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Hey gang, here’s a question for you: do you like to write? Do you enjoy money? Now, here’s the big one: do you like to make money for writing?

If you answered yes to just one of those questions… well, it’s the money one, isn’t it? Yeah, money is pretty good, we admit. But if you answered yes to all three, we’ve got a (potential) opportunity with your name on it.

Well, except you, Steve. You know what you did.

Anyway, here at TopTenz we’ve got a small but prolific stable of writers that have been churning out all of our content over the past couple years. Here’s how it works: we’ve got a private message board where writers can either claim free list ideas or pitch their own, and we go from there. And now, we’re looking to expand our crop of fabulously talented, endlessly charming, and physically attractive — you wouldn’t believe how hot we all are, guys — writers.

So if you do like to write, and you do like to be paid for your writing, you could be the next to join our Ultra-Exclusive Cool Kids Club (we probably won’t stick with that as the name of our club should we ever form a biker gang, but we’re open to the idea).

Here’s the catch: if you do want to try writing for TopTenz, and we like your writing (by the way, this feels like a good time to point out that, obviously, we’re going to need you to submit a couple samples, but we’ll get to that in a minute), we also need you to be consistent in output — something like 2-3 articles per month. And since we know this is the part you’ve all been waiting for: for every approved and finished article, we’ll pay you $75.

Our articles are typically around 1,800-2,200 words, with some exceptions on each end of that spectrum. We’re not asking you to find any images to accompany your entries, either (in large part because we have to make sure we avoid that pesky “copyright infringement” thing). We also need you to make sure that you can find valid sources for any factoids or points you’re trying to make, and here’s a hint about that: Reddit posts and some guy from Tucson’s blog — which we’re sure is very good — aren’t going to cut it.

So with that all said: want to write for TopTenz? Here’s what we’re going to need you to do: send 2-3 examples of your work, so we can make sure you actually can string together well written sentences and — dare we hope? — paragraphs. If you’ve been published anywhere else (hi, all of you beautiful freelancers out there!), you can just send us the links to your favorites. If you have not been published anywhere, that’s certainly not a dealbreaker. Everyone has to get their start somewhere. In that event, though, we’d like to see a sample of your writing… let’s say you can go find a few interesting factoids about something you find intriguing, and submit “mock entries” in the TopTenz style (about 200-250 words per entry is good). And as alluded to in the previous paragraph: be sure to include your sources so we can make sure the information you’re delivering to us isn’t just coming straight from your backside.

Now that we’ve surpassed 500 words and are rapidly closing in on 600, let’s get to how you submit this: via this newfangled invention called electronic mail, at the address [email protected].

Easy enough, right? Good. Now go on out there and be somebody!

…particularly if that “somebody” is a talented new TopTenz author.

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