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    My grandmother was on the jury that sentenced Karen Grammer’s sister to death. Here’s the parts left out of the story:

    1. It was all done as a part of a gang initiation.

    2. After kidnapping Karen, they brought her to the apartment and fed her drugs, keeping her high while they gang raped her repeatedly.

    3. When they finally killed her, he didn’t just slit her throat. He stabbed her a couple dozen times before he finally slit her throat.

    4. He was utterly remorseless at trial, claiming that he was on drugs and didn’t know what he was doing. When the jury deliberated, the initial vote was 11-1 to send him to the chair, but one woman believed the story. Eventually, tho, a young juror explained that he’d been on the same drugs that the killer claimed and he was aware of every decision he made while he was high. That sent the vote to 12-0 to fry the bastard.

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    Woody Harrelson

    He has admitted being prouod of his father. His father, the Hitman


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