Our Writers

We have a very talented group of writers that provide thoughtful and entertaining lists every month. Here is the current group of staff writers making TopTenz.net must-read material every day.


dustinkDustin Koski is one of the authors of the upcoming fantasy novel Forust: A Tale of Magic Gone Wrong. He is also a contributor to the Youtube channel Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. He lives with his brother Adam in River Falls, WI and can be found here on Twitter. Read Dustin’s articles.




robertRobert Grimminck is a professional freelance writer who lives in London, Ontario, Canada. Besides TopTenz.net, Robert’s work has also been featured on a variety of websites and in a number of publications and anthologies. He has a dual-degree in English Literature and Film Studies from Carleton University in Ottawa. He is a fan of Kurt Vonnegut, Elmore Leonard, Cormac McCarthy, Charlie Kaufman, and the Baltimore Ravens. You can connect with Robert on Facebook. Read Roberts’ articles.


jeff-kellyJeff Kelly is a writer and editor who’s been doing freelance work since 2008. He’s a 2003 graduate of Syracuse University, where he studied history when he wasn’t busy obsessing over the school’s basketball and football teams, and currently resides in Texas with his wife and son. Jeff doesn’t really have hobbies, but wants you to believe “pop culture” counts as one anyway. You can follow him on Twitter at @jekelish, but please, don’t follow him home. Read Jeff’s articles.


karl-smallwoodWhen Karl isn’t writing lists for Toptenz, he’s the researcher and writer for Factfiend.com, a website dedicated to sharing facts that weren’t on the front page of Reddit three days ago like all those other fact based sites. He’s also sometimes funny on Twitter and Facebook. Read Karl’s articles.


Adrian Chirila is just a guy with an interest for the world and society as a whole, trying to see a connection between how all things work and why they do so. He began his writing career right here on TopTenz and has since started his own site called Gipsy.Ninja with a couple of friends. He’s still writing Top 10 Lists for the pure fun of it and his personal motto is: Feeling Ideas. Read Adrian’s articles.

Morris M. is a writer and teacher who loves reading about obscure facts and arguing about politics. He occasionally crops up on most major list-writing sites, and is a regular contributor to the offbeat travel blog Urban Ghosts. You can read more of his work in the Toptenz archives, or visit one of the other websites that inexplicably hire him. Read articles by Morris.