Top 10 Reasons for Reincarnation


Do you believe in reincarnation?

If you’re like most people, either you reject the idea outright or don’t know enough about it to make an informed decision. What is not generally known to the average westerner, however, is that reincarnation has a good deal of hard evidence to support it, and that this evidence is frequently more impressive than many people are aware. What are these evidences? Below are the ten best evidences in support of the idea for you to ponder. Of course, if you’re already convinced it’s nonsense or, at best, nothing more than a collection of anecdotal stories told by highly suggestible people, I’m afraid this list won’t have much to say to you. For those of you who lack that degree of certainty, however, and are open to considering the possibility that you might have lived before, these top ten evidences could be for you.

10.  Conscious Past Life Memories in Children

Perhaps the strongest and best documented evidence in support of reincarnation comes from the work of the late Dr. Ian Stevenson (1918-2007), a Virginia psychiatrist of impeccable credentials, who began studying cases of conscious past life memories in children in the late fifties. Studying almost 3,000 cases of children—most of them between four and ten years of age—who were able to recall having lived past lives, he was impressed with their ability to remember not only their previous life names, but even the date they died and details about the villages in which they previously lived. Many were even able to accurately identify members of their “former” family and were often able to recount “pet names” and intricate details of their previous lives with uncanny accuracy. Additionally, many of the children Stevenson studied could remember how they had died in their previous life, providing details of their demise with a degree of certainty and knowledge inexplicable for a child. So strong were these impressions that in a few cases, the children identified so completely with their past life that they insisted on being called by their former name and even felt alienated from their present family, preferring—and, in some instances, becoming clearly upset—when not permitted to spend more time with their “previous” family.

What’s most impressive about these memories is that these children had not been hypnotized or otherwise ‘regressed’ into remembering previous lives, but had exhibited conscious memories of past lives spontaneously from a very early age. (In fact, Dr. Stevenson specifically made it a point to ignore past life memories acquired through hypnosis precisely because he considered them unreliable and fantasy prone.) While these memories and inclinations tended to fade after a few years and disappear almost completely by adolescence, they remain among the best evidence for reincarnation to date.

9. Corresponding Birthmarks

One of the more interesting and, potentially, solid evidences suggestive of reincarnation, also came from Dr. Stevenson’s research. During the course of his travels he noticed that occasionally some of the children he studied revealed marks on their bodies that precisely corresponded with the fatal wounds they claim their previous personality had suffered at the time of their death. For instance, one of Dr. Stevenson’s subjects, an eleven year old Turkish boy, recounted having been accidentally shot in the head with a shotgun by a neighbor in a previous incarnation. Remarkably, the boy was born with a badly deformed right ear that closely mimicked the wounds the deceased man had received, a fact later confirmed by medical records and photographs Dr. Stevenson was able to obtain from local authorities during his investigation. And this was by no means an unusual case; Dr. Stevenson recounted scores of similar examples, some in which toes and fingers—and in a few cases, even entire limbs—that had been lost in a previous incarnation were missing in the current incarnation, as well as even more startling instances in which there were multiple birthmarks that closely resembled the precise wounds received by the past life subject. In one case, he found matching entrance and exit wounds in a subject that closely corresponded to those of the previous personality, who had died from a gunshot wound to the head. Of course, the chances of such perfectly matching marks occurring naturally even once are astronomical, and Dr. Stevenson had a number of such cases on record.

8. Doctor Helen Wambach’s Demographic Studies

In the late 1960’s psychologist, Dr. Helen Wambach (1932-1985) began a series of experiments that dealt with the demographic consistency of past-life memories. Intrigued by several personal experiences she had encountered in dealing with patients who had described previous lives while under hypnosis and curious to know if there was more to it than simple imagination, she decided to compare the specific details of their “past life” with anthropological, sociological, and archeological studies made of the cultures they mentioned to see if there were any demographic consistency in their recounted memories. Her reasoning was that if gender and social class ratios proved to be consistent with what anthropologists and sociologists had already estimated them to have been, that would demonstrate her subjects “fantasies” correlated with the known demographic data, which would bring significant weight to the idea that human beings continue to live on through the mechanism of multiple rebirths.

Interviewing just over 1,000 subjects over a ten year period, she asked each person about their gender, race, economic status and other often mundane specifics of their daily past lives as they recalled them in 500 B.C, the 1st century A.D., 500 A.D. and 1500 A.D. What Dr. Wambach’s data found was that the information she obtained proved to be remarkably consistent with what demographers know of the ancient past. For instance, as the majority of Dr. Wambach’s subjects were women (by about a 3-to-1 ratio) and working from the premise that most people would be unlikely to imagine themselves to have been a member of the opposite sex, there should have been a disproportionately higher number of individuals remembering themselves to have been females rather than males in a past life. Instead, she was surprised to find a large number of women remembering past lives as a man (along with a smaller number of men remembering past lives as women) that when tallied resulted in a biologically accurate 50/50 ratio of men to women throughout every time period recorded. If these ‘memories’ were based upon pure imagination, such a consistent male/female ratio should be impossible to achieve, suggesting a high number of authentic past life memories existed within her sampling. Additionally, social classes proved to be in line with demographic studies as well: Dr. Wambach had her subjects recount whether they were poor, middle class, or upper class in a previous life, presuming that a disproportionate number of subjects would opt for more interesting or affluent lives, which would strongly suggest the “memories” were manufactured. To her surprise, however, most subjects recalled having lived rather ordinary and even drab lives, often in desperate poverty. In fact, fewer than 10 percent of her subjects recalled living an upper class lifestyle, and about a quarter to a third recalled being artisans or merchants (middle class) in a previous incarnation, which corresponded very closely to sociological studies from the various periods in history she covered. Her data, then, on top of demonstrating an inexplicable consistency when compared to accepted scientific expectations, also destroyed the commonly held notion that most people recall living past lives as famous or wealthy people (the Napoleon syndrome).

Other details proved to be accurate as well. Subjects frequently described architecture, clothing styles and even the coinage in use that was consistent with what archeologists know of the past. Even mundane details such as types of footwear used, eating utensils, primary diet and the methods used to cook their food—details a would-be hoaxer would be unlikely to consider—were also consistent with the known historical record, forcing her conclude that either one of the most wide-spread and carefully maintained hoaxes was afoot, or that just maybe people really do live more than one life.

7. Hypnotic Regression

Probably the best known type of evidence for reincarnation and the type most people think of when considering the subject is that which comes from hypnotic regression. In this controversial technique, subjects are hypnotized and led back through their present life to childhood before being asked to go to a “time before” their present life and describe what they see and experience. Often, subjects are able to recall extremely specific and precise personal details of their past lives such as full names, place of residence, occupations, names of spouses and family members, and other pertinent details of an alleged past life (sometimes even to the precise street address at which they previously resided) many of which frequently prove to be historically, culturally or geographically accurate. (The celebrated Bridey Murphy case of the 1950’s is perhaps the best known example of this, though it was later roundly debunked by the scientific community.) Unfortunately, while most of these cases prove to be imbued with enough detail to make them plausible as past life memories, none has proven to be irrefutable proof of reincarnation as there are almost always a few erroneous details thrown in among the verifiable facts to cast doubt on their authenticity. Additionally, there is a proven phenomena known as cryptomnesia—which is the tendency to read a book or watch a movie and then forget having done so, only to have the fictional but forgotten story recounted later as a “past life” memory—to take into account, so while hypnotism is the most prevalent type of evidence for multiple rebirths available, it if far from the best evidence available.

6. Xenoglossia

One of the more fascinating though rare evidences for reincarnation remains those handful of well documented cases in which hypnotized people reliving a past-life suddenly begin speaking in a language they do not know—either a few foreign words or phrases—or in some instances, an entire fluent conversation in a language the subject is not even aware exists. In some of the most credible and compelling cases of xenoglossia on record, the subject may not only speak in a foreign language, but may even use an archaic version of it that has not been in regular usage for centuries, making it extremely unlikely to be a fantasy, a hoax, or a case of cryptomnesia (forgotten memories). Perhaps one of the best known examples of xenoglossia came from the late actor Glenn Ford, who while under hypnosis during the 1960s recalled a past life as a French cavalryman under King Louis XIV. The astonishing part was that though Ford said he knew only a few basic phrases in French, under hypnosis he spoke French with ease while describing this life. Further, when recordings of his regression were sent to UCLA for analysis, they discovered that not only was Ford speaking fluent French, but he was speaking the Parisian dialect from the 17th century not heard in over three centuries. As such, a good case of xenoglossia remains one of the more compelling evidences for reincarnation, but as they are so rare, they have yet to generate enough hard data to allow researchers to come to any conclusions.

5. Child Prodigies

A prodigy is a child who possesses a special gift or talent—usually for science or the arts—they not only seem to excel at but become remarkably proficient at years ahead of their contemporaries. Good examples of prodigies include the German composer Amadeus Mozart, who was able to compose simple arrangements of music at the age of four and compose entire symphonies by adolescence, and the 17th century mathematician Blaise Pascal, who managed to outline a new geometric system by the age of 11. While modern science attributes these rare gifts to simple brain chemistry, it fails to ask the question of why their brains are wired differently than other people or, precisely, in which way they are differently wired. Is it some genetic mutation or a one-in-a-million mix of DNA and if so, why does it not seem to similarly affect their normal siblings? Or could it be that these special people possess their remarkable ability because they have done it all before? In effect, could the child who shows a special gift for geometry have been a mathematics professor in a previous lifetime or was Mozart able to accomplish his amazing feats of music because, precisely as he claimed, he had been a musician many times before? If past-life traumas, memories, interests, and even experiences seem to be able to manifest themselves in our current life-time, then why not our previous gifts and talents as well?

4. Déjà Vu

Déjà vu is the strange sense that one is repeating an experience they’re certain they’ve never had before, or possessing an inexplicable knowledge of the layout of a building or city that one has never visited before. To some people, such experiences are considered evidence of a past life—an echo or ill-defined memory that has somehow survived the rebirthing process to be inadvertently triggered by some event in the present.

Science insists such experiences are simply a coincidental similarity between a present and a similar but forgotten past experience. No doubt, there is some validity to this idea, as it has been repeatedly proven that memory is a tricky affair that is capable of playing all kinds of pranks on the mind, but this explanation doesn’t seem to explain the sheer amount of detail that is sometimes recalled in the best cases of déjà vu. Even a similarity of places or events cannot explain, for instance, how a person can correctly name and describe the maze of streets that lie just ahead in a small village they are visiting for the first time, nor does it seem to logically account for how a person can recall the precise layout of a home they had never visited before with unerring exactitude. A similarity with places or things experienced in the past can go only so far; at some point the odds against correctly guessing the precise layout of a city or the location of various rooms within a sprawling mansion becomes astronomical, making reincarnation, in such cases, at least a possibility.

3. Idiomatic Phobias

Phobias—those unusual and often overwhelming feelings of fear we sometimes have regarding things that usually do not constitute a genuine danger to us—is a common phenomenon almost everyone has experienced at one time or another. How one acquires a phobia is a well understood process; they are the result of some trauma or event from one’s past—usually in childhood—that manifests itself in later life as an often irrational fear. But what of those phobias that seem to develop without an accompanying trauma? For example, a therapist may find that a man who has been afraid of drowning for as long as he can remember and is terrified of water has never experienced a near drowning, while another may be terrified of horses though they’ve never been near one their entire life. In performing a past life regression, however, the key to uncovering the mystery becomes apparent as many subjects recall being traumatized in past lifetimes, with the resulting fear carrying over to the present life. For example, the man afraid of water may have drowned in a past life, while the person afraid of horses discovers they were trampled to death by one in a previous incarnation, and they retain these traumas into the present incarnation. The good news, however, is that in many cases, once the past life trauma has been identified, the sufferer frequently exhibits a surprisingly quick and complete recovery—often far more quickly than is commonly seen with more conventional therapies. In fact, even the medical community agrees that such therapies are an effective means of dealing with severe, unexplained phobias, though they generally dismiss reincarnation as a viable explanation, assuming instead that the past life “memories” are subconsciously manufactured fantasies created to mask the real trauma behind the phobia. In either case, though, past-life regression has proven to be an extremely effective means of affecting a cure.

2. Homosexuality and Transgender Tendencies

Until fairly recently it was assumed that homosexual behavior was a freely chosen lifestyle choice that could be resisted with sufficient willpower, but evidence has subsequently shown just the opposite to be true. According to recent studies, approximately 2-3% of the population develops or realizes an almost exclusively homosexual orientation from adolescence, while other studies further suggest that the proclivity towards same sex attraction may also have a genetic link. Yet what would cause such a proclivity, especially considering the negative consequences such a life-style has traditionally incurred in some societies? Is it a question of environment and upbringing, or is it entirely a matter of biology?

Or could there be another factor involved? What if the underlying cause of homosexuality is neither environmental nor genetic, but is instead the result of a previous opposite sex incarnation? Since regression therapists frequently encounter cases of men remembering having been a woman in their immediate past life—and woman of having been men—could cross-gender reincarnation have a more profound impact than might seem immediately evident? Perhaps in so closely identifying with their previous gender, they find it difficult to adjust to their new gender and so retain many of the characteristics they possessed in their last incarnation. As such, a man may be attracted to other men because on some level he still retains feminine proclivities from his past life (despite the degree of masculinity he may possess in other areas of his present life). While far from irrefutable evidence for reincarnation, cross-gender rebirth needs to be considered as one possible explanation for same gender affinities (and may have a role in explaining bisexuality, transvestitism, and even pedophilia as well).

1. Hobbies, Interests and Obsessions

Some of us seem drawn to particular objects, places, or things from earliest childhood, frequently turning them into life-long hobbies and obsessions, but where do these interest come from? For example, why would a person be drawn to studying everything there is to know about the Civil War—a conflict that occurred a century before they were even born—or why does a teenager develop a fascination with the country of France though they have never been there or have any obvious connections with the place? Could these be “echoes” from a previous incarnation? Is a Civil War buff simply pursuing a new interest or is he in some ways still clinging to a past incarnation in which he was a participant in that war? Is the teenager simply attracted to France because she admires its language, customs and history, or could there be more to it? Even if we have no conscious memory of that past persona, might not our present hobbies be a reflection of that individual’s experiences and interests? While reincarnation is only one possible answer, it must at least be considered, especially in those cases where one develops a hobby or interest that seems quite out of the ordinary (such as a boy growing up in land-locked Iowa developing a fascination for eighteenth century schooners).  It’s not known how much of our past we might retain into our present, albeit in the most subtle and subconscious ways, but it’s entirely possible that our past may be far more tied into our present (and, by extension, our future) than we can begin to imagine.


Jeff Danelek is a Denver, Colorado author who writes on many subjects having to do with history, politics, the paranormal, spirituality and religion. He has also recently written a book on reincarnation entitled, The Case for Reincarnation (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2010). To order the book or to see more of his writings, visit his website at

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  1. Islam doesn't agree with the reincarnation theory. Let us look at what Allah Almighty said in the Noble Quran:

    "From the (earth) did We Create you, and into it Shall We return you, And from it shall We Bring you out once again. (The Noble Quran, 20:55)"

    " 'And Allah has produced you from the earth, Growing (gradually), And in the End He will return you Into the (earth), And raise you forth (Again at the Resurrection).' (The Noble Quran, 71:17-18)"

    "Nor will they there Taste Death, except the first Death; and He will preserve Them from the Penalty Of the Blazing Fire. (The Noble Quran, 44:56)"

    " 'Is it (the case) that We shall not die, except our first death, And that we Shall not be punished?' Verily this is The supreme achievement! For the like of this Let all strive, Who wish to strive. (The Noble Quran, 37:58-61)"

      • actually im christian and i believen reicarnation and sort of a mix of karma. it may not make much sense to others but if you think about it it has alot of logic to it. like karma deosnt god punish you by doing wrong things. and some people say to reicarnation is like when your dead and if you go to heaven you may ask go to come back or mabye it just happens as you wait your turn to come back from heaven as you gained your time of peace. believe me or not it deos make alot of sense as you think about it.

    • why allah -who is fair- create children with problems either they are blind, they cannot hear, or they cannot talk ….. if they did not do anything wrong can you help me and tell my why.The recarnation prove that our god is fair and you should read our noble Quran and think about every word in it and i think you get the answer

    • Your "Carl Sagan Dance Party" sign is incredibly ironic, because Carl Sagan wrote in his book The Demon Haunted World, "At the time of writing there are three claims in the ESP field which, in my opinion, deserve serious study: (1) that by thought alone humans can (barely) affect random number generators in computers; (2) that people under mild sensory deprivation can receive thoughts or images "projected" at them; and (3) that young children sometimes report the details of a previous life, which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any way other than reincarnation. I pick these claims not because I think they're likely to be valid (I don't), but as examples of contentions that might be true. The last they have at least some, although still dubious, experimental support. Of course, I could be wrong."

      Even he was not so dense as to instinctively deny something purely because of it's potential ridiculousness.

  2. The most laughable one is homosexual behavior. We seem to have drifted too far from our moral compass and are now making excuses for people's dumb decisions. Read the bible. You will find no better book on morals and Prophecy.

    • Actually, what you're saying about homosexuality isn't true. It's now scientifically proven that you don't choose to be homosexual, you are born that way. It's a difference in hormone production in your brain, so it's not a decision, it's a perfectly natural thing. Also, in a sense, you can't choose to love, no one can. You just fall in love and people fall in love with people from the same gender just as easily as people fall in love with people from an opposite gender.

      PS I don't want to start a whole debate and I'm sorry if I offended you by typing this, but I just wanted to let you know. I'm also a Catholic so I know all about the Bible, so I also know that Jesus, Himself in His own words, never uttered a false word about Homosexuals. And also you can't believe everything about the Bible, it's been changed around by humans, it's to be expected after all this time and all the different opinions of everyone in the world

      • I don't think that it is for you to say. Do you believe everything that people tell you? Scientist proclaim evolution and global warming. Neither of which are true if you know anything about what you are talking about. Even if it is uncontrollable, they don't need to act upon it.

        • Sheesh.. is the man who denies 200 years of hard, observable evidence honestly claiming to know what he's talking about?

          Also, why wouldn't homosexuals act upon something that doesn't harm a single person?

        • The homosexual life style is destructive. You can't argue with that on any count.

          Does the person who claims to deny thousands of years of observable evidence honestly claim to know what he's talking about? It seems to me that you've done nothing but follow men simply because of their position rather than viewing the evidence as it is presented. If your so smart, tell me how RNA or Protein molecules could come about by chance if one cannot exist without the other? If we evolved from apes, how come apes still exist today? Finally, tell me how you get something from absolutely nothing. You can create theories all day long but in the end it comes up to ANOTHER act of faith. I'd rather believe a book that has stood the test of time (even under multiple threats of destruction) which further proves to be the divine word of god. You see, just because an idea is old doesn't make it true because things that are old have been disproved (i.e. the earth is flat). Something being new does not constitute it's being true either because all old ideas were at one time new.

          I would like for you to explain how Global Warming adds up to more than just a great way for people like Al Gore to get richer and for the global elite to create a pandemic that furthers their cause. (Maurice Strong anyone??)

        • thinkb4uspeak on

          1. “you’ve done nothing but follow men simply because of their position” umm…pastors, preists, the POPE?!?! At least the men intelligent individuals follow have spent many years becoming professionals in their field by studying facts (and also publishing the findings of their experiments which are reviewed by their peers and the scientific community).
          2. Out of all of the billions and billions of planets and galaxies in the universe it is statistically inevitable that certain elements would come together in an arrangement conducive to living organisms. It’s inevitable, not by chance.
          3. Humans did not evolve from apes, humans and apes had a common ancestor.
          4. The universe is not “something from nothing.” Please do some research. I am not allowed enough characters to give you a full advanced physics and chemistry lesson on the beginnings and makeup of our universe.
          5. There are several other religious books and writings (some even older than the the bible) that have also withstood the test of time. Does that constitute them being accurate? No. You’re storybook is no different than any of the others.
          6. Fortunately, this is what science is all about. Discovering new ideas and testing them for accuracy. Science is malleable and always up for debate. In science the idea of a god (especially the one most religions prescribe to) is highly unlikely due to the overwhelming amount of evidence against it, but that does not mean that science “rejects” it.
          7. You have no idea what you are talking about. Please do research (I mean real research,not just reading a single news article and suddenly believing you are an expert on the subject) and become a well informed individual instead of trying to act like one. You will always end up looking like an ass.

        • thinkb4uspeak on

          Also if homosexuality is a choice then why are there so many examples of homosexuality in other species?

        • I don't believe everything that everyone tells me because I'm not a blind believer, I look for facts in my everyday life. I have a gay best friend who tried to be straight because his parents disapproved highly of him and even beat him for mentioning that he liked people of the same sex. He was beyond miserable and even though he had a lover that any guy would die for, he just wasn't happy with her. Then we grew up and he seperated himself from his family and made himself happy, he now has a male lover who he would die for and they have adopted three beautiful children. I've never seen him more happy in his life, because like I say again, you can't choose who you love, it's an emotion and emotions can't be controlled, they can be shut off, but you can't control them.

          I also don't see how homosexual behavior is destructive, I mean I know two men can't have a baby but they could easily adopt all those children out there who are orphaned or the children people wouldn't think twice about adopting. I'm not just blindly saying this, my homosexual friends are my proof of this. They are amazing people who would never blindly judge anyone, they see who people are and they cherish everyone close to them.

          I know that I didn't want to make a big debate on this subject, but I actually find it interesting, everyone's different opinions. I'm also not trying to change yours, because everyone has a right to their own opinions, I'm just justifying mine

        • If you've ever taken a biology class you would know that he's right. Homosexuality is completely natural. Gender really lies on a spectrum. No one is 100% male or 100% female from a hormonal standpoint. In fact, everyone is a hybrid of a sort; made up of male and female hormones. Some people's bodies produce more estrogen or testosterone than others. This leads to the development of those features and those tendencies; such as being interested in the same sex. How do they know? Because they have cut open people's bodies and measure how the level of sex hormones being produced. It's hard to argue with that.

        • I am getting VERY annoyed with christians saying the “then why are apes still around” excuse BUT if you actually read AND paid attention to Darwin’s theory of evolution then you WOULD know that Darwin said we have the SAME ancestor as monkeys NOT that we were descended from monkeys and i have to say that is getting VERY annoying.

        • "Scientist proclaim evolution and global warming. Neither of which are true" Damn, you are seriously messed up. Poor thing =(

        • And man have never been on the moon right?? It’s not a matter of who’sright and who’s wrong (you), it’s not a competition (if it were no contest), the important thing is that your head is full of cr*p and that’s a shame. I’m so sorry for you =[

      • Bullsh*t. Science has never found the homosexual gene. You can look that up. Besides, as much as you may try and justify homosexuality as being right it just doesn't work. The only point of sex is reproduction so naturally we are attracted to people who can give us what we need. Homosexuality doesn't work with that. Now I've heard that people also try and justify by saying things like: "Animals are gay!" and relating homosexual tendencies to things like snails. Problem is the animals that act gay simply try to have sex with anything to fill their impulse, and snails are hermaphrodites so they can reproduce with anything. So sex may feel good and be emotionally stimulating but it's only for reproduction when you take it to basics. And I'm not a religious fanatic who pickets gay events and sh*t like that, I know plenty of gay people and they're perfectly normal, nice, people. Homosexuality just is their choice and I don't believe it's right.

        • *tips hat* Thank you brother. The whole "born that way" garbage is starting to annoy me. If that's your choice then that's your choice, be it wrong or right. Homosexuality, from what I can deduce (being a bored student with a ridiculously extensive scientific and religious knowledge) just is scientifically and religiously wrong. But that's they're choice and I can't change that.

        • "Me? I’d suppress my emotions. But considering it DOESN’T work this way, I have nothing to worry about. It’s a mind set. And people need to get over it."

          I'm not so sure about that. A friend of mine discovered she was attracted to both males and females about the age of 7-10 when accidentally coming across erotic pictures of both sexes on the internet, and finding them both equally exciting. That opinion of hers hasn't changed ever, no matter how hard she tried to suppress it.

          You have to realize that most homo/bisexuals have a hard time letting it out, and suppress it painfully until they can. Do you really think that's what people want? That friend of mine really did wish she wasn't the way she was before she freed herself from the constraints. I'm pretty sure many other homo/bi/etc.sexuals consider their "condition" a curse, at least at first, especially in the more homophobic areas. They aren't doing it to be cool or to make a statement or something.

        • Benni,

          Yeah suppressing one's emotions and projecting themselves as a culturally-acceptable shell of who they really are for a lifetime is a really cool thing to do. Sounds like so much fun!

        • If the internet could adequately express my seething sarcasm you would understand…

        • ok, then that is your opinion, I am just stating mine, but I am grateful that you do not attack homosexuals though we might have different beliefs on the subject. I still do not think that it is a choice, just a matter of who you love and do not love, but everyone has their own opinions and that is why the world is interesting, if everyone thought the same, then we would not ever have such interesting debates. I am most definitely not trying to change anyone else's opinion, because then I would feel a little bit hypocritical. But I still find this extremely interesting discussion, because in the end, not even science or religion can truly justify everything, it is what people believe to be right and wrong

        • It's not an opinion. It's very very true. If homosexuals were really happy and content with who they are there would be no need to try and justify the choice and make their lifestyle akin to something like down syndrome. Homosexuality is not a disability or a disease and should not be treated as such. They made a choice, and they should stand by that choice and not try and pretend that they didn't make it. It's a mind set. That's all it is. And "it's a matter of who you love and who you do not love." is a choice, albeit subconscious, it's a choice nonetheless. I have a gay friend who is openly gay and I've talked to him about this issue and he agrees with my "opinion". He said that he wasn't born gay, he made a choice because that's what he wanted and he's happy with it.

        • I never said it was akin to a disease, I just think that, in a sense, it is the same as heterosexuality, that it just happens naturally that you prefer to be with someone of a certain sex. But I do admit that emotions do come from the subconcsience mind, and love being an emotion, is probably a subconcsience choice, but I still believe that you cannot change being homosexual, just like you cannot change being heterosexual

        • Me? I'd suppress my emotions. But considering it DOESN'T work this way, I have nothing to worry about. It's a mind set. And people need to get over it.

        • Then you should be happy with the way you were born, and ignore bashers. For every one person that hates, there will be ten more people that will support you=)

        • @The Blackbird, I know, it is hard, my homosexual friends have to deal with prejudices too, but you can't go through life thinking of things like that, you'll eventually never want to go out the house again. Even though there is that threat, you just have to go out and live your life. I know it's hard and it's easier said than done, but you also have the same threat of getting hit by a car, or getting into an accident. You never know what could happen throughout a day but that doesn't mean you should change who you are and make yourself unhappy just because there is a threat like that

        • If sex is just an urge to reproduce, then why is it pleasurable. Animals dont feel pleasure when they have sex, thats why they only mate in spring.

        • a good majority of animals have sexual intercourse merely for reproduction purposes, but some (like humans, monkeys and dolphins) have sexfor pleasure. so with what i would assume is deductive reasoning, not all animals have sex for pleasure because it isnt pleasurable for them. otherwise they would be doing it all the time. Just because you have not read or learned about such things does not mean they do not exist

        • opinionsareyourown,n on

          Really, there is no wrong. Not in our minds. Our own reality.

          You can never set off to do the wrong thing.

          You can never say the wrong thing.

          In your own mind, you are always right. Every action you take–what you do or say or how you choose to appear–is automatically right the moment you act.

          Even if you were to tell yourself, 'Today, I'm going to drink coffee the wrong way… from a dirty boot.' Even that would be right because you chose to drink coffee from that boot.

          Because you can do nothing wrong. You are always right.

          Even when you say, "I'm such an idiot, I'm so wrong…" you're right.

          You're right about being wrong. You're right even when you're an idiot.

  3. Keith Watabayashi on

    I give you credit for writing as you (seemingly) believe, but there is no "evidence" here, just a lot of assumption and made-up connections.

  4. …this list sucks…number 2 is especially insulting…

    …how dare you attempt, weakly i might add, to explain away homosexuality as some failed attempt to fulfill a heterosexual impulse…

    do you have any idea how insulting it is to include pedophilia in the same area as the homosexual/transgender conversation…especially considering the majority of cases of pedophilia are heterosexual…

    • plus, pedophilia and homosexuality/transgender/etc aren't comparable at all, since pedophilia pretty much discludes consent by it's nature.

      • Actually, homosexuality, pedophilia, heterosexuality, and whatever else you may have do go hand in hand. They are all a sexual preference the person has no control over. Don't condemn people who are pedophiles when most of them HATE who they are because they can't help liking children. "Pedophilia pretty much discludes consent by it's nature". No, it does not. The majority of pedophiles don't even act on their sexual preference, but idiots like you believe all of them do because you only listen to what the front page news says about them. Do some research before you post comments. Maybe go to a pedophile support group and watch these people with broken lives.

        • Sorry, I obviously worded my reply wrong. I do realize that not all pedophiles act upon their desires, and how horrible that must be. I was just thinking about when they do act upon their desires when I wrote that reply.

    • It's a comparison from one extreme to, another, even greater extreme to point out how unnatural homosexuality is. Some people have a hard time fathoming homosexuality as unnatural even though it is neither looked upon as ethical (from a biblical standpoint which is our compass for morals) or even a way in which humans reproduce. What if the entire world was homosexual? We'd all be screwed in about 30 years once the sperm banks run out. Or we'd all die of GRID.

      • who said the sperm bank would run out? if we were all homosexuals and wanted to keep our species alive, the males with "deposit" into the sperm bank and the females would take from that and reproduce

        • The Blackbird on

          The fact is, we are not all homosexuals so your fantasy is insipid. How about if we come up with something more likely, as in, "If males were all to become infertile due to environmental toxicity …"

          In this case, I as the only male on the planet who managed to avoid infertility due to toxicity, would be responsible for inseminating all still-still fertile females who wished to assist in the propagation of the species whilst enjoying the **** of their lives.

          Now that's a fantasy I can enjoy.

      • Not necessarily. You can be non-religious and still have spiritual views that allow for reincarnation. I’m an atheist, and I’ve come to accept the existence of it. I have things about myself that I recognize as coming from past lives.

  5. Seek alternative explanations and consider the quality and methodology behind the "evidence" before accepting it. Take the time to look things up before you spout them.

    “I think he was trying to figure things out, but he just didn’t follow elementary proper standards,” said Leonard Angel, a philosopher of religion at Douglas College in New Westminster, British Columbia, said in a telephone interview on Wednesday. “but you do have to look carefully to see it; that’s why he’s been very persuasive to many people.”

    "For his part, Dr. Stevenson emphasized that the information he collected was meant only to suggest that reincarnation was possible, not to prove it beyond doubt."

    Human memory is notoriously unreliable and faulty. While it might be nice to think that we all come back after we die, it's also nice to think that if we're good, Santa will bring us presents. Doesn't make it true.

  6. Amethyst Slinky on

    OK guys, what the hell is wrong with you? Just bc you have different religious beliefs does not give you the right to speak so ill of this list. Reincarnation is apart of other religions, in case that has slipped your mind. If you don't like people insulting you and your beliefs, you should not be such a hypocrite and insult others.

    ANYWAYZ – This is an AWESOME list. I have a personal belief in reincarnation (alot of my beliefs come from the Hindu religion despite being raised a christian) and have done some research myself before this list came about. It's quite insightful to see other reasons why reincarnation can be a true thing. I enjoy reading lists about how certain beliefs can be accurate. I would love to see more lists of this nature, despite all the fundamentalists out there who want to boast that their religion is 100% correct and want to negatively criticize if it's not their belief.

    Keep up the good work! I love this site and have been reading these lists for a few months now (this is my first time commenting btw). ^_^

    • You couldn't write "because" but you can write "fundementalists" ? And how can you have Hindu beliefs and still be Christian? That completely contradicts itself. Reincarnation is a load of bull as shown by this list.

      • Amethyst Slinky on

        tsk tsk – it's called "shorthand". And it's cute that you think that trying to insult someone's writing is considered debating LOL. But anyways, I've been RAISED a christian (please learn to read before assuming). I have went to catholic school all my life. I've learned a lot about religion and Christianity, but that does not mean I believe in it. My own personal beliefs are a bit wild, because it's quite difficult to think that any one religion is 100% correct. There are just too many different aspects to consider. But hey, if you want to think that reincarnation is bull, then continue on believing what you want to believe. I'm not here to change it.

        But if you're curious, what I believe is that if you're good person in this life, you will be rewarded in the next (whether it is "heaven" or "reincarnating" into a better life).

        • I know what shorthand is (and I'm a douchebag), I'm just a grammar Nazi. And the way the sentence was worded it appeared as if you were trying to say that you were raised Christian but a lot of your beliefs were Hindu, as in you were sort of both Hindu and Christian (If that makes any sense. Hence my confusion since they are contradictory.)

          I would like to consider myself a Christian, but currently I am undecided about it (I too was raised/still being raised a Christian) I'm just too deep rooted in science to believe in something I can't scientifically prove at the moment. But I am curious as to how you formulated this "religion" of your own made of other regions?

    • .. why wouldn't people have the "right" to speak ill of this list? (which we do by the way, lawfully at least, unless you live in some fascist country in which it is illegal to talk shit about pseudo-scientific things) And so what reincarnation is a part of some religions? I hope you aren't implying that somehow makes it bad to criticize the idea.

    • .. why wouldn't people have the "right" to speak ill of this list? (which we do by the way, lawfully at least, unless you live in some fascist country in which it is illegal to talk negatively about pseudo-scientific things) And so what reincarnation is a part of some religions? I hope you aren't implying that somehow makes it bad to criticize the idea.

      • Amethyst Slinky on

        LOL, alright, I meant that it's stupid for people to hate on this list solely bc it's not their personal belief. And the reason I mentioned that is because people want to be in such an uproar over this list solely bc it's not the "word of god" or whatever religion they believe. So I said that if you don't want others to criticize your beliefs, don't go off being a hypocrite and speak so ill of other religions. And don't worry, I'm not in some fascist country, thankfully! O_o

        • Haha, all right. Just confused you with the ones who consider religious opinions to be above criticism. Sorry.

  7. The homophobia in this article, displayed here as some kind of scientifically valid theory with supporting evidence as opposed to the insult that it is to so many people, is damaging and disgusting. Not only have you falsely conflated transgender impulses with homosexual attraction, when they are completely different and have different psychological and physiological origins, but you have also put homosexuality on a par with pedophilia. What's more, you state that homosexuality is not something one can choose, but STILL go on to question why it still exists in the face of negative social attitudes, as though popular opinion is the sole arbiter of morality. It's sad that a website dedicated to entertainment would play host to the prejudiced babblings of a New Age author.

    • The Blackbird on

      I agree, Dude. These people sit in their stuffy houses and think about these silly notions when, within driving distance of most, is a forest or stretch of beach or desert chaparral or some marvelous creation of nature brimming with life's mysteries.

  8. This should be renamed the top ten crappiest pseudo-science explanations for reincarnation that are all as transparent as a tissue.

  9. This list started out with the best; interesting reports of things that make reincarnation worth looking into, and then after 4 entries it deteriorates into a train of god of the gaps fallacies.

    Believe it or not, I'm a believer in reincarnation. But I'm a skeptical believer, and most of this list was just "I don't know the answer to this question, let's fill it with reincarnation."

    • Yes.. quite similar to the god of the gaps fallacy. I suggest exploring empirical evidence rather than hypotheses influenced by personal experiences, since the human brain isn't 100% perfect and we can't trust it entirely.

      Considering the human brains flaws, I think mental illnesses work similarly to sexuality. Few, if any, are ever 100% hetero- or homosexuals, and many are caught in between, similar to mental illnesses. Some have no problems, others will never be released from the mental institution. I think people who live normal lives but still have supernatural experiences are caught somewhere in between, and only experience minor sensory bugs.

      • Although we don't agree on everything, I'm glad someone here is actually able to put forth a logical appeal towards their claim. I respect you for that.

  10. Spoke my mind on

    Love is love, no one can change that. Homosexuality is not a choice, it doesn't matter anyway. Reincarnation is very interesting, and I respect the belief. No one knows for sure what happens, and as humans, I find some things are better left not understood.

    • The Blackbird on

      Oops, oops, oops … Erik, you've made a big booboo. You just got bumped down on the "coming back as" hierarchy, from giraffe to impala.

  11. The Blackbird on

    To paraquote the late Joseph Campbell, mythologies should be considered as metaphorical. As the concept reincarnation is derived from a mythological system, the non-literal analyst would take it to mean something other than what form the deceased will assume after corporeal death. Indeed, when understood as metaphors, all such representations of afterlife concern passages people undergo during their life cycles, transitions, shifts in vocation, marital status, lifestyle, geography. Taken literally, reincarnation becomes folk mysticism, an unexplainable but undeniably true aspect of reality with no grounding in our genuinely perceived experience of the known universe. Yes there are people who will tell you they were Napoleon or Jesus or Lucy the australopithecine. They're all insane or bored.

  12. madeup6isanidiot on

    @madeup6 you said "The most laughable one is homosexual behavior. We seem to have drifted too far from our moral compass and are now making excuses for people’s dumb decisions. Read the bible. You will find no better book on morals and Prophecy."

    Firstly, the bible is fallacious (you cannot deny its contradictory nature) and only exists in our modern world because of the over-sentimentality and insecurity that plagues the human psyche- as well as the rigid and violent enforcement of it in the past. I find it extremely disgusting that you hold your holy scripture above anyone else’s, when the probability of Christianity being true is not more than say, the Qur’an (and both are probably false). In addition, just because the bible may be a good reference for one’s moral conduct, doesn’t mean it’s true! You can follow all the moral guidelines that the bible has set WITHOUT being Christian (actually, you probably couldn’t because of the myriad incongruities that Christians neglect everyday); as in, a code of ethics can be instilled without a “god” figure behind it. Isn’t it more righteous, more noble, to pursue a life free from iniquity without your reason being that someone else told you to? Or that you would be tortured for all eternity if you didn’t do good? (about hell: if there is a god that punishes people purely for not believing in him, he must be highly insecure) And about the bible being correct on prophecies… like what? Most prophecies are vague and can be misconstrued with bias; with billions of people on earth all with individual activities and experiences, it would be a miracle (even, a sign of God /sarcasm) if there WEREN’T some prophecies that came true. Grow up, this childhood story has carried on for far too long.

    “You can create theories all day long but in the end it comes up to ANOTHER act of faith. I’d rather believe a book that has stood the test of time (even under multiple threats of destruction) which further proves to be the divine word of god.”

    Again, all the other holy scriptures have ALSO stood the test of time, so your argument is invalid. Plus, you said yourself that “just because an idea is old doesn’t make it true because things that are old have been disproved (i.e. the earth is flat).” Thank you, you helped me make my point.

    Lastly, we reach your attack on homosexuals. “The homosexual life style is destructive. You can’t argue with that on any count.” I can’t even explain how wrong that is. HOW IS THE HOMOSEXUAL LIFESTYLE DESTRUCTIVE? You may say that it doesn’t contribute to reproduction, but if anything, the world needs LESS reproduction right now. And I know that you won’t be dissuaded from your beliefs of homosexual immorality, so I won’t even bother.

    • The problem with arguing in this context is that religion (i.e. the bible) cannot be believed without an act of faith. Everything you said wasn't based on faith therefore I can assume that me and you won't be able to find a common ground. Faith is an assured expectation of things hoped for; realities though not yet beheld. If you don't want to believe the bible, FINE. That's your decision. I will say that you made some good points, kudos because few people seem to be able to. From your very last statement that "we need less reproduction right now", I can see that you are a liberal. Progressive liberal to be exact. You think that the human race itself is destructive to the planet and that we are growing as a race SO fast that we need to cut down the numbers because we are going to run out of room and resources. A lot of people are pushing for this population control (even Bill Gates). But that's an entirely different subject that, while connects, I'm sure you don't want to here about.

  13. I read this as I do anything supernatural, religious, or otherwise unprovable until I reached the part about homosexuality. Particularly throwing pedophilia in the same category as homosexuality and trans-sexual or -gendered individuals.

    Seriously, that just made me want to punch people. Ugh.

  14. Anirudh K. Satsangi on


    According to Dr. Granville Dharmawardena of Colombo University reincarnation may be defined as the re-embodiment of an immaterial part of a person after a short or a long interval after death, in a new body whence it proceeds to lead a new life in the new body more or less unconscious of its past existences, but containing within itself the “essence” of the results of its past lives, which experience goes to make up its new character or personality.
    In the seventeenth century Rene Descartes divided everything in the universe into two realms as “Res Extensa” (matter) and “Res Cogitans” (mind). Gathering knowledge within the realm of Res Extensa was called Science and the phenomenon of reincarnation got pushed into the other realm Res Cogitans which was not considered suitable for scientific probing. Science developed in the framework of Res Estensa is known as “Classical Science”. Classical science had tremendous material achievements because it helped all round growth of technology which brought about prosperity to mankind. The air of frame work of Classical Science was blown out by Henry Becquerel in 1896 by the discovery of Radioactivity. The discovery of Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein in early 20th Century gave it further blow. The advent of Quantum Theory and the Uncertainty Principle did the rest. It is significant to note that Einstein’s discovery fall entirely within the frame work of Res Cogitans as it did not involve any experiments or measurements. Gravitation Force Theory of Newton is also an example of such observation and intuition work involving no experiments and measurements.

    Modern Science enhanced man’s knowledge surpassing the restrictions imposed by the five senses and took us to hidden areas of nature and profound changes had been introduced in procedures of science. Our ability to understand everything by way of perceptible mental pictures is reduced and it became necessary to imagine models with components which behaved in ways that had no counterparts at all in the world familiar to us. In most cases mechanisms involved in these models not only are imperceptible but also consist of elements that operate in ways never known in the world that we actually experience through sensory inputs.
    Modern science tied up the two realms, Res Extensa and Res Cogitans and made us to understand that they are not independent and cannot be completely studied independently. Within the establishment of modern science some of the aspects of nature that did not strictly adhere to the realm of Res Extensa, which were therefore earlier condemned as unbecoming of scientists to talk about have become respectable. Reincarnation falls into this category
    Reincarnation is a very old belief and a large fraction of the world population believes it. For example Rene Descartes’ statement “What I have said is sufficient to show clearly enough that the extinction of the mind does not follow from the corruption of the body and also to give men the hope of another life after death” in 1641 confirms his belief in reincarnation. About 20 percent of those in the Western World whose religions shun reincarnation nevertheless believe it. According to opinion polls this percentage is rising.
    Lisa Miller, Religion Editor of Newsweek says that Americans are becoming more Hindus. According to 2008 Harris Poll 24% of Americans say they believe in reincarnation
    Steven J Rosen writes in The Reincarnation Controversy, Uncovering the Truth in World Religions (New Age Books) that belief in reincarnation allows us to see ourselves as architects of our own future. Rosen raises certain queries,‘ what is it that reincarnates from one body to another? Is it the soul? the mind? the intellect? To understand this we should suggest answer to these questions. We all know that there are four fundamental forces in the universe viz., gravitation force, electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force. I have written a paper entitled ‘Gravitation Force is the Ultimate Creator’ and presented it at the 1st International Conference on Revival of Traditional Yoga held in Lonavla Yoga Institute, Lonavla in January 2006. In this paper I have defined soul (individual consciousness), mind and body. According to this every point of action of Gravitational Force Field is individual consciousness or soul, electromagnetic force as the force of mind and weak and strong nuclear force as the gross material force which constitute physical frame of body.
    Consciousness is All Intelligent and pervades everywhere. Although all other remaining three forces are also intelligent but they are subordinate to Gravitational Force. THIS DESCRIPTION WILL HELP TO UNDERSTAND ‘WHAT IS IT THAT REINCARNATES FROM ONE BODY TO ANOTHER.
    According to Buddhism this is not the supreme atman or soul that ties one life to another, instead it talks about past lives as evolvement of consciousness, emergence of a new personality from the same stream of consciousness.
    Reincarnation is not an exclusively Eastern precept. It is contained in some form in almost every major religion and mystical philosophy. Research indicates that it was an accepted doctrine, at least in some quarters, at the time of Christ, and is still an integral part of some sects of the Jewish tradition. The Bible contain no condemnation of the principle of reincarnation, and in fact, when Christ was asked when Elijah would return, he answered that Elijah had returned, referring to John the Baptist.
    Sakina Yusuf Khan writes in an article A Night Of Forgiveness published in The Speaking Tree: “It (Shab-e-Barat) is also a festival associated with the dead. It is believed that the souls of the dead are set free on this night to visit their relatives.” What this indicates? This is a belief in reincarnation, of course in subtle body.
    Unaccomplished activities of past lives are also one of the causes for reincarnation. Some of us reincarnate to complete the unfinished tasks of previous birth. The is evident from my own story of reincarnation:
    “My most Revered Guru of my previous life His Holiness Maharaj Sahab, 3rd Spiritual Head of Radhasoami Faith had revealed this secret to me during trance like state of mine. This was sort of REVELATION.
    HE told me, “Tum Sarkar Sahab Ho” (You are Sarkar Sahab). Sarkar Sahab was one of the most beloved disciple of His Holiness Maharj Sahab. Sarkar Sahab later on became Fourth of Spiritual Head Radhasoami Faith.
    Since I don’t have any direct realization of it so I can not claim the extent of its correctness. But it seems to be correct. During my previous birth I wanted to sing the song of ‘Infinite’ (Agam Geet yeh gawan chahoon tumhri mauj nihara, mauj hoi to satguru soami karoon supanth vichara) but I could not do so then since I had to leave the mortal frame at a very early age. But through the unbounded Grace and Mercy of my most Revered Guru that desire of my past birth is being fulfilled now.”
    I am one the chief expounder and supporter of Gravitation Force Theory of God. This is most scientific and secular theory of God. This is the Theory of Universal Religion. I have given Higher Theory of Everything. Sometimes back I posted this as comments to a blog on:
    ‘Fighting of the Cause of Allah by Governing a Smart Mathematics Based on Islamic Teology’
    By Rohedi of Rohedi Laboratories, Indonesia. Rohedi termed my higher theory of everything more wonderful than which has been developed by Stephen Hawking. Some details are quoted below:
    @anirudh kumar satsangi
    Congratulation you have develop the higher theory of everything more wonderful than which has been developed by Stephen Hawking. Hopefully your some views for being considered for Unified Field Theory are recognized by International Science Community, hence I soon read the fundamental aspect proposed by you.
    I have posted my comments to the Blog of Syed K. Mirza on Evolutionary Science vs. Creation Theory, and Intellectual Hypocrisy. Syed Mirza seems to be a very liberal muslim. He responded to my comments as mentioned below.
    “Many thanks for your very high thought explanations of God.
    You said:
    “Hence it can be assumed that the Current of Chaitanya (Consciousness) and Gravitational Wave are the two names of the same Supreme Essence (Seed) which has brought forth the entire creation. Hence it can be assumed that the source of current of consciousness and gravitational wave is the same i.e. God or ultimate creator.
    (i) Gravitation Force is the Ultimate Creator, Source of Gravitational Wave is God”
    Whatever you call it, God is no living God of any religion. Yes, when I call it “Mother Nature” is the God generated from all Natural forces and Gravitational force is the nucleus of all forces or we can presume that Gravitation is the ultimate guiding principle of this Mother Nature we call it non-living God unlike living personal God of religions. I can not believe any personal God would do so much misery created for its creation. Hence, only non-living natural God can explain everything in the Universe. When we think of any living personal God, things do not ad up!”
    I have also discovered the mathematical expression for emotional quotient (E.Q.) and for spiritual quotient (S.Q.).
    Austrian Scientist Rudolf Steiner says,
    “Just as an age was once ready to receive the Copernican theory of the universe, so is our age ready for the idea of reincarnation to be brought into the general consciousness of humanity”.

  15. MeMyselfAndBoredom on

    What if "love" is more than just an emotion controlled by hormones? What if it happens to be more than just lust, and something you can't just fall in and out of?

    What if being homosexual has something to do with a mental issue, and actually does "feel" like you were born that way and since the culture accepts that as truth, there is no need to get help or change?

  16. A BiPolar Guy on

    “marks on their bodies that precisely corresponded with the fatal wounds they claim their previous personality had suffered at the time of their death” No chance at all made up the wound sites to match were where they could see their birthmarks or other skin marks, eh? I like computers because I used to be charles babbage – that proves it.
    Actually this is just one of the examples of the too trusting nature of the researchers or witnesses cited. The assumption is made that the claimants tell the truth. Why? Charlatans and attention seekers abound, and may be found among the claimants and those who report about them. Fakery is not taken into account here.

  17. i think reincarnation is bias…
    so it means the people lived in previous years will live again when someone gave birth?
    how about the infants own soul and experience? if the people from past lives will always
    live their lives… give others a chance! ^^
    and what if the child die? is he/she gonna go in hell if the person that was reincarnated in him/her was a killer or murderer? oh come on…

  18. If reincarnation is real, that means there’s a set number of souls or beings being born again again, then explain why the population of the earth has been growing and growing instead of being always the same? If you were to travel back in time the population would decrease as you went, that’s history, there were less people in the past.

    If you’re “born” gay then why some people get married have kids and then all of a sudden they’re gay after a lifetime of being straight? Sounds like the made a choice to me. And on the religious side, why would God create gay human beings and then say it’s wrong? Doesn’t make sense. AND don’t say global warming is not real just because some people are making money off of it, ask the polar bears if its BS.

  19. I am so over you trolls. Trolls ruin every article on the internet that they post on, and you all should respect other people’s beliefs whether or not you agree.

  20. The weird idea is that one lives but once. It is an amazing set of mental gyrations people go through to try to make that idea fit their prejudices and what they have been taught. It is not what the rest of the world believes, probably not even the majority. Go tell an Indian that he lives only once and see what kind of reaction you get.

    • It makes perfect sense that people would think that there was only one (conscious) life, as there is no empirical proof gathered by scientific, objective means that points to any more. (if there is, I’d very much like to know what it is)

      Why would I care any more what a indian has to say about this than anyone else? Is he more qualified for the job than someone who does not follow his religion(assuming he’s hindu), or are people supposed to be moved and convinced only by the conviction in his beliefs?

  21. I have deja vu sometimes and I have visions. You want to know why…I have epilepsy! I have complex partial seizures. I used to have them once a month and stressed caused them. They scared me for a long, long time. I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

  22. Mozart is from Austria. Although back then Salzburg has been on German territory. But you’d also never say Kafka is from Austria. Although at that time Prague was in Austria. Just saying.

  23. Reincarnation is absolutely real. If you haven’t yet read any of the thousands of researched case studies, I would do so before posting here in such confidence. Birthmarks do match, young children do have these memories and in many cases both of those are documented and/or verified. You can’t just ignore they exist. There have been cases of children speaking ancient biblical language that is no longer used, young children in Midwest USA naming povern villages in 3rd world countries that I don’t even know exist. How do you explain this?

  24. this list will make the top ten most debatable list of toptenz..and others if i may say really went all out in their opinion that their comments alone could be lenghtier than the actual article….

    Will it help everyone if i tell all of you I was a platypus in my previous life, or a squirrel maybe? rolf!!! Pardon me, I was just being sarcastic…

    But in my own opinion, I think there are so many things out there that still are and will always remain a mystery to all of us..and the more we try to study them the harder we could grasp all the answers…(sorry for the grammar or spelling if there is wrong, im typing while carrying my 7month old son..i just cant resist, too lazy to check)

  25. To those who claim that “homosexuality is a choice,” “a mindset,” and the like, I suggest you stop and think very, very, very carefully about that line of thought for one more minute. While you’re thinking about it, consider this. If I were to walk up to you and say, “hello there. I’m a heterosexual man. you’re a heterosexual man. let’s do a little experiment and see if we can toggle from our heterosexual mindset to a homosexual mindset, just for fifteen seconds. let’s make out. let’s kiss with tongue. when we’re finished, we’ll both think like heterosexuals again and stop imagining and thinking like homosexuals, and have lunch together with no awkwardness,” what would you do? should be easy, right? we can rapidly adopt the mindset of wanting to have a very casual moment of physical contact with someone of the same sex and just as rapidly put it in the context of being “just a mindset,” however temporary. btw, calling something a “mindset” lacks meaning, lacks punch. your mind isn’t “set” just because you believe something. because you think a certain way. all it takes is an accident. just a bad turn with the car into a tree, or an electric shock, or a stroke, and presto – your mind is now altered. probably permanently – the damage done to our brains is what “sets” it. not the thinking we’ve been doing without any damage to our brains.

    what I’m getting at here is that no, no amount of re-thinking something, putting oneself in another persons’s shoes, or just accepting a casual moment of mindset-swapping, will allow a heterosexual to make out with another heterosexual, or a homosexual person to make out with another homosexual person. so the whole idea that this is a “choice” is false. If you cannot make the choice to make out with someone of the same sex for a few seconds without feeling your stomach turn, then guess what? your entire premise that homosexuality is a “choice” suddenly is about as true as that mindset I told you about. I would love to grab the guy who tells me that homosexuality is a choice and tell him to make out with me, to make that momentary choice, and watch his fear and loathing and insecurity rapidly bubble up, but I wouldn’t make that request because I’m heterosexual, and can’t bring myself to make the choice to invite anyone to do that with me.

    If you continue to think that homosexuality is a choice after reading this comment, then you should be concerned – your mind really is set, and that means you’ve suffered permanent brain damage and are only just discovering it now.

    • I’ll add a quick correction to the above: I wrote “no amount of re-thinking something, putting oneself in another persons’s shoes, or just accepting a casual moment of mindset-swapping, will allow a heterosexual to make out with another heterosexual, or a homosexual person to make out with another homosexual person.” – the correct terms here would be to say, “no amount of re-thinking something, putting oneself in another persons’s shoes, or just accepting a casual moment of mindset-swapping, will allow a heterosexual man to make out with another heterosexual man or a homosexual man to make out with a woman.” there are a few other variations, but you get the idea.

  26. Hard evidence!? I don’t think you know what those words mean, especially not the second one, person who created this list.

  27. “5. Child Prodigies” – there is an interesting example of a child prodigy who remembered his past life as a Buddhist monk and gave detailed proofs of his past life at around age four when he visited his past life monastery. From that age he started giving lectures on Buddhism, and thousands of people from all over Burma (now Myanmar) came to listen to his lectures. The then British governor of Burma was so impressed with the boy that he asked him to give lectures for jail inmates, and all the jail doors were opened for him. See the free book for more details and the original reference at [Link deleted]

    One of the reasons that reincarnation is not so well known in the west is because it was removed from the Bible. Some Bible scholars say that even the present Bible cannot be fully understood without the concept of reincarnation. There are still some verses that indicate reincarnation. The above book has a chapter on reincarnation and one page in this chapter is devoted to reincarnation in Christianity.

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