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  1. The Annoyed Elephant
    The Annoyed Elephant at |

    North Korea has been responsible for the deaths of millions of its people, the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands in generational prisons, and forced starvations that force its people to turn to cannibalism to survive.

    While these guys are all crazy, they’re no Kim dynasty.

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      The Annoyed Elephant?

  2. noone important
    noone important at |

    As much as Lukashenko is a dictator and should burn in hell, putting him at the top of this list with lots of false (or at best – unprooven) claims about him isn’t a good idea for a sit wanting to be credible.
    It should also be noted that:
    a)It is no “post-communist regime”. There actually 2 communist parties in Belarus. One is illegal, and the other is in the opposition to Lukashenko and is on the edge of becoming illegal as well.
    b)He has an estimated actual support of around 60-70% of people in his country. And it’s not JUST effect of the propaganda.
    c)He ended the corruption in Belarus – maybe not for good, but fair enough that it is marginal (compared to rampant in Ukraine and Russia).
    d)His “great deeds” are actually equal to or even surpassed by those of Silvio Berlusconi. I wonder why the bunga-bunga cavaliere isn’t on the list? That guy did absolutely nothing good (unlike Lukashenko) and ruled a WESTERN country not so long ago.

  3. vaishu
    vaishu at |

    These kind of people should be given a fair punishment for their doings


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