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If you read the title and thought, “What the heck is a Stumbler and what is StumbleUpon,” you should take a moment to read up on the biggest time-waster in the history of the world right behind watching soap operas. But, it is addicting, as you will see below and is equally fun. Click here to find out about StumbleUpon.

If you do know StumbleUpon, please take a moment before giving this page a thumbs down based on the notion I created it simply to get positive votes. This is more than just a rehash of the top stumblers listed on Top Stumbler’s page. I’ve tried to show the top stumblers based on a criteria I created. Hey, I even made a graph, see at the bottom. So read it through before voting, and please remember: one of the reasons I created this top ten list of stumblers was to spread the word and introduce more people to the Joy of Stumbling. Read my basis for this list below. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration. And now, here are the World’s Top Ten Stumblers:

10. Burkinalovefaso

Likes 15,073 pages, 3,688 videos, 782 photos • 1,017 fans • 170 reviews
Total Score: 27,976

9. Stardust

Was the the last stumbler (#30) but moved up to #8 with my adjusted numbers.

Likes 19,165 pages, 512 videos, 4,477 photos • 559 fans238 reviews
Total Score: 28,466

8. Codebender

Likes 20,571 pages, 931 videos, 593 photos • 1,236 fans77 reviews
Total Score: 29,357

7. Clickmonkey

Likes 23,477 pages, 470 videos, 434 photos • 1,158 fans • 179 reviews
Total Score: 32,083

6. Barrelhead

Likes 23,487 pages, 1,392 videos, 2,489 photos • 660 fans168 reviews
Total Score: 32,422

5. Tapwaterj

Likes 20,137 pages, 581 videos, 1,822 photos • 1,514 fans367 reviews
Total Score: 33,615

4. Majakka

Likes 28,573 pages, 533 videos, 5,712 photos • 1,374 fans303 reviews
Total Score: 43,552

3. Tutto

Likes 36,004 pages, 303 videos, 20,637 photos • 2,521 fans604 reviews
Total Score: 70,577

2. Spocko

Likes 61,624 pages, 1,835 videos, 934 photos • 1,917 fans330 reviews
Total Score: 77,962

And it wasn’t even close, at #1…

1. Starspirit

Likes 176,028 pages, 2,274 videos, 7,155 photos • 3,229 fans456 reviews
Total Score: 205,506

Graphs to support the data

Top Ten Stumblers with calculated adjustments.

Coming up with the Top Ten Stumblers seems like an easy task; just visit the top stumbler page on StumbleUpon and then use the top two rows to get 10 and you’re done. But then I started looking at the number of “Likes” for each stumbler and saw large discrepancies in the the total count of liked pages, videos and photos. Higher numbers didn’t mean higher rankings? So how are the top stumblers decides? Well, StumbleUpon isn’t sharing so I devised my own calculation based on my ideas of how it should be.

Rather than just add all the liked pages, videos and photos I decided that including the number of Fans and Reviews should be part of the equation. I also thought those two things should be given more weight. So I set up the following ratios to help distribute importance better.

Pages – Ratio 1:1 – Since pages are most “liked” I decided this would be the baseline. Everything else either goes up or down in importance when compared with pages.

Videos – Ratio 1:1.25 – Watching a video takes a slightly higher level of commitment and so gets a +.25 additional points because of this.

Photos – Ratio 1:.75 – Looking at a photo is done very quickly and judged just as fast. Less effort is needed and so less importance is given to higher number of photos. A -.25 is the ratio adjustment.

Fans – Ratio 1:5 – Since fans are supposed to dictate popularity they are weighted much higher. If you have done enough to convince someone to be your fan then job well done and +4 points.

Reviews – Ratio 1:10 – Consider this. You have influenced someone so much that they have stopped their frantic web browsing (stumbling) and clicked a button and then wrote a review of your stumble site. That is incredible with our 2 second attention spans. I bet no one even reads this sentence because attention spans are so short, especially on the Internet. If you get a review you are doing something very right and get +9 points for each review received.

So there you have it. Each “like” number for all your stats is multiplied by the ratio adjustment and then all those calculations are added together to come up with the true Top Ten Stumblers. Thanks for stumbling and keep stumbling for the stars!

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  1. Now there is a top list for the amount time surfing? Well, why not? StumbleUpon is addicting that is for sure.

  2. Starspirit is a legend among stumblers. Leaving the house is not an option for her. 😉 Just kidding, stumble on, Starspirit!

  3. I dont think I have gotten any body into stumbleupon yet… but I will some day! I think I have been keeping the people I know on facebook entertained (or annoyed) by posting all the websites I found through stumbleupon on my feed though. lol XD

  4. "I bet no one even reads this sentence because attention spans are so short, especially on the Internet."

    It's ok, I read it, and I'm from stumble!

  5. It is based on the number of discovered pages as well if not exclusively. Otherwise I would be pretty high up in the ratings.

    I only have 640 or so discoveries where as Starspirt has 22595+ discoveries.

    542 reviews

    132 subscribers


    * 35,578 pages

    * 141 photos

    * 2,503 videos


    * 61,561 stumbles

    * 280 disliked

    * 22 testimonials

  6. Amout of likes should not be valid. I think the amount of actual single stumbles should be counted. I’ve got 30,897 stumbles wich of them are 819 likes.

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