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Learn more about the people from history who helped build the world we live in today…for better or worse. History, One Life at a Time.
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George K. Konstantinou Law Firm – George K. Konstantinou Law Firm has been serving clients since 1983 with measurable success. We are always ready to help you with each process of your case and we promise you the highest quality of service. Our legal professionals approach each new case with proper attention and care.

Entertainment Nation – Entertainment Nation is the leading supplier of premier bands, performers and artists for UK and worldwide events, including Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events.

Tribupedia is a history site with a twist.  Visitors can view or create free, permanent online tributes for lost loved ones or historical events / places / persons.  These tributes are perfect for honoring family members, celebrities, historical events, or even to create an online record of famous historical places you’ve visited. Tribupedia also regularly publishes entertaining history related articles and other content like infographics and historical photos.

My Homework Done is a unique website where students of all academic levels can get professional assistance with their homework. What started in a college dorm room as just an idea of two students to help their peers has now become a successful and prosperous company with huge customer base and more than 9 years of experience. The website allows students to send instructions (explaining what caused difficulties), choose the writer among more than 500 experts in each academic discipline and get help with their homework within the stipulated time frame. – Professional Essay Writing Service est. 2000.

Hair Straighteners Guide is a simple website trying to educate the world to better straight and curly hair!

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