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  1. Josh
    Josh at |

    It is hard to believe how deadly the tsunami was just by looking at this video from Indian Ocean. It doesn't look like something that killed a quarter of a million people. That is staggering.

  2. PastTime491
    PastTime491 at |

    I agree with you in every way Josh. In researching videos for this list I came across many YouTube videos showing the tsunami. Some were much more graphic then others. I thought it might be poor taste to show a video in which people were killed, so I decided on a video that was a bit less severe.

  3. Josh (different one)
    Josh (different one) at |

    The ghost car video was odd, but it sure looks to me like as the cop turns towrad the fence you see it spring up, I think it was just poorly installed and "laid down" from the weight of the car and sprung back up. Watch close, that fence is moving and not intact. I think. 😉

  4. Josh (different one)
    Josh (different one) at |

    Sorry for two comments, I had to look again. The fence is definatley moving back up and the top cross bar is unatteched on the left. It's really obvious, still weird that he knew that would work, and the cops didn't notice, but god knows cops ain't the brightest people around.

  5. PastTime491
    PastTime491 at |

    I think you are right Josh it does look like the fence moves when the car hits it.

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    great list…. indian ocean tsunami is in 2nd place.

  7. Emma
    Emma at |

    It looks to me like the car speeding up and slowing down eerily in the Ghost Car video is just a matter of someone speeding up and slowing down the tape after it was recorded.

  8. Barb
    Barb at |

    I can't watch Christian the lion without crying like a child.

    And if I have to hear one more 'opera singer' do Nessun Dorma I may have to stick chopsticks in my ears.

  9. Willow
    Willow at |

    REally good list, it was thoroughly captivating. Some of these are so sad though.

    Loved it.

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    Always been a fan of Mythbusters 🙂

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  12. Anon
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    Heaven forbid links be provided. :/

    1. Hetty
      Hetty at |

      This is way better than a brick & mortar estalbishnmet.

  13. James Martin
    James Martin at |

    The ghost car! LOL! He just drove through the bottom part of the fence which lifts up and falls back into place. I have been out there to see it. It is nothing.

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    slowing down eerily in the Ghost Car video is just a matter of someone speeding up and slowing down the tape after it was recorded.

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    Scores of people have been reported killed in the Samoan islands after a powerful earthquake triggered a tsunami in the Pacific ocean.

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  19. Bamboo
    Bamboo at |

    Even though the landslide video is gone I’ve seen it and it’s crazy!!!

  20. santosh
    santosh at |

    They are really amazing

  21. Danny
    Danny at |

    Your going to want to post this one…4 backflips off a 99 foot rope swing into water!!! Mike Wilson is an animal

    -Danny T

  22. Credit Guy
    Credit Guy at |

    Wow really nice and awesome videos specially the first one battle of Kruger. What a fight.

  23. Michael
    Michael at |

    The Battle at Kruger is one of mu all time favorite video. I am very excited about the nature and animals and this proves that not the strongest always wins but there are plenty of factors that can come into game.

  24. Jenny
    Jenny at |

    Lovely, all of them. Did anyone see this one called Happiness? Found here >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dNkzGkUgy7Y

  25. christopher smith
    christopher smith at |

    ghost car video
    creepy freaky
    in better quality video like tv programme cops uncut 2 you can see much more of whats going on

    i believe this chase has been hushed up.this ghost car chase is the most incredible thing ever captured on film and blows everything else away

  26. Alex
    Alex at |

    The first couple of buffalo are such cowards. Just run off and let the baby get nabbed


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