Top 10 Metallica Songs


10. Enter Sandman
9. The Ecstasy Of Gold
8. Seek and Destroy
7. Sad But True
6. No Leaf Clover
5. From Whom The Bell Tolls
4. Nothing Else Matters
3. One
2. Ride The Lighting
1. Master Of Puppets

submitted by: Guy Kofman

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  1. I’m so sick and tired of people who think they know so much about music who say Metallica sold out/lost their musicality/or just plain suck from the black album on. Granted I think we can all agree that St. Anger was in fact a little lackluster but other than that 2 of their best albums came after And Justice for All: The Black Album and Load. IMHO.

    Anyway, rant over, here’s my list (no covers included):

    10.Carpe Diem Baby
    9. Hero of the Day
    8. The Outlaw Torn
    7. Sad But True
    6. Mama Said
    5. Nothing Else Matters
    4. Harvester of Sorrow
    3. Master of Puppets
    2. Fade to Black
    1. The Unforgiven

  2. As there are hundreds of fans of Metallica, we might end up having hundreds of top ten list. But obviously there are certain songs by the band that have had provided them huge success.
    in no particular order my favorite Metallica tracks are:

    Master of Puppets
    Fade to Black
    Nothing Else matters
    Welcome Home(Sanitarium)
    Enter Sandman
    The Unforgiven
    The unforgiven II
    For Whom The Bell Tolls
    The Day That Never Comes

  3. I love every song of Metallica i have listened to.they r so great that they make my spirit go favourite songs r:
    master of puppets
    fade to black
    for whom the bell tolls
    enter sandman
    seek and destroy
    sad but true
    nothing else matters
    harvester sorrow

  4. Interesting Lists. Surprised the Mustaine inspired ‘The Four Horsemen’ is mentioned more. A truly killer riff!

  5. 1.Master of Puppets
    3.Fade to Black
    4.Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    7.Nothing Else Matters
    8.Wherever I May Roam
    9.Enter Sandman
    10.Creeping Death

  6. 1-CreepingDeath 2-Some kind of Monster 3-Master of Pupets 4-Wherever I May Roam 5-Enter Sandman 6-Harvester Of Sorrow 7-The Thing That Should Not Be
    8-The Unforgiven
    9-Fade to Black

  7. 1 – Master of Puppets
    2 – Creeping Death
    3 – Fight Fire with Fire
    4 – One
    5 – Ride the Lightening
    6 – …And Justice For All
    7 – Battery
    8 – Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    9 – St. Anger
    10 – Some Kind of Monster