Kissinger Israel was becoming a remembrance …Sorry sir, but it is  the truth

    • Hey dude …. what a hell u r talking about …. If the Egyptian army has defeated in six days from Israeli army , the same army not only defeated the Israeli army within six hours but also the Israeli prime minister Golda Maeir declared that Israel is on the verge of disappearing and send a famouse messege to USA said that ” SAVE ISRAEL ” …. hey dude what’s your openion now …. And as whole the eEgyptian military academy established in 1811 that means that the EMA is older than Israel itself ……dude do you heared about Nasser Academy there are cadets from aboute 80 nationality all over the world have studied in it from Greece, Turky ,India, Pakistan , Nethierland, Germany, Italy etc …. rather than the African , Asian and Arabian countries …….. all these countries have trusted in the Egyptian Military Academy and you after that simpley claiming the weakness of Egyptian Academy ….. the different armies came to egypt every two years in bright star exercise to learn from egyptian army HOW TO FIGHT IN DESERT …. Finally Egyptian army is stronger than Israeli army and higher rank than it .

  4. “Ah, the French. Well, a lot can be said about the French military, not all of it good…”

    What a stupid comment, not only can the same be said on every military ever, but France has the best military record in Europe.

    “whatever one’s particular opinion about the French military”

    Again, what a stupid comment. The problem is that in the English-speaking world the opinion on the French military is based on nothing but ignorance and/or centuries of anti-French propaganda, not facts.
    The stereotypes of weakness and cowardice that are nowadays associated with the French army in the English-speaking world are inexistant in the rest of the world.

  5. Djoutsa Tabakem Robenson on

    I am 23 years old and it will be a plasure to me studying in the ARMY UNIVERCITY of GERMANY , i am an Advance level holder and want to save with ornor and fiderlity the entire country of Germany .please ich warte ihre antwort dank .
    viele gruze Djoutsa.

  6. I love that the entire first group of commenters piss and moan about America not being listed. The list says in the title ‘International’ AND there is an entire list devoted to top 10 American Academies which also says American in the title. Speaking about the past, its been a long time since America has led the race in education and it shows right here.

  7. Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia is a superb prepatory experience for Sr. military colleges and service academies both US and international. Located within hours of USNA, VMI and VATECH who produce the most SEALs, Nuclear Propulsion Officers, Naval aviators and Marines. Fork Union Military Academy is ideal for both US and selected foreign students to prepare for military academy/service careers. 119 years of proof including senior officer graduates, Medal of Honor and service in every war the US has participated since 1898. FUMA-body, mind, spirit. 100% college/university acceptance. Go2FUMA. No easy days at FUMA.
    President Col. DL Coggins USMC ( Ret.)

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