Top 10 Reasons Proving Boba Fett May Have Killed Luke Skywalker’s Aunt and Uncle


Darth Vader needed to find the plans stored within R2-D2. It stands to reason that Vader would have been desperate enough to use any means necessary, in order to secure those plans. “Any means necessary” could have included one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the Galaxy: Boba Fett. In that a bounty hunter uses any means necessary to accomplish his goals, Luke Skywalker’s Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru may have gotten caught in the crossfire.

10.  Boba Fett Was At The Scene of the Crime

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For all of the many failings of  the Star Wars Special Edition that was first released in 1997, George Lucas has stood by this version as being canon. The last part of the docking bay scene clearly establishes that Boba Fett was on Tatooine during the search for the droids. Boba Fett would not have been above trying to collect multiple bounties. A bounty for the droids, as well as a bounty for Han Solo, would have made Boba Fett even more likely to be on Tatooine.

9.  Boba Fett Had Stormtrooper DNA

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When the bodies of  Owen and Beru were discovered, the deaths are made to look like Tusken Raiders had killed them. The Empire is a clearly established authority; their Death Star is used to blow up an entire planet. If Stormtroopers had killed Owen and Beru, then there would have been no reason to cover up their tracks.

The main argument most people have for Stormtroopers killing Owen and Beru is the following quote by Obi Wan Kenobi: “These blast points, too accurate for Sandpeople. Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise.” Fine, but who were Imperial Stormtroopers? They were altered clones of Jango Fett. And who was Boba Fett?  Episode II: Attack of the Clones establishes Boba Fett as an unaltered clone of Jango Fett. Jango even raised Boba as his son.

8. Darth Vader Protected Owen and Beru For Decades

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In Attack of the Clones,  Anakin Skywalker endangered a mission given to him by the Council, in order to go back to Tatooine. In the course of avenging his mother’s death, Anakin met the entire Lars family. During the purge at the end of Episode III, the Lars family could have easily been arrested at any time for information. Yet, Obi Wan thought that Tatooine would be a safe place to go and live in anonymity. He may have suspected that Vader would attempt to protect the only perceived family that he had left.

7.  Darth Vader Preferred Interrogation

Image result for 7.  Darth Vader Preferred Interrogation

The only real time that you see Darth Vader kill a member of the Rebellion is when Vader chokes Captain Antilles at the beginning of Star War Episode IV: A New Hope, during the course of an interrogation. Leia, meanwhile, is stunned and captured. Han Solo fires a shot at Vader in Empire Strikes Back, and is then disarmed and captured. The Stormtroopers had already used non-lethal methods of capture by stunning Leia. The Stormtroopers had also set up checkpoints to look for the droids. They clearly had not been on the trail of the droids enough to follow them from the Jawas, to the Lars residence. If they had, they would have been looking for Luke and the Droids at Mos Espa. The Stormtroopers were behind the game.

6.  Boba Fett Had A Motive To Slaughter

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Darth Vader would have known who Owen and Beru were. The Stormtroopers would not have acted without orders. The only reason to kill the Jawas, as well as the Lars’s, is so that they would not talk to anyone else. Killing them would also indicate that the killer had no place to store them for later questioning. The killer was also working on a time-frame.  None of those statements are true of Imperial Stormtroopers. Stormtroopers had the means to not only interrogate, but also imprison. Stormtroopers could take over Mos Espa and set up checkpoints. Owen and Beru’s killer covered up their role in the killing, but Stormtroopers simply had no reason to do so. They act purely on Imperial Orders. A cover-up, and killing of, Owen and Beru is a waste of time unless you are trying to prevent another bounty hunter from collecting the same information.

5.  Darth Vader Was Not Above Using Bounty Hunters

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Lets just say that The Empire Strikes Back was not Darth Vader’s first rodeo. Bounty hunters, including Boba Fett, are assembled to listen to Vader give the parameters of the mission. The meeting in Empire is obviously not the first time that Vader has dealt with bounty hunters. It is also obvious that this is not the first time that Vader has encountered Boba Fett. Even before the mission in Empire starts, Vader shows a clear disdain for Boba Fett in particular. Every time Vader encounters Fett, he seems thoroughly disgusted by him.

4.  Stormtroopers Could Not Disobey Orders

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The entire reasoning for creating the Stormtroopers in the first place was to have an entire army of soldiers  who would never question orders. Order 66 caused the Troopers to turn on their superiors and friends. They slaughtered without question, when there were orders. So there are two possibilities here. One, Vader would have had to order the deaths of Owen and Beru. This is possible, but highly unlikely. Anakin was still inside that suit, and Owen and Beru were still family to him. More likely, somebody acted on their own, somebody who could exactly duplicate a Stormtrooper, but also execute free will. In that case, the list of suspects is narrowed to one: Boba Fett.

3.  Darth Vader Saves Chewbacca

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In The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader stands next to Boba Fett, before Solo is encased in carbonite. Vader feels the need to be close to Fett, in case anything goes wrong. When Chewbacca inevitably tries to stop the events from unfolding, Vader actually prevents Fett from killing Chewie. Vader does not approve of Fett’s methods, and wants to keep him on a short leash. This is a further indication that there has been a major past event, which has caused Vader to not trust Fett at all.

2.  There Is No Punishment For Not Recovering the Droids

Darth Vader ESB

If Vader had blamed the Stormtroopers, or anyone really, within the Imperial chain of command for not recovering the droids, he would have force-choked them to death. Vader nearly force-chokes an officer in A New Hope for an insult. Vader force-chokes multiple officers in The Empire Strikes Back for incompetence. The lack of punishment for anyone, after the failure to recover the droids, means Vader put the failure upon himself. Assigning more than one group to the same task qualifies as an overkill that foiled the mission.

1. “No Disintegrations”

In the famous bounty hunter scene in The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader says, “you are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive…no disintegrations.” The “no disintegrations” comment is directed directly at Boba Fett, who simply responds, “as you wish.” Vader not only feels the need to specifically eliminate murder from the equation, but also feels the need to direct the comment right to Fett’s face. This indicates that there was a problem in the past. The directive also indicates that, previously, disintegrations had occurred.

Merriam-Webster defines disintegrate as “to undergo a change in composition…an atomic nucleus that disintegrates because of radioactivity.” Simple blaster fire, or damage from a lightsaber, does not cause the effect of being cooked to the bone by radioactivity. The only real examples of disintegrations in the Star Wars Universe is what happens to the Jawas, and the Lars’s. Vader is specifically warning Fett, to prevent another mess-up. The mess-up, of course, being the only example of disintegrations previously in the films.

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  1. Here’s another point: In Example 5 (Darth Vader Was Not Above Using Bounty Hunters), you forgot to mention that not only was Vader ‘thoroughly disgusted with Boba Fett’, he actually walks right up to him during the meeting with the bounty hunters, points at him and says “…And NO disintegration’s…”. This too clearly points to the fact that he knows what Boba did to Beru and Owen on Tattooine.

    • I always thought he said “No disintegrations” with a hint of respect. Sort a wink-wink nudge-nudge “I know you’d like to, old boy, but we need him in one piece in this case.”

  2. 3. Darth Vader Saves Chewbacca.

    Wrong. You are missing the forest for the trees in that scene, my friend. Vader only stops Fett from firing because Chewie is wearing C3-PO on his back, C3-PO who Vader built himself as a dusty slave child. No matter what he has become he would not want to see his creation destroyed, so he stops Fett from firing to save the droid he built with his own hands, not to spare Chewie.

  3. Um where does it say in the books or in the movie that the slaughter of Owen and Beru was a covered up imperial hit made to look like Sandpeople? That was the Jawas that were made to look like the Sandpeople hit them. (Why the imps felt the need to cover up the Jawa hit is the real mystery here!)

  4. I am sure someone may have already posted this but in case not. The scene when they come upon the Jawas sandcrawler after it has been destroyed, Obi-Wan says “They didn’t. But we are meant to think they did. These tracks are side by side. Sandpeople always ride single file to hide their numbers.”. It would be pretty intense if Fett planted a ton of foot prints side by side.

    This is an interesting theory but I think all of the evidence points in the direction of storm troopers. Also, I am not 100% sure on this, didn’t Lucas not even really think that much about Fett? He was shocked about how many people became interested in Fett even though he is relatively a minor character in the movie. Obviously that is no reason on its own to say Fett didn’t do it but just a thought

  5. Though your points are really valid. There are a couple of points that you should correct though…

    In Point Six: You stated that the troopers had set up check points in Mos Espa… when in reality it was Mos Eisely… According to EPII, when Anakin questions Watto about the location of his mother, Wattao states that the Lar’s farm is… “…oh… a long ways from here… on the other side of Mos Eisely, methinks…” Anakin was raised in Mos Espa and would probably never have been to, but heard of Mos Eisely and it infamous Spaceport.

    In Point Three: You state that Vader ‘saved’ Chewbacca… I have to disagree and here are my points:

    1: As of EP:I We’ve learned that Anakin Skywalker built SeeThreepio. Now, even by EP:III Anakin has never met Chewbacca by that this in the saga.

    2: The Force Unleashed is considered ‘canon’ in the SW Saga… When Vader goes to Kashyysk(sp?) to quell the Wookie uprising and to start the process of enslaving Wookies for the Death Star Project is the only time Vader would’ve had the chance to encounter Chewbacca… and only as an enemy combatant. So him ‘saving’ Chewbacca in TESB is an invalid point.

    3: Being the ‘Maker’ of SeeThreepio (As Threepio says in EP:II), I argue that it is not Chewbacca that Vader is trying to save, but indeed, SeeThreepio, his creation!

  6. Tyson Bradford on

    9. By the time Episode 4 came out the Empire resorted to enlisting men into the military, hence Luke’s friends going off to join the Academy instead of using clone pilots. Also several books also refer to people enlisting as troopers as well as Battlefront II refers to them doing so after Geonosis used their own clones to try to leave the Empire.

    8. Obi Wan went to Tattooine because he knew Anakin/Vader would avoid the planet due to the painful memories he had of the place. Also during the purge there would have been no reason to question the Lars family because Vader didn’t know about the twins and both he and Palpatine were the only ones beside Obi and Vader who knew Anakin became Vader. So there was no reason to go to Tattooine.

    7. Stormtroopers WERE looking for thr droids at Mos Espa. Hence the quote “These are not the droids you are looking for” Once they stormtroopers were mindtricked no one else would be looking because the Empire wouldn’t exactly say “Hey these droids hold the plans for the Death Star” in public.

    6. Boba Fett DID have a place to interrogate at his leasure. Slave I had prison cells to hold bounties that he had to capture alive. So he would have had not only a place but also time, even more important HAD Fett been there he would have taken them alive and used them as bait so Luke would bring himself, the droids, AND Han to him.

    4. Stormtroopers were completely free to disobey. The two Timothy Zahn books starring Mara Jade clearly show this. Even had they been clones, they still were able to disobey as shown in the Karen Traviss Republic Commando series where clones deserted and a few refused to comply with Order 66.

    3. Vader took Han, Leia, and Chewie as bait. He carbonited Han simply to test to see is Luke would survive as was Vader’s plan. Had he killed Chewie and Leia he would have lost his bait as Luke would have felt them die in the Force and would be alerted that Vader was close and could simply leave unhindered.

    2. We never see what happened to the troops that failed to capture them on Tattooine as it never goes back, however it’s perfectly plausible that Vader of Palpatine saw in the Force, or learned from someone on Tatooine that they were heading to Alderaan which is where the Death Star just happened to be. After that as we all know they planted a tracker on the Falcon and followed them to Yavin.

    1. Again Vader needed them alive, he simply made sure that there was no DEAD option, and as such Fett would have honored the bounty terms.

    • Thank you for not discrediting all the EU history. One point I like that Vader need his prisoners alive for torture; he wasn’t “saving” anyone out of kindness, not even C-3PO.

  7. WRONG! The original Clone Troopers of the Republic may have been clones of Jango Fett, but by the era of the original trilogy, those troops were long out of commission. The Imperial class Storm Troopers were clones of a different person entirely (thus, the different voice and different helmet design). In fact, each different class of trooper (snow, biker, etc.) were clones of different individuals. So, unless the Imperial troops were cloned from a relative of Jango Fett, Boba Fett would NOT share any DNA.

  8. One slight problem with clones/stormtroopers incapable of disobeying orders. Bobba Fett was a clone, but if you pay attention to Episode 2, Jango specifically asked for them to make Bobba for him WITHOUT programming or conditioning, and that Jango himself would be responsible for raising him. So as far as anyone is concerned, Bobba is Jango’s “son”.

  9. No matter how you look at it, #9 is dead wrong. The JAWAS were made to look like they were attacked by Tusken Raiders, not Luke’s aunt and uncle. Secondly, it’s made fairly clear that the Imperial Troops weren’t meant to be the same as the Clone Troopers– the old Clone Troops were specifically depicted with helmet’s modeled after Jango Fett’s and spoke in his voice. The fact that they were presented with clear differences from the Imperial Troops (nor did they re-dub their voices to match Jango’s, the way they did for Boba) demonstrates they definitely weren’t meant to be the same line of clones (assuming they were still even clones… the expanded universe has hinted that they used recruits).

  10. (i originally posted this on

    ***>Ok, folks, here’s my SUMMARY for each of the TEN points on this:

    10] Fett on Tatooine: ” Boba Fett would not have been above trying to collect multiple bounties. A bounty for the droids, as well as a bounty for Han Solo” /

    good point, BUT it’s inferred. why not say Fett COULD have tried for 5 bounty jobs? info is simply not given. in academia, i learned from UNL this is called “hidden premise.” we simply don’t have that…but i very good speculation!

    9] Fett “had Stormtrooper DNA: ?! one of TopTenz weakest points. for THAT matter, Anakin Skywalker had the highest midi-chlorian count, did that make him likely to kill just because of that?
    **they do a better job by pointing out that in ANH, WHY WOULD STORMTROOPERS TRY TO COVER THEIR TRACKS AFTER KILLING JAWAS & BERU & OWEN? THEY WERE THE EMPIRE; NOT SOME COMMON CRIMINALS. people like that don’t cover their tracks…BUT that does not “follow” (to get all academic here) that, therefore: Ah-ha! that means Boba Fett killed Beru & Owen & the Jawas since HE was on Tatooine at the same time. wow, so were millions (if not, hundreds of thousands) of OTHER SPECIES!

    8] **now THIS was one of TopTenz more interesting points: Vader could have killed Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru DECADES earlier; why kill them JUST at that time–though, the plans to Death Star I was extremely important>>>in the end, the Rebels got hold of the plans & blew up DSI!

    in other words: Vader had no MOTIVE at THAT TIME to kill Beru & Owen, but (as TopTenz put it) Boba Fett had the motivation because of his bounty jobs.

    7] Vader “preferred interrogations: TopTenz pointed out Vader interrogating Leia in ANH–when he could’ve just killed her, as TopTenz puts it. BUT one could argue: You kill your subject, then how are you supposed to get the infor???

    6] Fett had a motive to kill: another one of TopTenz interesting points: ” Killing them would also indicate that the killer had no place to store them for later questioning. The killer was also working on a time-frame. None of those statements are true of Imperial Stormtroopers.”

    true. again, THE STORMTROOPERS WERE NOT COMMON CRIMINALS, why would they take the time to stash the bodies somewhere–they weren’t exactly worried about the International Criminal Court at the Hague!
    *BUT that does NOT PROVE that Fett killed Beru & Owen. it’s a big Galaxy!

    5] Vader used Bounty Hunters before: of course, reference to ESB, & how Vader told, SPECIFICALLY, Fett not to kill Han Solo. again, good point, but inferred; not proof. besides, stepping outside of fiction for a second here, George Lucas was focusing on Fett, not the other Bounty Hunters.

    4] Stormtroopers could not disobey: ” So there are two possibilities here. One, Vader would have had to order the deaths of Owen and Beru. This is possible, but highly unlikely. Anakin was still inside that suit, and Owen and Beru were still family to him. More likely, somebody acted on their own. ”

    yeah, it’s “likely”, but how do we know that Smugglers didn’t kill the Jawas or Beru & Owen? or any number of being on Tatooine…again, just because Fett happen to be on Tatooine at the same time of Beru & Owen’s murder does not (necessarily, or otherwise) prove that Fett did it.

    3] in ESB, right before Han is frozen in carbonite, Vader stops Fett from shooting Chewie: interesting point that seems to show that Vader didn’t trust Fett & did not want Fett to kill more than, ehem, “necessary.” TopTenz reasons that Vader somehow knew that Fett killed Beru & Owen on Tatooine, & wanted to keep him in line…one of their weakest arguments.

    2] Vader does not Force-choke his subordinates for failing to capture R2 & C3 after THEY escape with the Death Star I plans: TopTenz reasons, given the history of those who failed him he usually Force-choked them, so why didn’t he do that to anyone after the droids escaped?

    good question, but i ALSO remember toward the end of ESB, on Cloud City, Vader Force-communicated with Luke while he was on the Falcon with Leia & Lando…Vader’s fleet could not stop the Falcon from going to Hyperspace–so, basically, it was Vader’s subordinates’ fault, YET he just turned & walked away…so, TopTenz speculation does not follow.

    AND FINALLY, 1] Back to ESB, when Vader address the Bounty Hunters & Vader says to Fett specifically, “No disintegrations.”
    TopTenz actually used a dictionary to define what disintegration was & tried to tie it to Beru & Owen’s murder. it is interesting that Vader said that specifically TO Fett & not the other Bounty Hunters.
    BUT, i refer you to my previous responses that it’s inferred and not even INdirectly proven. why would George Lucas simply infer that Fett killed Beru & Owen, YET he shows us that it was the Empire who blew up Alderaan in ANH? or that GL shows us DIRECTLY that it was Vader who killed Ben Kenobi in ANH?

    …bottom line. this is a very unique article, in that they’ve taken the time to use brain-power to speculate on SW something that COULD have been part of the SW plot. but, i’m afraid in this case, TopTenz, it is just fiction, & i really wouldn’t read too much into it that much…especially if George Lucas did not “tell” us through his own plot.

  11. …this makes me wish there was more delving into the backstory of Fett-Vader relationship.
    Keep in mind also that Boba inherits his father’s armor and even modifies it. The storm troopers walk around only with their E-11 blaster rifles, but Boba carries a jetpack with rockets and a flamethrower.
    This article is one of the coolest Star Wars articles I’ve read in a while.

  12. Sorry dude, Boba Fett did NOT kill luke’s parents. Fett was only there with Jabba the Hutt because of Han Solo. Lukes parents were killed by stormtroopers.

  13. I love the speculation of the article and it makes for great “what about…” conversations, which to me has always been at the heart of Star Wars. George left enough room in the galaxy for everyone to have creative input and foster it’s growth. One more speculation that occurred to me while reading the comments is the question of Boba Fett ever receiving Order 66. Everyone remembers that fateful order in which the clones turned on the Jedis. Did Boba also receive that command? Sure Jango requested a clone that was a perfect copy of himself, but I would be surprised if Palpatine let any clone leave Kamino without Order 66. We know that Boba Fett traded fire with Luke at Bespin and maybe he didn’t recognize him as a Jedi there, but he knew him as one at Jabba’s palace. It was on the skiff that he turned his attack to Luke, after Luke avoided walking the plank. But was it the old programming in his DNA that made him turn a blind eye (pun intended) to the mostly blinded Han Solo behind him? Ah speculation. To the original poster, I thank you for thinking outside the box.

    • **excellent point about whether or not Fett got or simply knew about Order 66!

      i’m guessing that he DID know about it. That is, via HIS FATHER. i have to keep reminding myself that it was JANGO Fett that was around for Order 66. may be BOBA Fett did NOT know about it since it was many years later, PLUS, remember that BOBA’s father was killed by Jedi Master Mace Windu in AOTC, when BOBA was about 10 years old.

      • >>>OOPS! been a while since i’ve watched the Prequels. JANGO was killed during AOTC so he was not around for Order 66…***looks like a good opportunity for some spin off movies there &/or EU novels between those movies!

    • Yes, thank you. At first I thought Mos Espa was some other town that was mentioned in the comics or books that I was unfamiliar with. But after further reading of the original top ten list, I realized it was just the author’s misnomer.

  14. I gotta say, Boba Fett is the most over-rated, boring character in the original trilogy. The only thing that made him interesting is that we knew nothing about him. His ONLY action on-screen that even remotely implied that he MIGHT be a badass bounty hunter was is ability to deduce that the Millennium Falcon would try to float away “with the rest of the garbage.” Everything else he did was rote. He even died screaming like a bitch. A Wilhelm scream, no less.

  15. We all know what happened to the Lars family from the short film “Troopers”. It was a domestic dispute gone horribly wrong.

  16. I love all the comments that are obsessing over the claim that Vader saved Chewbacca… How exactly does WHO he was trying to save have any relevance to the point that he reacted to Fett (indicating he knew what he was capable of)? WHO he was TRYING to save has no relevance here whatsoever, and certainly doesn’t change the fact that Chewbacca was STILL saved in the process, so the claim is still 100% correct no matter how you look at it.

  17. im not 100% up to snuff on this, but i thought that storm troopers were volunteers and conscripts or whatever…..the clone troopers were the ones genetically engineered to be incapable of disobeying orders….though in at least one of the books they did let a jedi escape….if im not mistaken… the storm troopers could in fact disobey orders……they didnt fight to the death defending the base on endor….i doubt the emperor would have said dont sacrifice yourselves needlessly, if it is lost, surrender. The officers culd have ordered it, but hey who knows….thats ancient history;)

  18. bobafett did not exist until after a new hope was made, this is a fact! (watch the design video) argument settled! there was no way that they were killed with bobafett in mind, simple logic. move along!!

  19. >>>ok, this is an older post, BUT i was reading “Ambush At Corellia” by Roger McBride Allen: “…and Owne and Beru had been killed by Imperial stormtroopers as they searched for the droids Luke had.”

    THAT, my friends, was PUBLISHED in 1995 by Bantam/Spectra…in other words, CANON.

    Boba Fett had NOTHING to do with Uncle Owen & Aunt Beru’s death. end of discussion. ;7)

  20. Vader was aboard his Star Destroyer in orbit over Tatooine when he learned about the escape pod having been jettisoned. We don’t know exactly how long the droids wandered the desert before being captured by the Jawas or how long the Jawas carted them around, but we know that by the time Luke & Co. got to Mos Eisley the spaceport he been locked down (albeit ineffectively) by Imperial Forces.

    The plans would therefore either be : 1) still on Tatooine; or 2) aboard any ship that (like the Falcon) blew through the blockade. IF Vader had decided to turn to Bounty Hunters this quickly, wouldn’t it make more sense to us them to chase down any ships that had escaped rather than have them down on the planet interfering with his own Troops’ mission?

    • Not if he wanted to hide from the Emperor that the remaining family he had were there and in the middle.

      I always took the timeline to be barely 2 days, as Artoo is captured at night, sold to Lars in the Morning and escapes the following evening. Everything else happens the next day.

      The Empire are already in the area with one Destroyer, many of it’s troops searching and Vader would know Fett was in Tatooine so perhaps called him for the “quick search of the Lars” so as not to draw attention to it by telling Stormtroopers “no disintegrations” at that place. Fett ignored it once he worked out the Droids had been there and were likely at Mos Eisley and just killed them and staged it so he could say “Sandpeople got there first”.

  21. Or it could be another script conflict by a director who claimed he wrote all the books at once which is BS, and needed to cover his tracks for story inaccuracies between movies.

    • George Lucas never claimed to have written everything at once. He merely had the story treatment outlining the plot of the entire original trilogy (as well as a very loose back history for what he would later develop into the prequel trilogy) when he was making the very first film. Each actual script were written and developed on an individual basis.

  22. Nope, it was stormtroopers. You should read the novel. Also, CLONE TROOPERS could not disobey orders. Stormtroopers from the IV-era are just regular dudes. Again, do some research.

    • Tyson Bradford on

      No I think you may want to read the books and do some research. In the book Dark Lord: Rise of Darth Vader it reveals that not all clones killed their jedi commanders. Particularly the ones that treated them with respect were spared. It shows it again in the Republic Commando series. Once Order 66 was called, many clones smuggled their jedi commanders out, some to Mandalore with Kal Skirata. Hell the entirety of Delta,Omega, and the Alphas were ALL clones that frequently disobeyed orders from command to instead assist Skirata. It’s not that they were incapable of disobeying, most just simply didn’t have strong enough reason to do so.

  23. Looks like the author didn’t read “Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina”. To sum up (using Wookiepedia):

    “The next morning, Luke left early to find R2-D2, who had run off the night before to find his former ‘master.’ Owen and Beru never saw Luke again, for they were killed by Imperial stormtroopers who were looking for R2-D2 on behalf of Owen’s stepbrother, Darth Vader, after the droid escaped with the stolen plans for the first Death Star. According to the recollection of stormtrooper Davin Felth, the farmers were killed after Owen spat in the face of the squad’s commanding officer, Mod Terrik, they were then each shot with a blaster before their bodies were semi-cremated with a flamethrower. Their execution was ordered by Darth Vader, who watched it via hololink, feeling it was “revenge” for their supposed weakness.”

    So it was actually Vader that killed them, via his stormtroopers.

    • Expanded Universe will also tell you that Jorus C’Boath had a hand in training Palpatine. It will be real interesting if they even use any of the accepted children in Star Wars episode VII. The Return of the Jedi novel seems to indicate that Owen Lars was actually Obi Wan’s brother and not in any way related to Anakin directly or indirectly. In Attack of the Clones, they never actually used the word ‘Mandalorian’ and Wookiepdia can be edited by most anyone. That is generally why I go by the movies rather than the expanded universe which believe me I can discuss in detail. If Disney made a one off movie about Boba Fett and showing him blowing away Owen and Beru, then it would be kind of hard to deny. I espoused this theory on fan boards before there was ever shown to be Boba on Mos Eisley in the Special Edition. That just kind of strengthened my argument. The point is I guess that I have been with Star Wars since the beginning but when it comes to a theory, I will go strictly off of what was seen in the movies even though I have in fact read and followed most every word that came out afterward in comics, books, online, television, whatever. Hope this helps. The point was to provoke thought and get my point across. In that, I believe that I have done that effectively. If I had not, this article would not be linked all over the internet and have at least 19 thousand people that shared it. Again, hope this helps. Best. Jim Ciscell

  24. Everyone stating there were hardly any clones left are right. However, if as this was a special mission (finding the death star plans / droids) and one the empire probably wanted to keep hush hush. It was probably a 90% assumption, on Vader’s part, that the droids still had the plans and were the only intelligent life/mechanical form that had or seen the DS plans, they could have passed or copied them on to anyone or been picked up from the escape pod by a passing jawa/farmer or other random. Vader says “they must have hidden the plans in the escape pod” not “the droids in that pod must have the plans.” The Dark Father would have sent one group of stormtroopers to get the plans, The 501st Legion / Battalion, AKA Vader’s Fist, which was primarily made up of the original crop of clones (later containing the regular human troopers). The 501st was specially commissioned by the emperor at Kamino to be an elite special unit and would have had blind allegiance to the empire. The 501st was like Hitler’s/Himmler’s SS (actioned like a personal army) and were never far from Vader. Also the empire didn’t jump from using Jango clones to humans, in between they used clones from different human templates to encourage more variation and free thinking.

    It isn’t a stretch that Vader would have used Fett for this, both because of what we see in ep V but also Vader had a point to prove after the exchange on the DS with Tarkin et al. Vader wanted to resolve this quickly, even if it meant using unconventional (but effective) means, i.e. bounty hunters.

    I think Vader would have sent the 501st and Fett to get the plans; stormtroopers to be the active visible presence on the street/sand (frightening the general public (The SS) and Fett to move in the shadows busting heads, interrogating and getting info on the QT (The Gestapo).

    Another bases for The Galactic Imperial hierarchy could be The Roman Empire (stormtroopers & an emperor etc.), if so consider this; “Rome often deviated from its standard recruiting policies. For example, no close reader of Caesar could fail to observe that the legendary general was repeatedly saved, even at Alesia, by mounted German mercenaries whom he had hired for his war against Vercingetorix. Subsequently, Augustus established an imperial bodyguard, the custodes, composed entirely of Germans”

    Could we consider bounty hunters similar to mercenaries.

    It is an interesting talking point and it being accurate doesn’t really matter.

    Apologies for any typos.

  25. Your second point is off. Obi Wan said that comment about Jawas being slaughtered, not Owen and Beru being killed. Also, Luke runs home by himself when he figures out that the stormtroopers might have figured out to whom the Jawas might have sold R2 and 3-PO. Ben and the droids stay behind. Only Luke actually sees the charred remains of his aunt and uncle.