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  1. Peter Garland
    Peter Garland at |

    Why do you make it sound tedious to take the ferry from Greenport to Shelter Island. As a caddy on the latter many years ago I can tell you that the ferry ride is great and beautiful. And you don’t even mention the golf course on the island! “You can fool some of the people all of the time…”
    Good for you for recognizing Shelter Island, though. I have many happy islands of the summer days there. On the ferry there was a boy who said his ideal way to die would be to crash into a beer truck and drown!

  2. Marcia Frost
    Marcia Frost at |

    Hi Peter,

    When you’re mentioning 10 different islands you can’t go into too many details on each. I actually grew up on Long Island and spent most of my adult life there so I’ve done that ferry and even stayed over on the island a few times. I’m not sure how you thought I made it sound “tedious,” as I did suggest it as a better option to the Hamptons.

    Anyway, thanks for appreciating Long Island! You have to live there a long time to be able to catch the best parts 🙂


  3. Dimitri
    Dimitri at |

    Good list, but one remark.
    Croatia has 8 national parks and not just 1
    There is also an other national park in Croatia that is composed of islands
    The Kornati (the biggest Island of the park even has a salty lake where you can floate like in the Dead Sea)


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